*Welcome Fall*


In honor of saying goodbye to the HOTTEST summer ever recorded, we went to the beach to watch the sunset one last time for the year this weekend. On our way, we picked up some Barbecue from a local joint for dinner. We figured we would have a picnic so we ate at a table on the beach and enjoyed the warm, delicious and messy meal. It was very windy (like always) at the beach, so we hopped quickly back in the car and found a front row spot to watch the sunset. It was fairly busy. A lot of families, couples, older folks and teenagers. The beach already had the fences up in the sand for the winter season which was slightly depressing. It is such a different feel and sight to see with summer being gone. People in sweatshirts, sneakers, jeans, carrying Starbucks instead of ice cream. Only a couple boats in the channel instead of handfuls. It is welcoming though. It puts you in a certain mood knowing fall is here. Getting ready for the cold and the fun fall festivities. Sitting in the car we quickly watched the bright orange sun absorb into the horizon. It was beautiful. Not a cloud in sight. After the sunset we thought for one last hurrah to get some ice cream. We ended up sharing a snickers sundae. How scrumptious was that ice cream drizzled in hot fudge, caramel, snicker pieces and whip cream. I savored every bite! Because of our diets, we only went out this summer for ice cream about four times. So this was a big treat for us! I am now ready for Fall to be here and excited to enjoy the spirit of it!

Our barbecue dinner….sausage,  pulled pork, chicken, chili, baked beans and cornbread

Bright orange sun setting into the Earth

So bittersweet 

Snickers Sundae Splurge

My kitten got himself stuck into quite the predicament 

Cute vintage Halloween sign 

 About half of those are already gone…oopsie! 

Halloween also came early for me! I received a cute witch vintage sign and a Mickey Mouse candy goody bag as a gift. Sugar is a great weakness for me, so naturally about half of that candy is already gone. (Divinewoodncrafts) Now I cannot wait for Halloween and more candy! Officially one more month, the countdown is on!


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