Why Is Carl Azuz Gone Continues to Haunt Us Even After a Year

Why is Carl Azuz Gone

Since Carl Azuz left CNN Student News, headlines regarding him has been trending on social media platforms like Twitter. People are obsessed with the news anchor wanting to know why is Carl Azuz gone? What happened to him?

Carl Azuz is famous for being a package as he is a producer, writer, and reporter all in one. His work for CNN created a fan base as people liked Carl’s energetic anchoring.

After the anchor left, many assumptions and rumors started circulating. Rumors regarding his death began circulating as well. Due to this, lots of questions came to light. To debunk all of those, here is everything Carl Azuz fans should know.

Who is Carl Azuz?

To understand why people obsess over the question, “why did Carl Azuz leave CNN 10?” we need a little background check on him!

Carl Azuz was born in Atlanta, United States, on August 14, 1989. Even though he has American citizenship, he has Arab ethnicity.

He graduated from the University of Georgia with a Telecom Art Program degree. Carl started his career as a freelance reporter and producer for CNN. After a while, he received an opportunity to work at CNN Student News in 2006.

He also covered the news, from wars in Iraq to the most expensive Sundays worldwide. Carl interviewed high school students during his Fix Our Schools series for CNN, exploring the subjects and impacts of technology.

Apart from working as a presenter, he contributed to CNN Newsroom. While he focused on detailing stories, it also covered many subjects, including the US Debt ceiling, the history of the US, college tuition, Poster Services, the Atlanta public school cheating scandal, etc.

He participated in speaking events in different parts of the country. Carl previously worked as a writer and associate for CNN International.

Why is Carl Azuz gone from CNN 10?

The news of Carl leaving the show shocked people wondering what happened to the anchor.

On September 12, 2022, the news that Carl Azuz left came out.

In the official statement, CNN said they are grateful for the work Carl did and his dedication to CNN 10 and the organization. They thanked students, faculty, teachers, and viewers who were loyal to the programs.

As for the reason behind why is Carl Azuz was gone, it stated his personal choice.

CNN wished him the best of luck for his future.

Is Carl Azuz dead?

Different types of rumors circulated about the reason behind his sudden disappearance. Many rumors included kidnapping left fans worried. In addition, some reports suggested that he died due to some disease.

Other mentioned that he was fired from the show because Carl was being too liberal or conservative.

The rumors about his relationship with the show getting bad or that he was not happy with the network also trended. However, there was no official statement from the network or the man himself.

Carl Azuz death began trending September 16, 2022, and disturbed a lot of people. The rumor caught the attention and spread like wildfire.

Similar to many such rumors, this was also a fake one.

Carl is not dead, nor has the company or CNN shared such news. However, it was not the first time such news about him trended on social media.

Carl took his Twitter account and posted the news. He commented that people should check the resources before sharing such things. The beloved anchor is healthy and very much alive.

Where is Carl Azuz after he left CNN 10?

Despite his abrupt departure from the 10-minute show, there is no news about the whereabouts of Carl.

According to a BuzzFeed News article, after leaving CNN 10 for hosting more than a decade, he was replaced by Coy Wire.

Carl has been private about his personal and professional life. He refused to comment on his departure. But he did share a farewell video on his TikTok.

In 2023, Carl tweeted that he would be a part of a new student-oriented show. However, there have not been any details about his new hosting show. Later, it was revealed that he started his work as an anchor and producer for Atlanta’s CBS46 News.

Carl is a private person. He uses social media for sharing updates and sometimes interacts with his fans, but that’s it. There are no further updates regarding him.

What happened after Carl Azuz left CNN 10?

The news of Carl leaving the show with a new replacement shocked his loyal fans. Also, there was no news about him quitting the show in the first episode.

Instead of that, the show has a new host, Coy Wire, representing the news instead of Carl Azuz.

While some people praised the hosting of the new anchor, the rest were puzzled and curious about the reason behind the sudden change.

Coy Wire is known for being an NFL player and worked with CNN Sports. The response was mixed, but loyal fans of Carl showed their displeasure and demanded their anchor back on the show.

Unlike Carl, Coy didn’t do puns well, leading many people to unsubscribe and dislike.

Will Carl Azuz come back?

His fans are hoping that Carl might come back to his show. But it isn’t happening any time soon.

Carl shared a video on his TikTok account. The anchor thanked his loyal fans for all of their concerns.

Regarding his death news, he debunked it all by saying he is doing fine. Also, he announced there would be no chance for him to participate in CNN or his previous show.

He expressed gratitude towards the channel for giving him a platform and opportunity. Instead of returning to his duties as an anchor, Carl is more comfortable working with new opportunities and growing at his own pace.

Final thoughts

The question of why is Carl Azuz gone is still keeps people curious. But it’s safe to move on as the anchor himself does not wish to tell us the real reason.

Being an anchor for CNN 10 for a decade, Carl made himself a prominent name. His fans are loyal to him and excited to see their beloved anchor again.


1. How old is Carl Azuz?

CNN 10 Former anchor Carl Azuz is 34 years old.

2. Why was Carl Azuz replaced in CNN 10?

Carl Azuz didn’t share much information, nor did the network state anything. It was a personal decision to leave. Coy Wire hosts the show now.

3. When did Carl Azuz officially resign from the show?

Carl Azuz took his TikTok on September 19, 2002, sharing the news about his resigning from the show. He also thanked his fans for supporting him so far.

4. What happened after Carl Azuz left?

Azuz remains employed in the organization and contributes to the CNN newsroom, but he will no longer be an anchor for his 10-minute show.

5. Where did Carl Azuz work?

After leaving CNN 10, he worked on different shows, including TFCN ( Teen Fact-Checking Network) at MediaWise.


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