5 Factors to Consider Before Installing Your Air Conditioner


For a country with hot weather all year round, the air conditioner is one of the most reliable electronic devices that can help elevate your comfort. Not only can an air conditioner help to cool a room, but it can also help to keep the humidity in check. Low humidity in a room can help improve your comfort, reduce dust mites, and prevent mold or related pests from growing. This is one of the ultimate things that any homeowner needs to understand.

Installing an air conditioner in your home is one of the best things that you can do to improve your life’s comfort, as well as to tackle the issues mentioned above. But do keep in mind that merely selecting the right air conditioner for your home is not enough. You should also understand just how important the installation process is. 

If you don’t install your air conditioner properly, it can disrupt the way the air conditioner works and make it unable to provide optimal cooling effects. Moreover, poor installation will also cause ongoing air conditioner problems. Thus, before the installation process, you need to take into consideration some of the important factors that we have curated below!

1. Wall Strength

If you are planning to install a split air conditioner, the first thing you need to consider is the wall condition. The wall needs to be strong and not fragile to withstand the weight of the air conditioner unit, as well as the vibration that might be caused when the air conditioner is being turned on. 

2. The Distance Between the Wall and the Air Conditioner

The next thing you should know is the distance between the surrounding wall and the unit itself. The indoor unit of an air conditioner requires at least 15 cm of open space around the top and side for proper airflow. If the air conditioner unit does have proper spacing for air flow it could cause issues due to the inability to expel heat. Some issues that can arise include an increase in operating costs and a damaged compressor.

3. Installation Placement of the Indoor Unit

Place the indoor unit of the split AC system at a height of two meters above the floor to ensure effective room cooling. When installing the aluminum bracket on the wall, make sure that the bracket is given a slight tilt. This slight tilt allows the split air conditioner unit installed on it to also be angled slightly, preventing water leakage from the drain pipe.

4. Location of the Outdoor Unit

For proper cooling, it is important to install the indoor and outdoor units in locations away from direct sunlight and water. While it may be easy to do for an indoor unit, you should pay attention to the outdoor unit placement as well.

For optimal functioning, position the outdoor unit of a split air conditioner in an open space, such as a terrace, balcony, or a side wall. Ensure this space allows safe and secure access for installation and servicing, free from obstructions that might impede airflow. Providing an unobstructed area allows ample freedom for the compressor and condenser to operate efficiently. 

Additionally, the air conditioner outdoor unit should be placed on a flat, stiff surface. This unit contains the main components of air conditioning such as compressors, condensers, fan motors, and so on. If the unit is not on a flat surface it will vibrate excessively, which can lead to rupture of the copper pipe, leakage of coolant, and damage to the compressor or condenser. In addition, the vibrating unit makes a lot of noise that can disturb you in the long run.

5. The Distance Between Indoor and Outdoor Units

Last but not least, the correct distance between indoor and outdoor units also plays a very important role in the proper cooling of the air conditioner unit. Ensure that both the indoor and the outdoor are not placed too far between each other. The maximum distance allowed between indoor and outdoor AC split units can be about 15 meters. Do keep in mind that the closer the distance between the units, the more effective the performance of the air conditioner will be. 

To ensure that your air conditioner can be installed properly and without any future issues, it is best to hire a professional engineer to carry out the installation process for your air conditioner. You can check out www.luceaircon.sg to hire the best and most reliable service provider for any of your air conditioner needs!



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