Keter’s Holiday Offerings Set the Stage for Memorable Experiences with Family and Friends


The gala holiday shopping season has become a dazzling array of digital ads and colorful store displays. In cities and towns across the United States, brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers vie for shoppers’ dollars. Each one goes to great lengths to make their products stand out against competitors’ offerings.

Not surprisingly, many shoppers are growing weary of the entire spectacle. They’re tired of searching for the “perfect gift,” realizing that recipients may be showered with items purchased in gift-giving desperation. And unfortunately, many of these gifts will be regifted or donated to charity thrift stores.

Personalized Experiences May Resonate with Recipients

This year, it may be time to give experiences rather than products that could be regifted or donated after the holidays. In fact, many forward-thinking consumers have already made this paradigm shift. They’ve replaced the scribbled gift list with well-thought-out contributions to those important to them.

Perhaps they’re giving family or friends some special event tickets or prepaid tuition to a sought-after class. A delightful spa day would also be a much-appreciated experience.

Regardless of the specifics, each experience offers an opportunity to make a sincere connection with the person who selected it. In this light, Keter Group’s Holiday Gift Guide opens the door to memorable experiences in large or small outdoor settings.

Social Experiences

Socializing with family and friends is an occasion not to be missed. Whether it’s an al fresco dinner party, or a casual get-together for snacks and drinks, outdoor gatherings bring Nature’s vibrant energy into the mix.

Guests can mingle by the pool, stroll around the lawn, or congregate on the patio. Whatever their choice, they’ll enjoy fellow guests’ company during a pleasurable afternoon or evening. Convenient seating and serving accessories make every event a breeze.

3-Pc. Rio Patio Furniture Set

Keter’s 3-piece Rio Patio Furniture Set creates a self-contained conversation hub. Guests can group several patio sets together to invite larger group conversation. The patio set’s stable construction makes it ideal for paved surfaces or grass. The convenient serving table can keep drinks and small plates within arm’s reach.

Dual-Purpose Storage Benches

Weather-resistant storage benches are the unsung heroes of outdoor entertainment. First, these 60-gallon and 70-gallon storage containers can corral gardening tools, children’s toys, and other potential trip hazards during social gatherings. These ruggedly built storage benches also offer seating for multiple guests. Finally, each bench offers back support that increases the comfort factor.

Patio Cooler and Beverage Cart

This sleekly designed beverage cart provides one-stop cold drink storage and service. The weather-resistant construction, and wood-look EVOTECH panels, make this cart an ideal outdoor entertaining accessory. Wheel locks keep the beverage cart stationary, and a drainage system manages the ice runoff. An adjustable cooler divider, and a fold-down shelf for accessories, glasses, and a bottle opener, are the icing on the cake.

Unity XL Outdoor Kitchen Cart

With durable resin construction and a stainless-steel top, the wheeled Unity XL Outdoor Kitchen Cart is the ideal grill-side prep and serving station. Alternatively, this versatile Kitchen Cart can transport foods from the home’s kitchen to the serving area. With 54 gallons of weatherproof sealed storage and 24 gallons of accessible open storage, this hard-working Kitchen Cart is a “must-have” outdoor entertaining accessory.

Relaxation Experiences

In today’s technology-driven world, life just seems to move faster and faster. Job commutes take precious hours out of the day, and juggling work commitments is getting more difficult every week. For a growing number of managers and employees, taking work home has become a normal occurrence.

Families with children, or adults completing an educational program, are faced with an extra layer of commitments. When the stress reaches a certain threshold, taking a deep breath and regrouping may be the most appropriate thing to do.

A calming, satisfying relaxation experience can take many forms. Inviting family and friends to gather around the fire pit (or a controlled campfire) is a time-honored ritual. Whether toasting marshmallows, or watching the skies for shooting stars, simple pleasures are often the most memorable ones.

Differently sized yards, decks, and patios can be ideal venues for these “kick-back-and-relax” experiences. Together, plenty of durable seating (and a few refreshment tables) set the stage for an enjoyable afternoon or evening.

Adirondack Chairs

Who doesn’t love relaxing in a roomy Adirondack chair? These iconic chairs have invited generations of Americans to relax on the deck, patio, or lawn. Available in five distinctive styles and four classic colors, Keter’s Adirondack chairs can adapt to any outdoor décor. Best of all, the chairs’ sturdy resin construction means they’ll continue to keep their appearance for many years.

Adirondack Rocking Chairs

There’s something very satisfying about sitting in a well-made rocking chair. Whether whiling away a lazy afternoon, or rocking a fussy baby to sleep, these Adirondack rocking chairs delight users of all ages.

