Euro Stars: 4 Surprisingly Amazing Travel Destinations In Europe

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Today’s travel piece is all about European holidays. More specifically, we will talk about some of the star places to travel to this year. However, there will be no mention of some of the mainstream destinations out there like Italy, Portugal, and France. Instead, we’ll focus on some of the hidden gems that are well worth visiting.

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In the past few years, Slovenia’s close neighbor Croatia has been making all the holiday headlines. People are flocking to Croatia to see the amazing clear blue sea and enjoy the lovely weather. But, little do these people know that they’re right next to one of Europe’s brightest hidden gems. Slovenia is a brilliant place to go if you want to avoid places with loads of tourists. It’s just as beautiful as Croatia and enjoys a warm climate in the summer. One place I’d recommend visiting is Bohinj, which includes a marvelous mountain range and stunning lake views.


Malta is a lovely little island that you should definitely travel to at some point. What’s more, it’s never been one of the biggest travel destinations in Europe. As such, there is so much to explore without being overrun by fellow tourists. The capital city, Valletta, is such a beauty to behold. The city is walled, and it looks like something out of a hit TV show. In fact, you probably will recognize parts of it from the hit TV show Game Of Thrones. It’s a picturesque country that has fine dining and is draped in so much culture and heritage too. It’s the perfect alternative to other popular destinations like Greece or Cyprus.
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Finland is a Nordic country that’s secretly becoming a very popular tourist destination. People used to travel there purely to see the Northern Lights or view the legendary Blue Lagoon. Tourism in this country tended to peak in winter and be quite poor throughout the rest of the year. Now, there are plenty of people going on Finland holidays at any time of the year. What’s made it so popular is the sublime scenery and natural wildlife. People love viewing the landscapes and amazing sunsets. Plus, there are loads of huge national parks for you to explore, making it a very popular destination for people wanting to be a bit active on their holiday.


Gibraltar is often looked at as a forgotten country. Most people just see it as an appendage to Spain, but it’s much more than that. It may be a small island, but it’s packed full of amazing things. There are loads of tasty restaurants and a surprisingly vibrant nightlife too. What’s more, you get to enjoy amazing weather during a very long Gibraltar summer. It’s great if you fancy traveling to Spain but want to go somewhere a little bit quieter and offering something slightly different.

There’s a high chance you never considered any of these countries for a holiday before reading this piece. Well, they all make surprisingly amazing European holiday destinations and are well worth traveling to.


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