Can Dogs Have Jalapenos

Can Dogs Have Jalapenos

When it comes to adding a tasty yet nutritious alternative to our foods, jalapenos are always on the list of options. Sometimes, we wonder why we will enjoy their taste alone; why not their dogs? Before that, we have to know whether can dogs have jalapenos.

The bad news is that jalapenos are good for humans only, not dogs. Dogs are sensitive to the heat that all peppers provide. Hence, eating jalapenos will give them a burning sensation along with symptoms of vomiting, gas, diarrhoea, etc.

Well, only knowing that jalapenos are not safe for dogs is not enough. There must be a reason behind it. Let’s discover those reasons in this article. Stay tuned.

All About Jalapenos

Jalapenos are hot chilli pepper that belongs to the Capsicum annuum family of spices. Jalapeno is also the name of a plant that grows peppers. In Tex-Mex and Mexican cuisine, we will see people add jalapenos as the main ingredient to enhance taste.

These peppers are available in green and red colours. The green ones are the unripe jalapenos, and the red ones are the ripe ones. Green jalapenos have a tangy flavour, and red jalapenos have a sweet flavour.

These chilli peppers have a milder taste compared to other chilli peppers. However, the heat of all jalapenos is not the same. For example, jalapenos grown in Mexico are the hottest, while jalapenos grown in the United States are mild. They are not only famous for taste but also nutrients. For example, 100 grams of jalapenos have 32% vitamin B6, 143% vitamin C, 24% vitamin E, and 18% vitamin K. Its other nutrients include magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and fibre.

Can Dogs Have Jalapenos?

Unfortunately, jalapenos do not fall into the category of safe foods that dogs can have. They don’t have any toxic elements, but the heat can make dogs react. Sometimes the spicy flavour of jalapenos brings distress to dogs’ health. The symptoms can be gas, bloating, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc.

Can Dogs Have Jalapenos

Like any spicy pepper, jalapenos contain capsaicin. This element brings a kick to peppers that can be dangerous for dogs’ digestive systems. Firstly, they will get a burning sensation in their tongue, making them crazy for water. Then they will have watery poop for some hours. If the amount of jalapeno is higher, the severity of the condition will be higher.

Why Dogs Cannot Have Jalapenos?

Although jalapenos contain several nutrients, they can be harmful to dogs. It is not because they have any toxic compounds. Surprisingly, jalapenos have no toxic compounds in their stems, leaves, or seeds. Then why are these peppers harmful to dogs?

Just imagine eating a chilli alone. Then you will react because of its spicy taste. You will search for water to stabilise your taste receptors. The same goes for our paw friends. In fact, they will feel the heat of the spice more than we do. Also, dogs are not able to handle jalapenos’ taste as much as we can. The heat of these peppers will hit their tongue, which can result in sneezing, vomiting, diarrhoea, bloating, etc.

We are yet to know why dogs can’t have jalapenos. Well, these peppers don’t have any toxins. Their only problem is the spicy flavour. The heat of the spice comes from capsaicin, a chemical compound present in almost all chilli peppers. This compound can be responsible for irritating dogs’ intestinal lining and stomach pain.

As said earlier, dogs can’t handle the heat of jalapenos. That was for normal and healthy dogs. Meanwhile, dogs with irritable bowel systems will have more severe reactions from eating these peppers. Their stomachs will wreak havoc after eating jalapenos.

What Should You Do When Your Dog Eat Jalapenos?

What do you do after eating spicy food or a jalapeno? Drink water, right? You have to do the same for your paw friend; simply offer him some water to drink. You can offer him a sweet treat, like a slice of apple or mango so that the heat of the spice budges away. But if he is throwing up, don’t offer him any sweet treats. Let him discharge everything; this will make him relax for a while.

Sometimes the reactions from jalapenos can be severe for dogs, especially when they are small breeds. They may experience severe discomfort from eating these spices. In such cases, you have to call their vets and let them know about the symptoms. Also, provide treatment to them if needed.

Can Dogs Have Jalapenos Sometimes?

For example, you dropped a small piece of burger that has jalapenos loaded. If your furry friend eats that up, maybe he won’t face any side effects, especially if he is a large breed.

Let’s keep the jalapenos aside. Let’s say a pug and a German Shepherd eat one banana individually. The pug will start throwing up after a certain moment, while the German Shepherd will stay calm. It is because pugs are a small breed and have less ability to digest foods. In the same way, a large breed like the German Shepherd has more ability to digest foods.

Can Dogs Have Jalapenos

If a pug or any small breed eats that small slice of a sandwich loaded with jalapenos, he may react afterwards. The symptoms can be vomiting, restlessness, etc. But if a German Shepherd eats that piece, he can be fine as usual. However, if the large breed keeps eating the small piece of the jalapeno-loaded food, he will also start showing symptoms.

Anyway, it is not recommended to offer any spicy food, like jalapenos, to dogs. The capsaicin present in them can trigger different dogs in different ways.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Dogs Have Jalapenos?

Can dogs taste spice?

Dogs do not feel the spiciness of peppers. It is the heat of the peppers that affects them. They are sensitive to the heat of jalapenos and all other chilli peppers.

Are there any dogs who are allergic to jalapenos?

Since jalapenos have no toxic ingredients, they can hardly trigger allergic reactions in dogs. However, a mammal that is allergic to all plant-based foods can be allergic to jalapenos too.

Will jalapenos kill dogs?

Jalapenos can barely kill dogs as they have no harmful ingredients. But its compound, capsaicin, can hit dogs’ tongues badly if the quantity is high. Some small breeds can’t withstand the heat of spices, especially when it is high. In that case, jalapenos can be life-threatening for them.

Can any pets eat jalapenos?

Almost all pets should avoid jalapenos, as they can’t handle the heat. Cats, dogs, birds, etc. are all sensitive to the heat of spices. If they take them in high amounts, they may have to deal with constant vomiting and diarrhoea.

Final Thoughts

Most of us can’t stand spices, like jalapenos. Since our dogs are delicate beings, we may think, Can dogs have jalapenos? The answer is no. Eating these hot peppers can give them a burning sensation like they give us. But if your dog eats the slightest part of a jalapeno, maybe he won’t show any severe symptoms. But you must worry if he is a small breed.

Sometimes, our paw friends eat peppers discreetly out of curiosity. If your dog does the same, monitor his symptoms, feed him water, and inform his doctor. Also, you must make sure he doesn’t eat jalapeno or any peppers for many days.


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