What Does Orry Awatramani Family Do Sponsor a ‘Liver’

What Does Orry Awatramani Family Do Sponsor a ‘Liver’

The Orry L-orry jokes are getting out of hand because while one section of society wants to be a ‘liver’ like him, the other cannot have enough of him. A 25-year-old son of a business tycoon who happily admits that the best thing he has to do is live has got the entire nation hyped up with the bizarre lifestyles of rich kids. If you want to know what Orry Awatramani family does to bear all his expenses, we will clear all your doubts with this post.

For starters, Orry has already admitted that he earns now. His bleak stance of having a ‘normal life’ by waiting tables one time isn’t something that the internet is buying. But what is surprising is that he is getting paid 20 to 30 lakh rupees for appearances and pictures.

Indian society has some of the berserk ways of spending money during special events like birthdays and weddings, but this one went quite far. Nonetheless, these contribute to the reasons why Orhan Awatramani net worth is growing by leaps and bounds.

Who is Orhan Awatramani?

It has been a few months since the internet obsession has made people wonder who is Orry ever since the man has been seen with all contemporary Bollywood celebrities.

From Janhvi Kapoor to Sara Ali Khan, from Isha Ambani to Karan Johar, everyone has been seen with Orry.

India is obsessed with Bollywood, and naturally, when people found most celebrities having a man giving a synonymous sultry pose beside them, curiosity broke loose throughout the internet.

This one time, a group of teenagers went through the streets of Mumbai to randomly ask people, “Who is Orry?” The reel went viral as that, indeed, was the target. A certain section of the comments also exhibited disgust for youth losing direction.

None of these still answer our much-anticipated question, “Who is Orry?” To understand what we’re missing about this recent internet sensation, let us understand what the Orry Awatramani family does.

Name Orhan Awatramani
DOBAugust 2, 1998
Marital statusSingle
ParentsJorj and Shahnaz Awatramani
SiblingKabir Awatranamani
BFFsJahvi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, Isha Ambani, etc.
Orry height1.70 m or 5 feet 7 inches
Sexual orientationGay

Who is Orry in Bollywood?

While there was no affirmative answer to this till now, having Orry in Bollywood might soon become a reality.

Orry doesn’t possess any acting talent, but he has a great fashion sense, which is heavily reflected due to his sexual orientation. I am not stereotyping here, but his sense of fashion shows that he likes to go all blingy. This is not to create offence but to appreciate the the beauty of androgeneity and the skills that it brings along.

Well, the question of is Orry in Bollywood arose considering his close proximity to contemporary celebs. But he doesn’t seem to be a part of acting shows like web series or movies.

Interestingly, Orry joined the Bigg Boss family as a wildcard entry in the ongoing season. We can’t say that Orry isn’t a part of showbiz because since he has been roped in by Colors TV, and we can expect more of him with time.

What does Orry Awatramani family do?

The Awatramani family are socialites in Mumbai and possess generational wealth, allowing the younger generation to live lavishly.

Suraj K Awatramani, Orry’s father, owns multiple businesses in Mumbai. His industry expertise spans real estate, hotels, and liquor businesses. There is some confusion regarding the name of Orry’s dad, as some sources suggest that his name is Jorj Awatramani. It is funny how people like him stay away from the limelight and have little to share while their kin are all over the internet.

Orry’s mom is Shahnaz Awatramani, a famous socialite and humanitarian from Bombay. The family is well associated with the richest of the rich in the Mumbai circuit, making them a familiar face among celebs and businesspeople. This is all we know about Orhan Awatramani parents. It makes us wonder how many such riches are away from the limelight until someone like Orry comes to the forefront and make headlines!

When Orry initially started doing rounds on social media, there were loads of comments on his pictures suggesting that he might be a drug dealer. Bollywood has a notorious relationship with drugs, and this has gained prominence after Sushant Singh Rajput’s alleged murder.

Orry has an elder brother named Kabir, who works in New York. Unlike his younger one, he handles PR for Sollis Health and leads a regular life.

Early life and education

Orry was born on August 2, 1998. While some sources reveal that he is 1999 born, he recently admitted to be 25 years old. Going by that, we assume that he was born in 1998.

Orry was born and brought up in a wealthy family from Mumbai. He completed his schooling from Tamil Nadu. He was in boarding school in Kodaikanal and spent his formative years there.

Like most star kids, he also received education from abroad and studied at Columbia University. He was probably in Sara Ali Khan’s batch as his first selfie with her came out from her graduation party. He has also done courses in fashion from abroad.


