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Furniture serves crucial functions in a home, providing comfortable conditions for relaxation and adding an aesthetic touch. Additionally, it’s important to arrange a room in a way that preserves free space. This is one of the main challenges owners of one-bedroom apartments and studios face in modern interior design.

Murphy Bed NYC offers a comprehensive range of services for selling practical and appealing options that make even the most modest space feel more spacious and brighter. The brand presents many furniture types, materials, and designs that will pique your interest.

What Does Murphy Bed NYC Produce?

Simplicity and minimalism are trends in the design world. But how can you create a modern interior in a small apartment or room? It’s simple – with the help of unique transformable furniture.

The online store of Murphy Bed NYC features a collection of products with the following lineup:

  • Horizontal wall bed: a straightforward construction that goes unnoticed when folded and can free up several square meters in a small room. The installation of a wall bed can be done horizontally or vertically. The cost depends on the transformer’s configuration. A budget-friendly option is the classic fold-down bed with special straps to secure the mattress and bedding, while a model with decorative shelves and cabinets will be more expensive.
  • Bed in wall with a writing desk: a 3-in-1 structure consisting of a wall unit/cabinet, a fold-down desk, and a bed. When folded, it’s a desk attached to the cabinet, and when unfolded, it becomes a comfortable sleeping area.
  • Murphy bed with a sofa: an ideal choice for owners of one-bedroom apartments. Transformable furniture becomes an excellent solution in spaces where the living room doubles as a bedroom. This 3-in-1 transformer is suitable for individuals, families, or guests. The company offers a wide variety of color options to match any interior.
  • Transformable table: compact and functional furniture that saves space in an apartment or office. When folded, it doesn’t take up much space and is convenient for daily use. The table can transform from a small coffee table to a large dining or work table in seconds. The Murphy Bed NYC online store features transformable tables with adjustable length, width, and even height.

Advantages of Transformable Furniture from Murphy Bed NYC

Murphy beds NYC – unique furniture that boasts the following valuable qualities:

  • Ease of use: The folding/unfolding feature takes only a few seconds and can be managed by even children.
  • Reliability and durability: Hardware and lifting mechanisms are made from extremely durable metal.
  • Eco-friendliness: All components, auxiliary materials, and coatings are safe for human health.

Transformable furniture is gaining popularity rapidly. However, acquiring it from a regular store isn’t as straightforward. It’s much easier to decide on the model and color and order on

Still have questions? Ask the company’s manager and get ready to make space for new and modern furniture.


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