*I Love You Because…*


 For Valentine’s Day I made an “I love you because”  picture frame. I thought it was such a good idea to keep the love and appreciation alive in a relationship. By writing these reasons, your partner might not even have any clue that you love them because of that specific reason! This frame did not take long at all. It cost me a total of $5.00. I already had the frame and marker so all I needed were the “crafty” supplies (stickers, ribbon). I was worried if it would be too cheesy, but once my boyfriend opened this gift, he was ecstatic. He thought it was such a good idea. We have been using this every day so far and I love reading his comments. It’s a great pick-me-up and will make you smile. This does not have to be just a Valentine’s Day gift. Birthday, Anniversary, just because or any kind of special occasion between you and your partner would be perfect! 

My supplies

I glued the card-stock on the cardboard insert that was in the picture frame

The design I made with the words, “I love you because”

I then inserted the cardboard back into the frame.

Make sure you leave enough space to write your reasons

Using a dry erase marker, write a reason why you love your partner

The final result: Easy, cute, cheap, simple, romantic and unique!

If you choose, hang up your picture frame with ribbon


What You Need:

  • Picture frame
  • Dry erase marker
  • Ribbon (If desired, to hang picture frame)
  • Card-stock
  • Stickers (any kind of supplies you want to use)
  • Glue
  • Velcro (to attach marker to picture frame for easier access) 
  • Scissors

How To Make:

  1. On card-stock using your stickers or supplies, spell the words, “I love you because”
  2. Make sure to remember to leave enough space under the words for you to write your reasons 
  3. Place the card-board back into picture frame 
  4. Take the dry erase marker and write a reason why you love your partner
  5. Hang if desired with ribbon
  6. Velcro will come in handy to attach the marker to the picture frame
  7. Enjoy keeping the romance alive with the little details your partner might have no clue you love them for!


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