*Saturday Smiles*


 Happy weekend! What a beautiful one it is. I have a folder saved on my computer of quotes that are funny, inspirational and just plain cute. Also of fitness, food, and my kitten. I have been meaning to put them in a permanent spot, and figured I will have them all in a post. I always read at least one a day for a laugh, some motivation for my workouts, reassurance, encouragement and just to feel good! I have many favorites from this list…can you pick just one?!?


cat halloween costume

Yes this is my cat after I put on his Pumpkin costume!


gray tabby cat

My kitten looking out the window…cutie

kitten sleeping

 Sleeping all cuddled up with his stuffed animal

 Keep Calm And Blog On…words to live by!

I hope some of these made you laugh, think or just smile. It is the simple things that can make your day all the better!


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