*Cupcake Stand*


While looking up supplies on the Dollar Tree website, I found a project sheet on how to make a Cupcake Stand. If you click the link, they show a Halloween cupcake stand. I decided to make a standard version. I wanted one where I can use it for any occasion or Holiday. So I got my supplies from the Dollar Tree, which only cost $4 and started my project. I used a hot glue gun to attach the candle holder to the plate. Glass glue would also work. I firmly pressed the plate onto the candle holder for about 20 seconds to make sure it was secure. This project took about 10 minutes total. I let the stand dry overnight before I put anything on it, just to be safe. I tested it with the Halloween cupcakes I made and it worked perfect. I love how it turned out. One of these days I might paint it, but for now I really like the clear glass. Just another reason to love the Dollar Tree and their easy projects!

making a cupcake stand

The first plate secured to the candle holder using my hot glue gun

dollar store cupcake stand

If you wanted you could stop here and use this for a stand

cheap cupcake stand

I continued the 2nd layer using the same process with my hot glue gun

dollar tree cupcake stand

After I glued the 2nd candlestick holder onto the top of the glass plate

easy cupcake stand

The 2nd glass plate on top of the candlestick holder to complete the cupcake stand

halloween cupcake stand

I tested it out with my Halloween cupcakes and it looked great

glass cupcake stand

My new cupcake stand!

What You Need:

  • Hot Glue Gun or Glass Glue
  • Two Clear Glass Dinner Plates
  • Two Glass Taper Candle-holders

How To Make:

  1. Attach the glassware together with glass glue/hot glue gun in this order: Candle-holder, Plate, Candle-holder, Plate,
  2. Press firmly until steady
  3. Let dry overnight.


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