ATS Recruitment Software: 6 Easy Ways to Boost the Candidate Experience


There’s no denying it – competition for top talent is back on, big time.

On the downside, top talent is having less than ideal hiring experiences, which puts many employers at risk of losing them, for good. However, leveraging an ATS recruitment software for your business will change the candidate experience ballgame altogether.

This popular buzzword will play a critical role in helping you attract and recruit the best talent for your company. The candidate experience is ultimately how candidates feel about their experience with your hiring process.

A good candidate experience will make candidates feel good about your company. A bad candidate experience will deter top talent straightaway. But an exceptional candidate experience built with ATS recruitment software will set you apart from the competition instantly.

6 Incredible Ways an ATS Enhances the Candidate Experience

Speed up the hiring process exponentially

The hiring process can be time-consuming, and rushing through it isn’t ideal. You want to ensure that every candidate you consider is the right fit for the role. However, taking too long can be a problem. In today’s candidate-driven market, candidates have the power to accept or decline offers quickly. They expect a process that takes no more than two weeks. If it goes beyond that, you risk losing their interest.

The solution is simple: leverage advanced ATS recruitment software with AI and automation. This software streamlines the hiring process, facilitates remote hiring, and automates tasks like contract signing, communication, interview scheduling, and background checks. It saves over 90% of your time by handling manual tasks, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters – the candidates.

Provide a mobile-first application experience

A shorter and mobile-friendly application process is essential for a positive candidate experience. Long and complex applications can deter candidates and make your company appear less user-friendly.


To address this, prioritize a mobile-friendly application process. An ATS recruitment software can assist with this by offering a streamlined, mobile-optimized application. Candidates can complete a short form with just a few fields, and they don’t need to re-enter their entire resume. This approach ensures that your application process is quick, intuitive, and smooth, reducing dropouts.

Give candidates the power to choose their interview time

Often, the hiring team dictates interview scheduling and communication, leaving candidates with limited input. This can make candidates feel powerless, waiting for updates for days or even weeks. ATS recruitment software changes this dynamic.


ATS recruitment software provides candidates with flexibility, trust, and control in the hiring process. Through self-scheduling features, candidates can choose interview times that suit them best, whether during their workday or after hours. They receive automated email confirmations for their chosen time slots.


This level of automation allows recruiters to quickly schedule interviews, receive live notifications, and send automatic reminders, streamlining the hiring process. It enhances the candidate experience, accommodates everyone’s convenience, and reduces interview no-shows. Say goodbye to the hassles of interview scheduling.

Seamlessly highlight and showcase your employer’s brand

Your employer brand is not just about culture, mission, and values; it’s the narrative that makes your company an attractive place to work. It communicates what top talent can expect from your organization. A clear and accessible employer brand is essential for a positive candidate experience. Candidates prefer to find all the necessary information in one place, on a branded career page.

ATS recruitment software simplifies the creation of a branded career page. This page offers candidates an inside look at your company, showcasing perks, open positions, team testimonials, office photos, and an engaging introduction video. You can create it in minutes with minimal coding expertise.

Your branded career page conveys your brand story, giving candidates more reasons to apply. When candidates have a clear understanding of what awaits them, they are more likely to perform well and stay with your company.

Create a bias-free and fair recruiting experience

Bias can creep into the recruitment process unintentionally, affecting the candidate experience, particularly when candidates perceive favoritism based on demographics. The use of AI-powered ATS recruitment software offers multiple strategies to mitigate these biases effectively:


  • Unbiased Communication: It fosters impartial communication with candidates.
  • Inclusive Job Descriptions: Helps create inclusive and fair job descriptions.
  • AI Talent Matching: Matches candidates based on skills and experience to job requirements, reducing biased decisions.


Moreover, the talent matching feature in many ATS systems provides an objective assessment, including a matching percentage and the option to rank candidates based on their suitability for a given role. This streamlined and equitable approach not only helps in identifying the right candidates efficiently but also significantly enhances candidate satisfaction and overall experience.

Keep communication frequent, clear, and consistent

One of the most crucial factors that shape a great candidate experience, is ongoing communication. Candidates don’t want to be left in the dark, hearing crickets. They want to always stay informed on their application status and position within the hiring process. So it takes you weeks to get back to candidates you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be negatively impacting the candidate experience.


This is where an ATS recruitment software makes communicating with candidates a refreshing breeze. For starters, it helps you send personalized and automated emails to candidates through every stage. Allowing you to get back to candidates promptly, whether you come bearing good or bad news.


Candidate experience is not just about the brief window from when a candidate comes in for an interview. Rather, it’s about every touchpoint the candidate has within the hiring process. Zoom out to see how your hiring process is affecting the candidate experience, but zoom in to see how candidates perceive your process too. 


An ATS recruitment software can seamlessly help you build an exceptional candidate experience through a fast hiring process, a mobile-friendly application process, ongoing communication, a bias-free recruiting process, more flexibility, and a stellar employer brand!


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