Top 7 Famous People From Ohio With Net Worth

Famous People From Ohio

Ohio, the Buckeye State, is a treasure island of history, Midwest magic, and breathtaking natural beauties. Ohio had already sent 8 POTUS (President of The US) to the White House! But the state is not only limited by mushrooming presidents for the country. Famous people from Ohio include a massive list of talented individuals. From celebrated Hollywood actors and legendary astronauts to iconic basketball players and Nobel Prize-winning authors, Ohio made them all!

Even Ohio’s link to “Oppenheimer” by connecting the dots surprises many! The celebrity pilot Paul Tibbets who carried the first nuclear bomb for Trinity Test, belonged to central Ohio. Settled in the northeast of the Midwest, Ohio is the breeding ground of many genii.

What is Ohio famous for?

‘Mother of Presidents,’ Ohio has a long history of producing eight US presidents. Some popular name includes William Henry Harrison, James A. Garfield, B Harrison, William McKinley, and many more. You will get Oscar winner to Nobel winner personalities here.

The popular Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright, invented the world’s first airplane in Dayton, Ohio. National Air and Space Museum, which is located in Dayton, Ohio.

The state has a rich history of soccer and basketball. Like professional football teams, Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA) and the Cleveland Browns (NFL) belonged to Ohio. It is also the origin of some famous regional foods like buckeyes.

If you are a nature lover, Ohio’s landscape will not disappoint you. The popular Cuyahoga Valley National Park is here. Moreover, Ohio is the hub of the traditional Amish community. Tourists can make a glimpse of traditional Amish life.

Well, this is just a generic introduction to familiarize you will Ohio. Wait till you find out about some of the incredible people who gifted their talent to the US and become world famous.

The list below gives you a brief idea about how great minds come out from Ohio.

Famous people from Ohio

Here, take a look at famous people from Ohio from various fields and unearth some secrets about them:

Steven Spielberg (Director)

Famous People From Ohio

The Hollywood magician Steven Spielberg is unstoppable. From the classic Jurassic Park (1993) to The Fabelmans (2023), the year is just a number for Spielberg’s cinematic legacy.

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, the 76-year-old is known for his cinematic bombs, resonating with the world since 1975. He ruled the silver screen with iconic masterpieces like Saving Private Ryan, War Horse, and West Side Story like movies.

The critically successful filmmaker is one of the founding fathers of new-age Hollywood. The list of his highest-grossing films makes him a billionaire!

Yes, the wealthiest filmmaker owns an amount of $3.7 billion! So, he is the richest one among the famous people from Ohio.

NameSteven Speilberg
ProfessionFilm Director
Net Worth$3.7 billion
Birth PlaceCincinnati, Ohio
ResidenceCalifornia, US
Annual Income$150 million
DOBDecember 18, 1946

Lebron James (Basketball player)

Famous People From Ohio

LeBron James, the basketball genius born in Akron, Ohio, achieved attention from his high school days. With a 19-time NBA All-Star selection record, James also has a record for an Olympic Gold medal — two times!

LeBron is synonymous with eminence in the basketball world. Over the years, ‘King James’ shattered many records and achieved many trophies. According to Forbes, the 39-year-old sports star became a billionaire in 2022 as his net worth was nearly $1 billion back then. And the LeBron James net worth 2023 states that he has achieved so!

The billionaire also achieved a brand name as a champion of philanthropy. In 2018, he joined Los Angeles Lakers. Apart from his regular income, he is a fashion icon and owns a popular shoe brand.

NBA’s one of the richest athletes started his journey with Cleveland Cavaliers. Now he is the third highest-paying player in the NBA. He is considered one of the most famous people from Akron Ohio.

NameLeBron James
DOBDecember 30, 1984
ParentsGloria Marie James (mother) Anthony McClelland (father)
Birth PlaceAkron, Ohio
Height206 cm
Weight250 lbs
WifeSavannah James
Net worth$1 billion
ProfessionBasketball player, Athlete, Business

Andrea Bowen (Actress)

When looking for famous people from Columbus Ohio, Andrea is on top of the list suggested by netizens. Born in 1990 in Columbus, the gorgeous girl Andrea had a passion for the silver screen since she was only six years old.

She grabbed the audience’s and industry’s attention during her first debut in 2000. The 33-year-old made her $3 million with many successful films, including A Mother’s Nightmare (2008), and The Wrong Man (2015).

The talented actress entertains the audiences in both Theatres and TV. Andrea is famous for effortlessly portraying her character with full of complex emotions.

Off-screen, Andrea has been a great patron of charitable work despite limited income sources. We hope beyond the typical “Desperate Housewives,” Andrea Bowen’s talent will be reflected in various other challenging roles.

NameAndrea Brown
DOBMarch 4, 1990
ProfessionActress, TV star
Birth placeColumbus, Ohio
Net worth$3 million
Height173 cm
Weight116 lbs

 Cris Collinsworth (Sports Broadcaster)

cris collinsworth

Cris Collinsworth, a renowned sports broadcaster, can proudly join the club of famous people from Dayton Ohio. The popular voice behind the Saturday Night Football commentary, Cris Collinsworth, is a brand!

The celebrity commentator has been serving the football world from behind the screen for almost four decades. The CBS commentator also played for Cincinnati Bengals between 1981 to 1988.

The Kentucky resident enjoys a hefty amount of $25 million, earned from his 40 years of dedication to football.

NFL’s former wide receiver is estimated to sign a contract with NBC with $12.5 million annually. The star performer of NBC’s “Sunday Night Football has raised his earnings 3x times.

It is a significant jump from his previous $4 million annual contract. The genius broadcaster is rumored to continue dialog with Amazon Prime. However, there is no confirmation from an authentic source.

