*Goodbye Grease Stains*

*Goodbye Grease Stains*
*Goodbye Grease Stains*

I have always had a problem with my glass Pyrex dishes getting grease on them! Every time I take a dish out of the oven, a little brown grease stain has surfaced and puts a cringe on my face.

I have tried different ways to get rid of those stains forever! My first option was using baking soda and vinegar. Now this combination worked wonders for cleaning my refrigerator and microwave, so I saw no harm in trying it on the Pyrex. I was wrong, the stains didn’t even budge! I threw that idea out and tried my good ole dishwasher detergent. Still no luck. My next option was to use oven cleaner but I thought it might be too harsh and decided that would be my last resort.

So I kept thinking what else might work. And the light bulb went off….a Magic Eraser! We had one left…coincidence maybe? I wet the sponge and started scrubbing. Within 30 seconds, the residue was visibly disappearing. Could this be the trick? I kept going and after a good 5 minutes, my glass dish looked brand new! This was the answer!

Pyrex glass grease stains

My greased stained glass dish

Glass Pyrex stains


Cleaning Pyrex glass with a magic eraser

The Magic Eraser working after a couple minutes

Clean Pyrex glass with magic eraser

After 5 minutes, the dish looks brand new!

Clean Pyrex glass dish with magic eraser

Ta da! You can see it sparkle!

Add to another wonderful use for the Magic Eraser! What can’t it do?! Mr. Clean is definitely Superman in the women’s eye!

Take a look at this website for other uses of the Magic Eraser: They are Endless! In addition, if you have other types of bowls and dishes around the house to clean (such as that glass bowl for Fido that is housing your expensive dog food, you can try these same types of cleaning methods to get all grease and unwanted stains out so that your dishes stay fresh and clean for a long time to come! 🙂

Supplies Used:

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  1. Thank you! I tried this and it worked! Using those pans for cooking chicken in the oven for prepared meals non-stop really takes a toll on them. Using a magic eraser gets the grease stains right off my Pyrex glassware. Awesome post!

  2. THANK YOU! I’ve tried everything to get that darn residue off! I’m way more thrilled about this than I should be, but oh well! lol

    • Yes; especially when you are a bulk chicken-cooker like me…stains get on and tend to stay on until the time and correct tools are taken for proper removal.

  3. I have used Bar Keepers Friend to clean these grease stains off my glass and Corningware baking dishes. The Bar Keepers Friend also will remove the gray marks that sometimes occur on Corelle or on the edges of laminate counter tops.

  4. Never thought of the magic eraser,, tried every thing , elbow grease , nothing worked , getting magic erasers tomorrow , Thanks a bunch.

    • Thanks, Dorothy! Let me know how it goes…also, try some of the user suggestions in the comments here as well like the SOS pads, Easy Off oven cleaner, steel wool pads, and Bar Keepers Friend. 🙂

      • I don’t like sos pads personally just because they tend to give me splinters. I use Magic erasers, but I recently found this recipe for homemade cleaners.
        2oz blue dawn
        4oz lemon juice
        6oz white vinegar
        10oz water
        Put this in a spray bottle and start cleaning. Even works on ovens.

  5. A heavy build-up of use on Corning ware, pyrex, etc, can easily be removed with ammonia. Put dish in a trash bag, pour in some ammonia, and close off bag, removing as much air as possible. Leave overnight and wash thoroughly. It’s sparkling clean with very little effort. I’ve bought old corning ware that was thick with sticky baked-on grease and after doing this have a new looking piece! Love reading all the good ideas on interest!

  6. Orange essential oil will disolve grease stains along with the sticky residue left on glass jars and bottles when removing the label for repurposing.

  7. Baking soda works very well also. And if you want that residue off of your metal baking sheets, sprinkle baking soda all over, just a thin layer works, then pour vinegar on it. Let it set for a while and it “eats” it right off.

  8. Does SOS or steel wool not scratch the glass? Seems like it would. To those recommending oven cleaner, I think the secondary idea is to clean without harsh chemicals. She mentioned having oven cleaner but saving it as a last resort.

    Bart ‘ s mom–Re: Bar Keeper’s Friend…Gray marks. Where do I find that, what’s it made of, and does it work on the marks in mugs?

  9. The only problem with using steel wool pads (SOS, Brillo) on glass cookware is that they can leave tiny, minute scratches in the glass–so tiny they are hard to even see. Have you ever had a glass dish shatter in the oven? This is caused by cracks or scratches to the glass. If you’ve ever had this mess, you will never use a steel wool pad on glass again. If you haven’t, you are lucky and it’s probably only a matter of time. I am hoping that won’t be a concern with the magic eraser.

    • I have not yet had a glass dish shatter in the oven, Connie. However, I will keep on the lookout from your recommendation. Thank you…our Pyrex dishes are not taken out too often, so appearance isn’t an overall concern…but yes, shattering would be horrible! Have you ever had a dish shatter in the oven? What a mess that would be!

  10. Thank you so much for posting this! You’re a pan and tired mommy hands saver. I have lots of glass pans because I prefer them to metal, and all of them have the brown spots on them. Been trying different things for months to no avail. I have some magic erasers, and I’m going to go make my pans sparkle right now. 🙂

  11. I have always used Dawn dishwashing soap. A small amount of concentrated (straight from the bottle, no water dilution) applied directly to the grease, then scrub with a very wet scrubber sponge. I use the yellow sponges with the green scrubber surface.

    I also have to second the suggestion to clean the overspray from the edges before baking. I have some bakeware with grooves in the handles that seem to attract the grease like magnets. Since I have started wiping the edges before baking, I have far less to clean and scrub after baking.

  12. Some people seem to experience scratches and some do not. We personally have not had any scratches. If you are worried, the best thing to do is try out the magic eraser on an older glassware set (I have one exclusively for cooking bulk batches of chicken…yes we are health nuts…and it was a perfect piece to test this method out on).

  13. lol…what a coincidence..we just bought new handles for our kitchen cupboards..removed the old ones and around the handles they were AWFUL…I pulled out my Magic Eraser ( and it was even used) hardly had to scrub…They are amazing for cleaning ANYTHING

  14. My daughter had a little mishap with the cars, no dents, but backed one car against another leaving paint streaks off one bumper along the door of the other. Magic eraser made it look a WHOLE LOT BETTER so it wasn’t a big deal then when her dad saw it….

  15. I let them soak and just use an SOS pad or new abrasive sponge. between that and my fingernail any new stains from the butter sprays etc are easy to take off. I try to keep up with them as rebaking the old stains really sets them in and I hate the looks of them.

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  17. Magic Eraser and oven cleaners are terribly toxic, I would hate to have them in my kitchen. I simply use Comet Cleanser and a plastic fiber scrubbing pad and it works very well and is not anywhere as toxic.

  18. Magic Eraser is awesome! Works great on the Pyrex AND I use it on my glass cooktop! Way cheaper than the cooktop cleaner and works much better!!!

  19. I got 100 erasers(they are only foam melamine) from amazon for 15¢ each with shipping. They are precut a little smaller.
    I can’t believe someone still quotes messages from snopes.com. in that erasers are

  20. I use sos/brillo pad, it does work with some elbow grease and actually did not scratch the glass, but I will try the magic eraser also. FYI I cut my sos/brillo pads and my magic eraser in half, and place them in a ziplock under the sink, thus keeping them dry and doubling their use. I found that using these items whole the get rusted or deteriorate when they are whole but not completely used, thus having to toss, halfing them extends the life of your purchase.

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