Is Pretty Woman on Netflix for Streaming

Is Pretty Woman on Netflix

The most anticipated movie, Pretty Woman, is not currently available on Netflix in any country.

Pretty Woman is a classic romantic comedy that captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. The movie has long been a favorite for those seeking a heartwarming and humorous love story.

However, the movie was released in 1990 in the theatres. The star of this movie is Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward, a vibrant and charismatic woman who forms an unlikely connection with Richard Gere’s Edward Lewis, a wealthy businessman.

As Pretty Woman continues to resonate with new generations of viewers, many often wonder if they can indulge in this iconic love story on popular streaming platforms like Netflix.

In this article, we will explore whether “Pretty Woman” is available for streaming on Netflix and alternative options for enjoying this beloved film.

Plot Overview

“Pretty Woman” unfolds as a modern-day fairy tale set against the backdrop of the bustling city of Los Angeles. The story follows two vastly different individuals whose lives intersect unexpectedly, leading to a transformative journey of self-discovery and love.

Is Pretty Woman on Netflix

The film introduces us to Edward Lewis (Richard Gere), a wealthy and successful businessman who finds himself lost and needing directions while on a business trip to Los Angeles. He crosses paths with Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts), a vibrant and street-smart woman who earns a living as a prostitute on Hollywood Boulevard. Despite their contrasting backgrounds, the two form an unlikely connection when Vivian offers to guide Edward to his destination.

However, as their unconventional relationship deepens, Edward proposes an unusual arrangement. He hires Vivian to accompany him for a week as his companion at various social events. What begins as a transactional arrangement gradually evolves into something much more profound. Vivian’s genuine and unfiltered personality starts to chip away at Edward’s reserved exterior, while Edward’s kindness and generosity open Vivian’s eyes to a world beyond her previous experiences.

Availability of Pretty Woman on Netflix

As of 2023, Netflix does not offer Pretty Woman as part of its streaming library. For those hoping to relive the iconic romance of “Pretty Woman” through the convenience of Netflix, the film is not currently available for streaming on the platform.

However, the absence of “Pretty Woman” from Netflix doesn’t mean film enthusiasts are left without options. Various alternative platforms and methods exist for watching this beloved romantic comedy, ensuring that fans can still experience the magic of Vivian and Edward’s journey.

Alternative Streaming Services to Watch Pretty Woman

There are several alternative streaming platforms where you can dive into the heartwarming love story of Vivian and Edward. Whether you’re a fan of digital rentals or permanent purchases, these platforms offer you a ticket to relive the magic of this timeless classic:

Disney Plus

Disney Plus has become a cornerstone in the streaming world, known for hosting an array of beloved movies and TV shows from the Disney universe. Also, Pretty Woman is available on Disney Plus in their catalog.

Disney’s extensive reach will just surprise you, and “Pretty Woman” is part of their collection. However, Disney Plus could become your gateway to the romantic escapades of Vivian and Edward.

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is the streaming service by NBCUniversal. This platform offers various content, including movies and TV shows from multiple genres.

Is Pretty Woman on Netflix

Although Pretty Woman is available on Peacock TV in their library. The variety of genres and titles available on Peacock TV could lead you to the unexpected delight of experiencing the romantic escapades of Vivian and Edward once more.


Tubi is a notable player in ad-supported streaming services, providing a plethora of free movies and TV shows to audiences. Although Pretty Woman is a part of their collection for viewers to enjoy without any cost.

However, Tubi doesn’t always feature the most recent releases; its selection of classic movies might include the heartwarming story of Vivian and Edward.

Amazon Video

Amazon Video is a powerhouse in the streaming arena, offering an extensive collection of movies and TV shows for rental or purchase. However, Pretty Woman will always find a spot in their lineup, allowing you to indulge in the romance at your convenience.

With the flexibility to watch on various devices, Amazon Video provides a viable avenue to experience the magic of this classic romantic comedy.

Apple TV

Apple TV isn’t just a device; it’s a gateway to a world of entertainment. With the ability to rent or buy movies directly from the Apple TV app, you will discover “Pretty Woman” awaiting you in its curated selection.

Apple’s ecosystem seamlessly connects your devices, ensuring you can watch the film on your preferred screen.


Apple’s iTunes store’s longstanding reputation as a digital content hub remains unwavering. If you are searching for “Pretty Woman” to watch, there is a best option. iTunes is the platform where you find it available for rental or purchase. The ease of use and cross-device compatibility make iTunes an appealing choice for those who wish to own or rent their cinematic favorites.

Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies & TV offers a versatile digital movie rental and purchase platform. If you’re in the mood for some 1990s romance, “Pretty Woman” is just a few clicks away. Explore their extensive catalog and enjoy the film on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Microsoft Store

For those who favor Microsoft’s ecosystem, the Microsoft Store provides an avenue for renting or buying digital movies, including potentially “Pretty Woman.”

This platform caters to Windows users and those using Xbox consoles, ensuring a diverse range of viewing options.


YouTube isn’t just a platform for funny cat videos; it’s also a destination for movie rentals. If “Pretty Woman” isn’t on your Netflix queue, it might be on the YouTube rental shelf. Discover the film among YouTube’s offerings and enjoy it on various devices, from your TV to your laptop.

Rakuten TV

Rakuten TV stands as a formidable contender in the streaming landscape. This platform boasts an array of movies available for rental or purchase. As you peruse its catalog, you will find “Pretty Woman” in their catalog. This platform will allow you to indulge in a captivating romance with just a few clicks.

However, you can rent or purchase this movie on Rakuten TV at your convenience.

Sky Store

If you’re a Sky customer or simply exploring streaming options, Sky Store provides a platform for movie rentals and purchases. However, you can watch Pretty Woman on Sky Store. This platform allows you to experience the story on your terms.

FAQs on Is Pretty Woman on Netflix

Where can I watch “Pretty Woman” online if it’s not on Netflix?

While “Pretty Woman” might not be on Netflix, you can consider alternative streaming services such as Amazon Video, Apple TV, Google Play Movies, Microsoft Store, YouTube, Rakuten TV, and Sky Store. These platforms often offer the movie for rental or purchase, allowing you to enjoy it on various devices.

Can I rent or buy “Pretty Woman” on Amazon Prime Video?

Yes, “Pretty Woman” might be available for rental or purchase on Amazon Prime Video. The availability of the film can vary based on your region and the licensing agreements in place.

Is “Pretty Woman” available for purchase on iTunes?

You can check the Apple TV app or iTunes Store to see if “Pretty Woman” is available. Apple TV often provides a platform for users to buy and watch movies digitally.

Can I stream “Pretty Woman” on Google Play Movies?

Yes, “Pretty Woman” might be available for rental or purchase on Google Play Movies & TV. Explore the platform’s catalog to determine if the movie is part of their offerings.


Pretty Woman weaves a tale of love, transformation, and the power of human connection. Through its engaging plot, the film explores themes of self-discovery, societal expectations, and love’s ability to bridge insurmountable gaps.

The enduring appeal of “Pretty Woman” lies in its ability to capture the hearts of audiences with its genuine emotions, delightful humor, and the timeless message that love can bloom in the unlikeliest circumstances.


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