*Goodbye Grease Stains*

*Goodbye Grease Stains*
*Goodbye Grease Stains*

I have always had a problem with my glass Pyrex dishes getting grease on them! Every time I take a dish out of the oven, a little brown grease stain has surfaced and puts a cringe on my face.

I have tried different ways to get rid of those stains forever! My first option was using baking soda and vinegar. Now this combination worked wonders for cleaning my refrigerator and microwave, so I saw no harm in trying it on the Pyrex. I was wrong, the stains didn’t even budge! I threw that idea out and tried my good ole dishwasher detergent. Still no luck. My next option was to use oven cleaner but I thought it might be too harsh and decided that would be my last resort.

So I kept thinking what else might work. And the light bulb went off….a Magic Eraser! We had one left…coincidence maybe? I wet the sponge and started scrubbing. Within 30 seconds, the residue was visibly disappearing. Could this be the trick? I kept going and after a good 5 minutes, my glass dish looked brand new! This was the answer!

Pyrex glass grease stains

My greased stained glass dish

Glass Pyrex stains


Cleaning Pyrex glass with a magic eraser

The Magic Eraser working after a couple minutes

Clean Pyrex glass with magic eraser

After 5 minutes, the dish looks brand new!

Clean Pyrex glass dish with magic eraser

Ta da! You can see it sparkle!

Add to another wonderful use for the Magic Eraser! What can’t it do?! Mr. Clean is definitely Superman in the women’s eye!

Take a look at this website for other uses of the Magic Eraser: They are Endless! In addition, if you have other types of bowls and dishes around the house to clean (such as that glass bowl for Fido that is housing your expensive dog food, you can try these same types of cleaning methods to get all grease and unwanted stains out so that your dishes stay fresh and clean for a long time to come! 🙂

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