*Until Next Year White Skinny’s*

Summer white skinny jean outfit

American Eagle white skinny jeans

In honor of summer coming to a close and being able to no longer wear white, I am sadly saying “goodbye until next year” to my favorite white skinny jeans. For the FIRST TIME EVER this summer, I could fit into and wear skinny jeans! Boy did that ever put me in a good mood! I lost 2 pant sizes from my weight loss and also had to get a smaller belt size. I was at the mall shopping and thought for the fun of it, lets see if I could fit into skinny jeans. I put them on, without having my thighs get stuck, looked in the mirror and let out a silent scream…THEY FIT! Of course I had to take a picture and purchase them. These quickly became my favorite pant to wear. Not only are they cute and bright, but they match any shirt you throw on! You can wear a sweatshirt with them and still look spiffy! 

I am also a bargain shopper. Rarely do I purchase something “original” price. I always say, “there is a coupon for everything and anything.” So to find these jeans were on sale for $29.99 (instead of $49.99) I was sold! 

I posted a couple more summer outfits I had pictures of and the stores I purchased them at. It is sad to see these brights colors go!

My favorite white skinnys!

American Eagle white skinny jeans

Shirt: Kohls Department Store

Pants: American Eagle: On sale $29.99

American eagle summer outfit

Shirt: American Eagle: On sale $7.99

Target Shoes

I loved wearing these shoes! Everyone asked me, “Are those Toms?” I call these my Target Toms!

Shoes: Target: On sale $13.00

Shirt from JC Penney

Loved this style of shirt! Great for a dinner date or cooler weather!

Shirt: JC Penney: $13.00

Summer outfit Green top from JC Penney Pants from Kohls

Here are my white capri pants with my lime green tank and gladiator sandals!

Shirt: JC Penney: $10.00

Pants: Kohls Department Store: $19.99

Sandals: JC Penney: $35.00 NOW on sale for $17.00

Summer white skinny jean outfit

So those were some of my summer outfits! I was such a fan of BRIGHT colors this year. Now it is time to give fall a chance (which is another excuse to go shopping) and that means…..even more skinny jeans!



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