NameCris Collinsworth
DOBJanuary 27, 1959
ProfessionPlayer turned Broadcaster
Net worth$25 million
Annual Income$12.5 million)
Partner/WifeHolly Bankemper
BirthplaceDayton, Ohio
Current cityKentucky, US

Katie Holmes (Actress)

Among the famous people from Toledo Ohio, Katie Holmes is always in the top five.

Dawson’s Creek’s popular Joey Potter is now 44 years old, and the 90s Joey is never getting old. According to some media reports, she earned $30,000 per episode, and when the series was at its top gear, Katie earned nearly $ 1,75,000 per episode.

The American actress is yet another among the famous people from Ohio. Despite being a popular actress in TV series, Katie made her notable presence in movies such as Batman Begins and Pieces of April.

The celebrated figure is always flexible for small-scale roles to big-budget movies. The gorgeous actress has another brand name as Tom Cruise’s former wife. They spent almost six years before splitting. In addition, she is a popular fascine and runs a successful business as a fashion designer.

Katie Holmes net worth 2023 recently touched $25 million, surpassing some Oscar-winning actresses. The brilliant performer of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ Katie was considered the sexiest woman by FHM magazine’s UK and US editions.

NameKatie Holmes
DOBDecember 18, 1978
Net worth$25 million
Birth placeToledo, Ohio
RelationshipTom Cruise ( ex-husband), Joshua Jackson, 6Bobby Wooten III, Emilio Vitolo Jr, Chris Klein
Height175 cm

Kid Cudi (Hip hop singer/Rapper)

Famous People From Ohio

Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, stage name Kid Cudi, the brilliant actor and comedian, is another prominent name on the list of famous people from Cleveland Ohio.

The multi-talented American singer, songwriter, and rapper also debuted in the comedy world. The American rapper started his first debut in 2008 with ‘A Kid Named Cudi.’

His next album ‘Man on the Moon: The End of Day’ appeared with introspective lyrics. Kid’s creative themes target enigma, self-discovery, and identity crisis to resonate with the heart of millions. The creative rapper also appeared in some movies, including Goodbye World and Need for Speed.

Kid Cudi’s $18 million net worth comes from various sources in the entertainment world. His TV shows like One Tree Hill and The Cleveland Show equally received warm welcomes from his fans.

NameKid Cudi (Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi)
DOBJanuary 30, 1984
Birth PlaceCleveland, Ohio, United States
Net Worth$18 million
ProfessionAmerican rapper, actor and comedian
Height180 cm
Weight163 lbs

John Legend (Singer/songwriter)

Famous People From Ohio

John Roger Stephens hailed from Springfield, Ohio, is a legendary singer cum songwriter.

In the mid-2000s, he released his debut album ‘ Get Lifted.’ Besides his soulful voice, the solo artist is also popular for his stunning and soulful piano skills.

John’s smooth voice, coupled with heart-touching lyrics, quickly caught the rap world’s attention. Throughout his successful career, he released some popular albums like Once Again, Evolver, and Love in the Future. John’s ‘All of Me’ made a top place on Billboard Hot 100.

Undoubtedly, he earns an insane amount of money that is $75 million, but from multiple sources by branding his talent. Legend justifies his name and grabs 12 Grammy, 3 American Music Awards, 1 Oscar (Academy Award), and 1 Golden Globe Award.

John is the first black man to enter the prestigious club of EGOTs (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony).

NameJohn Legend
DOBDecember 28, 1978
ProfessionSinger, Keyboardist
BirthplaceSpringfield, Ohio
Net worth$75 million
Height175 cm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is the most famous person from Ohio?

Neil Armstrong, the first astronaut to land in the moon was from Ohio. Out of all of eminent personalities, Armstrong’s name is hoisted up high when considering famous people from Ohio.

2. Who is 1 famous person from Ohio?

The list of iconic Ohioans has no end. It depends on people who have interests in literacy, science, politics, or movie. It is a challenging task to declare a prominent person as number one. Celebrating some famous people from Ohio depends on your subject of interest.

According to popularity, some evergreen famous people from Ohio are Neil Armstrong, Thomas Edison, and Spielberg. Their service to the audience surpassed the US-Canada border and spread wings globally. However, among eight presidents from Ohio, William McKinley was the most famous in his era.

3. Which famous people are born in Ohio?

Ohio has been the glorious birthplace of famous individuals from different fields. Some popular faces of Ohio include:

  • Neil Armstrong (Astronaut) – The first one to walk on the moon
  • Thomas Edison (Scientist) – The inventor of the electric light bulb
  • Toni Morrison (Author) – A Nobel Prize-winning author renowned for her literary works
  • Steven Spielberg (Director) – A renowned filmmaker who won Oscar thrice and had 22 nominations
  • William McKinley (former President) – He was in power between 1897 and 1901 until assassined

4. Are there any famous people from Ohio?

Yes, Ohio has a bunch of Oscar, Nobel, and Grammy winners. They have had record-breaking achievements in their field. Some prominent names include Neil Armstrong, Thomas Edison, Steven Speilberg, John Legend, and many more. The list includes billionaires also. Moreover, the states supplied eight eligible Presidents for the US to serve its people.

Final Thoughts

Historically, like Thomas Edison, Neil Armstrong, to Paul Tibbets, the Midwestern state has had full of diversified talents. The talent-producing tradition continues now with Spielberg or John Legend-like living icons. Ohioans can always feel proud of their iconic athletes, soccer players, astronauts, singers, actresses, and many more.

Ohio is a surprising land for all of these if you are a soccer-obsessed, movie-nerd, or politics-geek person. The Buckeye State has a wide range of genius people. Hollywood, science, literacy, bravery, and politics, the country has been graced by Ohionas for 200 years. We hope the state will continue its century-old legacy to produce the best human talents for serving humanity.


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