Scary Fun for Your Family


If you’re looking for some scary fun this Halloween, you have more hair-raising choices than ever. All you need to do is look around your area and do a little research. You may find the perfect spooky activity that your whole family will enjoy. To get you started, check out some of these options.

A Haunted Trail

If you’re interested in a walk or hay ride filled with thrills and chills, search for “a haunted trail near me,” and get ready to shriek with delight. You will, however, have to choose an attraction that is appropriate for your family. If you have younger children, look for something less scary and not at all gruesome. You don’t want nightmares for weeks!

A Corn Maze

You might also choose another fall favorite, the corn maze. While they aren’t usually as scary, corn mazes still offer plenty of fun and laughter as you and your family blunder around trying to find your way out.

Amusement Parks

Many amusement parks offer haunted houses or even haunted park attractions around Halloween. Some have less scary activities for younger kids during the day and spookier fare for teens and adults in the evenings. Choose a visiting time that works best for your whole family.

Fun at Home

Finally, don’t hesitate to create your own scary fun right at home. You can plan a haunted house in your basement with spooky sounds, dark corners, and a few surprises. Or you could create a scavenger hunt in your backyard. You might even have a party with games and refreshments. There are plenty of possibilities, so start early, and involve the whole family in the fun of planning and enjoying a spooky time.

Turn Halloween into a family holiday this year by trying a couple of these ideas. You’ll create memories that will last a lifetime.


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