6 Tips to Maintain Your Diecast Model Cars Collection!


Do you love collecting diecast model cars and already have ample miniatures of your choice? If yes, you would have to understand the care and maintenance tips to keep them last for a long time. After all, these cars are supposed to showcase your interest and passion for collecting them.

Moreover, the same cleaning tips can be applied to corgi toys if you have them in your collection. With the right upkeep tips, you can maintain a clean and shiny appearance in your diecast model care collection.

Let’s discuss the six essential tips that’ll help maintain your collection and keep them new as before.

Regular Dusting

Keeping miniature models clean, especially diecast cars, is challenging because dust can accumulate all over them. Although this is the most common problem, it is easy to solve. By dusting daily, you can keep dust particles away from every corner of these models. To do this, use a microfiber cloth and wipe it gently. You can also add lukewarm water to your regular dusting process for thorough cleaning.

Keep Them Out Of Direct Sunlight

Direct exposure to sunlight causes the colour of the diecast model and F1 model cars to fade over time; therefore, you are advised not to keep your car collection at a place where direct sunlight can reach. Also, you should ensure they are kept inside without exposure to direct heat or light. Be sure not to place it near windows or in a location that receives direct sunlight.

Proper Storage

If you like to show off your diecast car collection, ensure it is a display case with a good structure. Otherwise, they should be stored in a plastic or glass box, which will help them last for years, eliminating the need to keep them dust-free. Alternatively, wrap them in protective material, such as foam padding or bubble wrap.

Regular Inspection

Inspecting diecast collectables regularly is good for keeping them on display for an extended period. With frequent inspection, you can detect any tarnish or dust beforehand. Besides taking initial steps, you are recommended to opt for a detailing car maintenance kit that includes components like cleaning solutions, applicators, and wax. Applying wax on high-end models like F1 model cars remains in fantastic condition over the years.

Choose the Right Cleaning Tools & Materials

This is the essential tip that most collectable enthusiasts avoid. Having the right cleaning equipment ensures that diecast toys will be cleaned according to their needs. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners or washing with water, as this will wear away and turn the plastic into lumps. So, before getting into the cleaning process, make sure to select the cleaning product.


Cleaning, maintaining, and displaying diecast collectables is as much a matter of personal taste as selecting cars to show. By following the above steps, you keep your diecast in like-new condition and enable you to continue to enjoy your collection.


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