What Are the Benefits of Installing a Water Softener?


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If you’ve considered installing a water softener in your home, you should consider the benefits for you, your family and your household systems.

Water softeners help protect household systems like plumbing and heating, which cuts down on repair and replacement costs. Hard water can create limescale, which can damage home systems and appliances, which is caused by high traces of calcium and magnesium ions.

Consider these benefits of water softener installation in Las Vegas.

More effective cleaning

Soft water makes cleaning more effective because of the impurities removed from it that make cleaning products less effective. The magnesium and calcium ions in hard water make creating an effective soapy lather difficult, which complicates cleaning laundry, dishes, even kids in the shower. But soft water is purer and allows for use of lower water temperatures and less detergents when cleaning, which saves money.

More efficient appliances

Soft water helps keep your water heater running efficiently and can reverse some problems caused by hard water. Scum and scale deposits build up with hard water, which can damage your hot water heater with blockages and boiler issues. But those problems can be resolved with soft water, in addition to improved boiler efficiency in the hot water heater.

Soft water also helps to protect your appliances, removing any limescale buildup and deposits that may happen over time. These buildups can lead to blockages in other appliances, like dishwashers and washing machines. However, soft water over time can dissolve the limescale deposits, a long-term solution to deposits left by hard water.

Better baths and softer hair

Softer water means much fewer deposits of limescale in hair, which can leave hair feeling course and easily tangled. Soft water helps remove harsh minerals from water, allowing a deeper clean and softer feeling hair. Hard water can leave scales on hairs standing out from the shaft, making it easier to tangle.

Soft water can help keep skin clean and reduce dryness that can be caused by using too much soap and cleaners with hard water. Soft water doesn’t promote the development of soap scum like hard water does, which can also irritate skin if not fully rinsed off the body or out of clothes. Clothes cleaned in soft water often feel softer, less abrasive, which reduces skin irritation often caused by hard water.

Soft water also is better to baths and showers because it helps moisturize skin, unlike hard water that can actually promote dryness of skin. The soft water allows the cleaning agents to act more effectively and makes it easier to rinse the grime and soapy lather off your body. Soft water also improves the experience of a bath, offering more luxury in the water than can be found with harsher hard water.

Cleaner laundry and dishes

Because soft water is able to mix more effectively with soaps and detergents, it can help clothing, kitchen utensils and dishes maintain their appearance. Hard water can cause clothes to fade, dishes to lose their shine and kitchen utensils to lose their luster. A water softener can help extend the durability of clothes and kitchen wares.

Better tasting food and drink

Soft water is free of minerals and is considered better to use when cooking or making drinks. Soft water is a more effective solvent than hard water, which is most obvious when seeking how it interacts with cleaning agents. That also means it’s better to use in cooking because it can enhance the flavor. It’s also better when making drinks because of its solvent qualities.


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