Chico Bean Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Chico Bean Net Worth

Chico Bean has an estimated net worth of around $5 million as of 2023.

Chico Bean is a famous American comedian and actor known for appearing on the comedy show “Wild ‘N Out.”

He has gained a significant following and has established himself as a talented and successful comedian. With his unique style and quick wit, Chico Bean has become a household name in the comedy industry.

Throughout his career, he has been able to amass a substantial net worth through his comedy performances, television appearances, and various other ventures.

Chico Bean Net Worth

Chico Bean has accumulated impressive wealth through his successful comedy career. However, Bean has an estimated net worth of around $5 million as of 2023.

Most of his net worth can be attributed to his tenure on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out. Bean has been a staple cast member on the show for over 15 seasons. With Wild ‘N Out’s popularity and regular nationwide tours, the show remains Bean’s most significant source of income.

Outside of Wild ‘N Out, Bean has earned money from other television appearances, acting gigs, brand sponsorships on social media, and comedy shows and tours. In 2020, he likely made additional income from his comedy album “Basic to Bougie” and his podcast, The Freestyle Funny Comedy Podcast, which is exclusive to iHeartRadio.

As Bean’s fame continues to grow, so do his earning capabilities. He has over 2 million followers on Instagram, making him an even more attractive and lucrative influencer for brands. Bean also charges fees for comedy performances and hosting events.

Early Life and Education

Anthony Jamal Bean was born on February 20, 1987, in Washington, D.C. He spent his childhood in D.C., where he attended H.D. Woodson High School.

After graduating high school, Bean pursued higher education at Bowie State University. He graduated from Bowie State with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication.

Chico Bean Net Worth

During his college years, Bean first got bit by the comedy bug. He started performing at local comedy clubs and venues around campus to test out material and polish his on-stage skills. The experience solidified his passion for comedy and set the wheels for his future career.

After earning his mass communication degree, Bean was well-prepared for a media career. But he decided to forego the corporate route and focus entirely on elevating his comedy game. The time spent cutting his teeth on the D.C. comedy scene after college helped prepare Bean for his big break on the MTV comedy series Wild ‘N Out.

Rise To Fame On “Wild ‘N Out”

Chico Bean’s big break came in 2007 when he played a role on Season 4 of the hit MTV comedy show Wild ‘N Out. At the time, Bean was grinding on the D.C. comedy scene and performing at local clubs.

Wild ‘N Out gained him national exposure and allowed him to showcase his talents on television to millions of viewers. During his first season, Bean was a recurring cast member. But his quick wit, funny diss jokes, and improvisation skills made him stand out from the pack.

Bean’s rising popularity and on-screen chemistry led to him being promoted to series regular status beginning in Season 5 of Wild ‘N Out. He became known for characters like Robin From H.R. and for roasting host Nick Cannon and other cast members.

Comedy Specials and Stand-up Performances

Chico Bean has established himself as a stand-up comedian with his comedy tours and specials.

Even before his rise to fame on Wild ‘N Out, Bean performed stand-up at clubs and venues in the Washington D.C. area after college.

Once he gained notoriety from Wild ‘N Out, Bean began headlining his stand-up tours nationwide. He brought his high-energy comedy and improv style to live audiences on the “Wild ‘N Out Live Tour” and other solo tours.

In 2020, Bean released his first original comedy album, “Basic to Bougie.” Laugh Out Loud released the album, Kevin Hart’s comedy brand. Around this time, he also debuted a new stand-up special called “Chico Bean: Your Local Cult Leader” on the Laugh Out Loud streaming platform.

When he’s not filming Wild ‘N Out, Bean continues to perform stand-up gigs. He’ll often test out new material at comedy clubs in L.A., where he now lives. Bean also uses his Instagram page to post funny video clips showcasing his humor and impersonations.

Acting Endeavors and Other TV Appearances

While Wild ‘N Out remains Chico Bean’s most popular television project, he has expanded his acting and on-screen work.

Bean garnered guest-starring roles on shows like Silicon Valley, Black Jesus, Chelsea Lately, and Fear Factor. Showcasing his comedic chops in scripted sitcoms and other TV formats further boosted Bean’s profile.

Chico Bean Net Worth

In 2020, Bean hosted the classic MTV dating game Singled Out revival season. He received positive reviews for bringing his energy and improv skills to the hosting duties.

On the film side, Bean has appeared in movies such as Meet the Blacks, Motivated Sellers, and School Dance. He often takes on comedic relief roles that allow him to steal scenes.

Social Media Presence And Online Ventures

Chico Bean has leveraged social media and the internet to grow his fandom and release original comedic content.

Bean has cultivated a massive presence on Instagram with over 2.4 million followers. He uses the platform to post comedy skits and behind-the-scenes clips and promote his projects. Fans feel connected to Bean through his Instagram comedic snippets and engaging captions.

Beyond visual social media, Bean launched his podcast called The Freestyle Funny Comedy Podcast. It’s an exclusive partnership with iHeartRadio. On the weekly show, Bean invites fellow comedians on as guests and riffs on various topics.

Personal Life and Relationships

Chico Bean has one daughter named Reyna from a previous relationship. He occasionally posts about her on social media for birthdays and milestones.

Bean still has family based in the Washington D.C. area where he grew up. He visits the East Coast regularly and remains close to relatives.

Bean is quite discreet when it comes to romantic relationships. He was linked to Wild ‘N Out co-star B. Simone in the past, but they never confirmed they were together.

Philanthropy Work

Chico Bean dedicates time to giving back to the community through philanthropy work. He has actively supported The Boys and Girls Club of America. He first got involved with the nonprofit as a child growing up in Washington, D.C., and has remained dedicated to their mission of empowering youth.

Bean participates in fundraising events, public service announcements, and club visits to inspire the next generation. Another organization Bean advocates for is RAICES, which provides legal services to immigrants and refugees.

Motivated by the immigration struggles some of his family members face, Bean aims to use his platform to bring awareness to RAICES’ mission. He has made public donations to the nonprofit live on his podcast.

FAQs on Chico Bean Net Worth

What is Chico Bean’s net worth?

Chico Bean has an estimated net worth of around $5 million as of 2023. His wealth comes mostly from his long-running role on Wild ‘N Out.

Where is Chico Bean from?

Chico Bean was born and raised in Washington, D.C. He lived in the D.C. metro area throughout his childhood and college years.

Is Chico Bean married?

No, Bean is not currently married. He tends to keep his romantic life private. Bean has a daughter named Reyna from a previous relationship.

How tall is Chico Bean?

Chico Bean’s height is approximately 5 feet 8 inches (1.75 m). His imposing physical stature adds to his stage presence as a performer.


Chico Bean’s net worth is staggering, standing at a whopping $5 million. This success comes as no surprise considering his incredible talent as a comedian and numerous appearances on shows like “Wild ‘n Out. ” Chico Bean’s hard work and dedication have undoubtedly paid off, solidifying his position as one of the most successful comedians in the industry.

With his charismatic personality and hilarious performances, his career continues to thrive, meaning his wealth will likely surge even higher.


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