What Qualities To Look For In A Wedding Photographer?


Weddings are rare lifetime occasions for most people. Thus, looking for a wedding photographer isn’t something you’ll do daily. Wedding photography is more than hiring someone to photograph the whole event. It’s about capturing the wedding ceremony’s emotion and telling a story through the photographs so married couples can look back and relive their wedding day any time. Thus, over 66% of couples are willing to splurge on hiring one or multiple wedding photographers to make the ceremony more special.  

As they say, the substance of outstanding wedding photography is emotion. Your wedding pictures become timeless and memorable if the photographer can capture the candid and genuine emotions the couples, family members, and guests show during the wedding. But for this to happen, you must hire the best wedding photographer to do the job. 

So, how can you ensure you get wedding photographs that can rekindle the emotional memories of you and your partner’s matrimonial ceremony? Here are the qualities you must look for when hiring a wedding photographer. 

  • Unique and creative instincts 

Hundreds of wedding photographers may be available, but not all can provide the same output. Some may have perfect landscape photos of your wedding venue but can’t get them right when taking pictures of the guests’ emotions. Or, it could be vice versa. Thus, you’ll want to hire a wedding photographer whose unique and creative instinct matches your visions.   

To help you get an idea about the photographer’s style and other skillsets they can offer on the table, make sure to check their websites first. Many reputable wedding photographers like SvenStudios and other wedding photography services have put up their portfolios on their sites to showcase to their prospects their previous works. You can find a list of wedding albums with different themes, locations, and vibes, which will give you an insight into the photographer’s creative instinct.  

  • Excellent communication skills 

Every couple has different visions and imaginations for what they want to see in their wedding pictures. Thus, you’ll need a wedding photographer with excellent communication skills. Their communication skills shouldn’t be limited to negotiations or other business purposes. Your photographer must be a friendly and genuine listener who can make you feel comfortable and respected as you open up about your visions.   

Their communication skills must also show during your wedding ceremony, from instructing the bridesmaids and groomsmen how to pose to setting up the tone of the photo shoot venue. A great wedding photographer should know how to initiate friendly and comfortable conversations with everyone at the wedding.  

  • Passionate at capturing the raw moments at weddings 

Any photographer with a skill can take photos for your wedding. But when someone does it without passion, it’ll reflect on the quality of their work. As much as possible, go for a wedding photographer who possesses a high skill level but is also passionate about their craft. A great wedding photographer stays right in the moment and focuses on catching the emotional high points of the wedding ceremony rather than just taking random photos of the wedding to get paid.   

  • Extremely detail-oriented 

Plenty of rare and beautiful moments can happen at a wedding, not just exchanging vows or kissing of the bride. Because of this, it’s essential to hire a wedding photographer who is highly attentive to details.   

Aside from the couple, a great wedding photographer must also focus and find time to capture the raw emotions of the family, friends, and other guests. This is essential, especially since 36% of the guests cry and get emotional during the bride’s walk down the aisle and the exchange of vows. After all, weddings are not only about the couple but also about the union of two families and the coming together of everyone celebrating the couple’s marriage. 

Your photographer must also pay attention to the background, lighting, atmosphere, raw facial expressions, and other things happening that complete the wedding. 

  • Patient and flexible 

As much as you want your wedding ceremony to go as smoothly as planned, it isn’t always the case. Weddings can be one of the most stressful and nerve-wracking moments for everyone, especially for the couple, organizers, and the wedding party participants. There may be cases wherein minor mishaps and last-minute changes can happen. Thus, you’ll need a wedding photographer with patience and understanding to adjust to the situation.    

For instance, it starts raining during the wedding ceremony. An excellent wedding photographer can see its bright side and continue taking photos of the married couple enjoying the rain. Likewise, if flower girls and ring bearers always run and play during the photoshoot, the photographer may capture them candidly while naturally having fun. 

Overall, a good wedding photographer can see the good in every situation, stay calm and collected despite any changes, and still produce high-quality work no matter what.   

  • Tech-savvy 

Most wedding photographers only spend 4% of their time taking photos, while 55% is dedicated to editing photos and videos. So, you’ll need a photographer with all the latest tools, equipment, and software required to take pictures, edit their output, and do other things they need to do. Furthermore, in any tech emergencies, a tech-savvy photographer will have a backup plan and know what to do instead of wasting time going back and forth, looking for last-minute alternatives.   

Key Takeaway 

Your wedding day is a rare milestone celebrating a happy union and a new beginning between you and the person you love. With a great wedding photographer on your side, you’ll have someone to help document and capture everything that happens during your special day. That way, you and your loved ones will have memorabilia to go back to if you want to relive the moments and emotions.  


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