Italian designer handbags for men: the new trend that’s taking fashion by storm


If until a few years ago handbags were the prerogative of women, with a few minor male exceptions (such as office bags, fanny packs and duffel bags), today things have definitely changed.
In fact, it is enough to look at the latest catwalks of the most important international fashion shows to realize that this accessory has become a must-have for men as well, confirming the various rules-not-rules of the new fashion that focuses everything on individual freedom of expression and the cancellation of the rigid and pre-established codes of the past. Among the vast range of models presented, it is particularly the designer Italian bags for mens that are setting trends and becoming must-have items in men’s wardrobes. 

In this article we will go over what are the top trends and models that are depopulating in men’s fashion and that will become the go-to accessory for every man’s look throughout the year.

Hobo bag

Wide and soft, shaped like a half-moon and with a long strap to be worn crossways over the shoulder, the hobo bag is a must-have that has conquered the male universe in recent years.
Born taking inspiration from the bag that vagabonds (hoboes precisely) carried with them on their travels, it has been transformed into its chicest and most modern version by some designers who were looking for a new and original idea for their collections and then conjugated to the masculine.
It is a perfect accessory to complete a more casual men’s look, but also as a pairing for more elegant and refined outfits, also suitable for business events. It is therefore a true specialty, which from the past has been able to carve out its own space even in this era.

Microbags and clutches

Against every expectation, classic women’s handbags are becoming small fashion bags for the modern man. Men’s microbags and clutches are a trend that is gaining popularity practically all over the world and has largely decreed the end of the fanny pack period: to be carried by hand (or, for the most original, directly around the neck like a necklace or on the wrist), they are super chic and decidedly out of the box, and appear as real evening bags in mini version that enrich the male look with a sophistication and charm that does not go unnoticed and that dispels all taboos. 

They have appeared on the catwalks in every shape and material: from leather to suede or canvas, the rule is only one, leave room for only the essentials.

Shopping bag

For those who are looking for a less flashy Italian men’s designer bag with a simple, understated design, then here they will find an ideal answer in men’s shopping bags. Suitable both for the office and for leisure or more elegant events, these large and spacious cotton bags allow you to carry everything you need. 

There are really many variants on offer: from basic ones without print, to colorful ones, to the most prestigious leather models. Able to combine style and functionality, the men’s shopping bag is a must-have that will condition fashion in this 2024 as well, especially in its even cooler XL version that is going fast already.

Tote bag   

Created as a novel alternative to the briefcase, the men’s tote bag has quickly become an accessory for which no man wants to give up. Soft and light and made in many different materials and styles, it is a practical, comfortable and absolutely stylish bag. 

It gives an extra touch of personality to the look, allows you to spend all day outside without giving anything up, and represents a solution that has become couture thanks to the leading fashion houses, which have created luxury and exclusive models that have become the top when it comes to men’s designer Italian bags.

Messenger bag

Messenger bags are the so-called “letter carrier’s bags” (they were widely used in the United States by bicycle couriers): similar to vintage briefcases, over time they have been revisited by stylists and designers, becoming a contemporary men’s accessory, perfect both for going to work and for one’s free time. Available in small, medium and extra large sizes, they can come in different shapes and materials depending on the fashion house that designs them: from classic messenger bags in hemp cloth, to the more metropolitan version in canvas, to luxury models in vintage leather.

Crossbody bags

Compared to the others, men’s crossbody bags have always existed, but in an absolutely sober version without any personality. Today, new collections turn this custom upside down, bringing to the fashion market several models of elegant, sophisticated and innovatively designed men’s handbags that can be safely worn even with a suit and tie. The top of the moment? The cargo-style crossbody bag in flat grained calfskin with large pockets.

Crochet bags

It’s also time to make room for a great novelty: men’s crochet bags, which take their cue from homemade art to become true collector’s pieces, created by the biggest luxury brands, mesmerizing the catwalks and depopulating the market. Especially ideal for the warmer season and perfect for casual and lively looks, men’s crochet bags are very colorful, fun and stylish. A unique piece to make people talk about themselves simply by walking down the street.


Closing this “review” is the king of men’s must-have accessories: the backpack. Constantly present on every fashion runway every season, designers have little by little transformed it into an exclusive and super-luxury object thanks to the craftsmanship of their Maisons.
New are the flat and rectangular models and the soft ones that resemble a bag; innovative are the conceptual and futuristic backpacks made in unusual shapes and with avant-garde materials; classic and timeless are the elegant and chic ones that never go out of fashion, but are embellished with unique details (such as leather finishes and color combinations).


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