*Candy Corn Wreath*


 I have been seeing all of these wreath ideas for Halloween and I wanted to make my own version. At first I wanted to make something very scary but decided against it because I wanted color on my wreath. I saw pictures of the candy corn wreaths yet I did not want the actual candy glued on. So I figured I would use yellow, white and orange yarn and make my own candy corn wreath. Making this did not take long at all and I love the end result!

do it yourself halloween wreath

Instead of gluing, I used pins to stick the yarn into the wreath. It worked wonderful and the yarn did not budge as I was wrapping it. 

candy corn do it yourself wreath

I alternated between colors and this is how it looked after I was done wrapping the yarn

candy corn do it yourself wreath

I could have left it just like this but I wanted a little something extra to give it character

halloween wreath

At Michael’s, they had wooden Halloween creatures for $0.99 so I bought three to apply to the wreath

halloween wreath craft

The Happy Halloween sign has blue trim which would not go with the candy corn theme so I took my acrylic black paint and covered the blue

make your own halloween wreath

Ta da..now it matches

how to make a halloween wreath

Using my hot glue gun, I applied the wooden characters to the wreath and pressed firmly 

candy corn wreath

I then tied a yellow ribbon around the wreath to hang. I inserted an orange flower but not sure if I like it with or without 

make your own candy corn halloween wreath

My Candy Corn Wreath

orange, yellow and white wreath project

So what do you think? Should the ribbon have the orange flower or not? 


  • Foam Wreath: Michael’s Craft Store: $5.99
  • Halloween Creatures: Michael’s Craft Store: $0.99
  • Orange, Yellow, White Yarn: Wal-Mart
  • Yellow Ribbon: Already Had
  • Hot Glue Gun: Wal-Mart
  • Sewing Pins
  • Place end piece of yarn on foam wreath and insert a sewing pin to keep it in place
  • Start wrapping your yarn…I alternated each color which were three inch lengths
  • When done wrapping, insert pin to secure end piece of yarn
  • Use your hot glue gun to apply any decorations if needed
  • Let dry
  • Tie ribbon around wreath and hang


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