Stuffed Mushrooms



One of my favorite restaurants is The Melting Pot. I go there every year for my Birthday dinner. This restaurants specialty is fondue. It has a intimate atmosphere, wonderful service, and some of the best food I have ever tasted. One of my favorite items on the menu are stuffed mushrooms. I was never a huge mushroom fan. It took me awhile to adapt to the texture and taste. But with these, I could probably eat 20 in a row. I asked the waiter what batter the mushrooms were filled with and he told me. I was surprised with how easy the ingredients were. Sour cream, green onion, cream cheese, fresh parsley and mushrooms.

So I retrieved the ingredients and decided to improvise. I kept tasting as I mixed all the items together, and quickly got to the point where it tasted quite the same as the restaurant! I stuffed the white mushrooms (about 8) with the mixture. At The Melting Pot, you dip the mushrooms into oil so they become fried. Of course I had to do this part, it’s the best! I took my Drake’s batter mix and made according to the package. I heated a saucepan filled with vegetable oil, until simmering and dipped the mushrooms in the oil. I let sit until golden brown. Definitely make sure to let cool before eating. These babies will be hot!

Now for my first attempt, the presentation did not turn out too well, but the taste made up for it! I was surprised with how similar my mushrooms tasted compared to the restaurants! I gave myself a pat on my back for this. I will have to continue to learn from trial and error, but this is a very good recipe for stuffed mushrooms. Try with or without the batter, your choice! I wonder if I should invest in a deep fryer now!?


The ingredients (Not pictured, Drake’s batter mix)


Fresh Parsley


Remove the insides of the mushrooms and clean


Mix the sour cream, cream cheese, chopped onion and parsley in a bowl 


Dip the mushrooms into the Drake’s batter mix until completely coated


Add the mushrooms to the simmering saucepan of vegetable oil


Heat until golden brown


I know they do not look the best, but the taste makes up for it!



  • Sour cream
  • Cream cheese
  • Green Onion
  • Fresh parsley
  • White mushrooms
  • Drake’s batter mix


  1. Chop about 3 green onions
  2. Chop small handful of fresh parsley
  3. Spoon cream cheese and sour cream together in a bowl
  4. Add green onion and parsely
  5. Mix all ingredients together and taste test until your liking
  6. Mix Drake’s batter mix according to package
  7. Heat a small saucepan with vegetable oil over medium heat until simmering
  8. Stuff white mushrooms with mixture and dip into batter, coating completely
  9. Place into saucepan and cover with lid
  10. Cook until the mushrooms are golden brown
  11. Remove and cool before eating


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