These rockers are indeed the top of the line, with sleek styling and tall backs that offer unparalleled comfort. Carefully fabricated from a quality resin, these Adirondack rocking chairs have a wood-like look and feel. They’re available in several colors to suit any outdoor décor.

Outdoor Side Tables

Drinks and snacks are a key part of outdoor relaxation experiences. Keter’s compact side tables pair well with Adirondack chairs and rocking chairs. Available in round and square styles, and sporting several neutral colors, these versatile tables will fit in any small space. Equally importantly, they feature durable resin construction designed for the long term.

Relaxation, Sun Lover Style

For sun lovers, relaxing by the pool (or on a lush green lawn) can become a true Zen-like experience. A spacious sun lounger is the perfect place to stretch out and soak up the Sun’s warmth. If two or more sun worshippers can gather together, that’s even better. And with ice-cold refreshments within arm’s reach, it’s a delightful way to spend a lazy afternoon.

Sculpted Sun Loungers

These sleek, adjustable sun loungers are the ideal platform for sun-kissed relaxation. Each sun lounger’s rattan motif adds comfort along with durability. In addition, the weather-resistant construction can stand up to whatever Mother Nature delivers. Best of all, Keter sun loungers are sold in pairs, so sun lovers can invite a family member or friend to join them.

Pacific 7.5-gallon Cool Bar

A warm spring or summer afternoon calls for plenty of ice cold drinks. Rather than running back to the kitchen for every drink request, well-prepared hosts move a Pacific Cool Bar (or two) into place.

With 7.5-gallon capacity, plenty of room for ice, and a pop-up top that holds several beverages, these Cool Bars are “must haves” for warm-weather relaxation. They’re available in three distinctive colors to match any outdoor décor.

Gardening Experiences

Homegrown vegetables and/or herbs are a delightful addition to any meal. And from start to finish, gardening is one of the most satisfying pastimes around. Gardeners of any age can become part of this timeless cycle of life.

Laying down the proper soil mix, sprinkling seeds or planting seedlings, and adding just the right amount of water sets the stage for plant growth. Add good helpings of sunlight, and soon the sumptuous vegetables and/or fragrant herbs will be ready for family and friends to enjoy. This is the essence of the gardening experience.  

Fortunately, homeowners with spacious yards, townhome-sized yards, or smaller decks can each pursue their gardening passions. Condo dwellers with patios or balconies can also enjoy the benefits of just-picked vegetables and/or herbs.

Keter’s raised garden beds make the gardening experience possible for virtually everyone. And perhaps best of all, raised-bed gardening puts less stress on the body, too. Gardening in a standing position may be more comfortable and can help minimize injury risks.

Choose From Three Right-Sized Raised Garden Beds

Yards, decks, patios, and balconies come in different sizes and configurations. That’s why Keter’s Easy Grow raised garden beds are available in three popular sizes and neutral colors that blend with any outdoor décor.

Easy Grow 31.7-Gallon Splendor Raised Garden Bed

The easy-to-assemble Splendor raised bed can serve as a roomy indoor/outdoor planter. During the colder months, gardeners can grow vegetables or herbs safe from the frigid temperatures. During spring and summer, the 31.7-gallon Splendor raised bed can move outside. Sufficient water and abundant sunshine can encourage the growth of a bounty of vegetables and/or herbs.

Naturally, adding just the right amount of water is key. The Splendor raised bed features a simple drainage mechanism that prevents plants from harmful overwatering. A water gauge helps determine plants’ water needs, and a water reservoir can help fend off root decay.

Choose from Two Smaller-Space Raised Beds  

Gardeners with compact spaces will appreciate Keter’s 12.7-gallon and 29-gallon raised garden beds. Featuring similar construction as the flagship Splendor model, these smaller beds enable avid gardeners to bring their own gardening dreams to fruition.

Keter Products Combine Durability and Sustainability

Keter’s collection of outdoor entertaining and storage products reflects the company’s mission: “To minimize the use of virgin resources and eliminate waste at each stage of the value chain.”

Keter continues to work toward its goal of increasing recycled content in the company’s products. In 2020, Keter used 40% of recycled content in its production processes. By 2025, the company projects that 55% of products will be made from recycled content. In addition, every Keter product is 100% recyclable.

Finally, homeowners can easily assemble Keter products with commonly available household tools. Each fade-free, maintenance-free product is designed to provide a lifetime of service. Taking another perspective, Keter products can set the stage for years of memorable outdoor experiences.



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