*Witch Party Favor Brooms*


The Witch is in and brought some goodies with her. I think that means I am referring to myself! I recently put together broom goody bags filled with candy. Browsing once again on The Dollar Tree website, I found a project sheet for Witch Party Favor Brooms. It looked so easy and the only supplies I needed were the paper bags. So I got away with making these for $1.00 (candy not included). I made 2 and it took about 10 minutes total. The most time consuming part was sending my boyfriend on a hunt to find big enough branches to fit in the bags! I thought this was such a creative and unique idea and they turned out great! This would be a fun project for kids to make too!

dollar tree witches broom

My supplies: Scissors, paper bags, rubber bands, a tree branch and candy

Using my scissors, I cut each bag into 1/2 inch strips, making sure not to cut the bottom part that lays flat on the table

party favor witches broom

My brooms filled with candy!

party favor witches brooms

How cool are these? Have your guests tear them open to find candy

halloween party favor ideas

You could also personalize these by adding name tags

dollar tree witches broom

What You Need:

  • Brown Paper Lunch Bags
  • Scissors
  • Rubber Bands
  • Ribbon, String, or Yarn
  • Sticks (from your yard)
  • Candy

How To Make:

  1. Create the broom’s bristles by cutting one of the paper bags in 1⁄2″ strips from the very top (where the bag opens) to the very bottom, stopping at the part of the bag that sits flat on the table top.
  2. Lay the cut paper bag flat on the table. Place the uncut paper bag on top of the cut paper bag, so that the bottoms are sitting exactly on top of one another.
  3. Fill the uncut paper bag about one-quarter full with the candy of your choice
  4. Put the stick in the middle of the uncut paper bag
  5. Bring the loose strips of the cut paper bag up and around the sides of the uncut paper bag. Holding both bags tightly against the stick (about half way up) secure with a rubber band.
  6. Tie a piece of string, yarn, or ribbon tightly around the paper bags, concealing the rubber band. 
  7. Trim excess paper bag


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