This might be the most hilarious section in this blog because Orry, according to us, does absolutely nothing. He is simply living and, interestingly, getting paid for it too.

Since Orry came into the limelight due to his Bollywood buddies, he has participated in several interviews and podcasts. His hilarious statements have made people realize that he is delusional and doesn’t fall into the regular category of how life functions.

Let alone ordinary people like you and me; he isn’t doing anything to keep up with his Bollywood celebs. Be it his Bolly bffs or his rumored girlfriend Jahnvi Kapoor, each one has purposes to fulfil, unlike Orry, who is happy only to be a ‘liver.’

When asked in an interview about what all he has ‘done’ in life, Orry said,

“I have done it all.”

He then went on to mention that he has been a gardener, worked for Vogue India, and waited tables.

“I am a man of many hats,”

said Orry, trying to make us believe what he says is legit. But deep down, we all feel he has not had to do anything.

Just because I plant trees doesn’t make me a gardener; just because I journal in my diary doesn’t make me a journalist. Ever since Orry said things like

“I am a man of many experiences”


“I am a liver,”

the internet came up with the wackiest terms to make sarcastic comments similar to how I just described myself above!

Showing up at parties

The world sighed when Orry made his silver screen debut with Bigg Boss 17. The boy (who claims to be an oldie) revealed that people invite him to parties to take pictures and pay him 20 to 30 lakhs for such events.

The fame and craze behind this name have gotten so hyped that the man who literally did nothing for a living is still doing nothing for a living but now making money from it.

Bigg Boss 17

Since Orry has officially joined the house of Bigg Boss, money will come in through his presence across episodes. It is likely to be huge because if a man is charging 20 lakhs and above for being a part of selfies, he will take much more than that for being in a TV show.

The channel must pay him loads because they will encash on the TRP Orry brings to Bigg Boss. While no numbers have been released yet, he will surely get lakhs per show.

Even Salman Khan was seen sighing about how Orry makes money, making us all feel relatable. Even though Sallu Bhai makes the most money because of his unending love from fans, he can’t help but admit how bizarre it is to see someone make money like Orry!

Association with Reliance

Orry is friends with Isha Ambani and Radhika Merchant. The boy is a marketing genius who has put himself on a pedestal to make people go ga-ga over him. He knew he needed to place himself so that no one looked at him like a regular working individual.

But in reality, the man is a part of the Reliance industries and works closely with the Ambani clan. His LinkedIn profile shows that he is a Special Project manager at Reliance.

Now, there is a possibility that this is a project from the past, and he has become a full-time social media star as of 2023. But it doesn’t take away the fact that he used the “I do many things, but I don’t do anything” marketing strategy too seriously.

The fun part?

It all worked!

The hype, curiosity, and unending obsession of people seeing him pose with Kylie Jenner and Anne Hathaway paved the way for his stardom.

Orry net worth

Orry is a marketing genius, and he made us believe that he works

“very, very hard”

by actually not doing anything.

He claimed that he is working on himself, and that’s the kind of job he is aiming to carry on, and rightly so.

His working on strategy and product placement (as a social star himself) is bringing him wealth and fortune.

As of now, his net worth has been estimated to be between 2 and 8 crores in Indian rupees. Since he is hush-hush about all the wealth, he is making it hard to decode how it is distributed across multiple sources of income.

His PR game is strong and he revealed he has five managers on Bigg Boss. It explains that he is making lots of money even if he projects it like he isn’t doing anything.

Final thoughts

For a long time, people commented on Orry and posted that had him suggesting that he supplies ‘maal’ to the celebs. But it was later clarified otherwise. However, it is interesting that the media doesn’t know much about Orry’s family.

Sources are citing different names for his father. Doesn’t all these add up that there is something fishier than it seems?

Maybe his questionable presence is also why the internet obsession worked out in his favor. If more people had his family scenes sorted, the man might not have gotten the fame he did!

Well, that’s all that we know about Orry Awatramani family. If there is anything more you could add to this, please feel free to add the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Orry Awatramani family business?

The Awatramani are elites of Mumbai and have multiple businesses. Orry Awatramani family business including real estate, hotels, and liquor businesses.

2. Why is Orry so famous?

Orry became famous due to his hand-holding pictures with Jahnvi Kapoor that circulated in 2022. Later, media revealed that they are just good friends, and Orry is apparently homosexual.

3. Who is Kabir Awatramani?

Kabir is the brother of the Orry, and he works in New York. He is into PR and works for Sollis Health. Kabir is away from the limelight and leads a regular life, unlike his sibling.


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