How Tall Is DDOT While Being at the Height of Career Success?

While at the Height of Professional Success but How Tall Is DDOT?

If you have been seeing the young rapper, Sugarhill DDOT, storm on your social media feed, you might think he is short. But it reality he is just a teenager with years left for growth spurts. Now you are wondering how tall is DDOT or how a teenager can be that famous. To quench your thirst, I have all the answers ready. Keep reading as you surprise yourself with all the deets about DDOT.

DDOT Sugarhill is an American rapper and hip-hop recording artist from Harlem Sugar Hill, New York. He is just 15 years old, but breaking all the records of success. He is known for his chartbusters like, I wanna love you, Evil Twins pt2, Real Facts, Stop Cappin, and more.

Sugarhill DDOT height is 4 feet 9 inches tall right now, but his professional success is by no means short. This 15-year-old kid is taller than most of his likes in terms of fame, success, and money.

He is consistently riding the path of success. His fans are eager to know every detail about him. If you happen to be one, you have landed on the right page. Here, we will tell you everything about your favorite artist.

Keep scrolling if you want to know how tall is Sugarhill DDOT, his weight, age, date of birth, and more.

Stage NameSugarhill DDOT
Real NameDarrian Jimenez
Date of BirthMarch 8, 2008
Zodiac SignPisces
Age15 years
BirthplaceHarlem Sugar Hill, New York
Weight48 kg
Height4 feet 9 inches

Who is DDOT Sugarhill?

As stated above, DDOT Sugarhill is a 15-year-old music artist. He is a rapper and hip-hopper who is loved by one and all. Although he has many famous songs to his credit, “I Wanna Love You”, “Real Facts”, and “Stop Cappin” are his most popular records.

He has a YouTube channel where he releases music videos for his fans to relish. His music video “I Wanna Love You” sent YouTube into a frenzy. It became an instant hit with more than 6.2 million views.

Apart from YouTube, he also has a strong presence on Instagram. He has around 587k followers on this social media platform.

DDOT started his career when kids go to school. His passion and love for his craft have put him in the same league as veterans. He is often compared to big names by his fans.

Musical Career

DDOT released his debut single, DOAK, on November 12, 2021. He was only 13 years old back then. It has around 105k views on YouTube.

Some of his famous tracks include Too Tact, Everybody Shot, Evil Twins, Warzone, G.O.M.D, No Remorse, Reality, I Wanna Love You, Reality, and Move In.

He has also collaborated with many famous artists in the musical circuit, including Star Bella, Lowky Mali, Elias Beats, and Notti Osama.

Big production houses like CPD Films, Check The Footage, BigApeTV, JMP Productions, and Klo Vizionz have shot his music videos.

Notti Osama and DDOT Sugarhill

DDOT Sugarhill was great friends with Notti Osama. They even collaborated on a music video. When the news of the death of Notti Osama shook the nation, it took an even greater toll on DDOT.

A close friend of DDOT, 14-year-old Notti Osama, whose full name was Ethan Reyes, was also an emerging singer. He was stabbed to death at 3 O’clock at the 137th Street-City College rail stop in Manhattan.

While at the Height of Professional Success but How Tall Is DDOT?

The news sent a wave of shock across his family and fans. This incident left DDOT truly devastated. His Instagram and Twitter bios are a testimony to it, which read,

“Lost Notti, Lost Myself”.

The artist also pays tribute to Edot Baby, his fellow drill artist, who died at the age of 17. LongLiveKingEdot reads his Instagram and Twitter Bio. His Twitter bio also says,

“Everything I do from now on is for my loved ones.”

DDOT Sugarhill’s rising social presence

DDOT Sugarhill is quite active on social media. He also interacts with his fans through his social media accounts. Sugarhill gives a sneak peek into his life through his pictures and videos. He has around 587k followers on Instagram and 13.3k followers on Twitter. He has 314k subscribers on YouTube.

Till now, he has uploaded 19 videos on his YouTube channel that have altogether garnered 40,935,552 views. Although all his videos are loved by his fans, “I wanna love you” is his most famous track. It was produced by Elias Beats and shot by Klo Vizionz. The video alone has 6.2 million views.

But his video Sugarhillddot X Notti Osama – EVIL TWINS PT2 has 7.5 million views. It tops the charts for all the right reasons!

Here are the details about his social media handles:

  • Instagram: @sugarhilllddot
  • Twitter: @Sugarhilllddot
  • YouTube: @sugarhilllddot

Body Measurements of DDOT Sugarhill

DDOT Sugarhill is only 15 years old, and naturally, his body measurements are constantly changing. So, the answer to how tall is DDOT might change from time to time. So, you must keep a tab on it.

As of 2023, we have the latest details about DDOT’s body measurements for you. DDOT Sugarhill is 4 feet 9 inches tall (and still growing). He weighs 48 kg (and still gaining).

Facts about DDOT Sugarhill

  • DDOT has a massive fan following, which is evident by the fact that his videos have been streamed over 40 million times on his YouTube channel
  • He was featured on the site named No Jumper
  • He was good friends with his fellow rapper, Notti Osama. He even posted a tribute to him after his untimely death.
  • DDOT was also good friends with Edot Baby, who died at the age of 17
  • The rapper has a husky voice at 15, which is much unlike other boys going through adolescence
  • DDOT got support from his grandmother who used to give him money to support his early days in music
  • Edot asked DDOT to take music seriously which made him focus more seriously

DDOT Sugarhill controversy

The young lad does not seem to have a good relationship with his mother. Apparently, Sugarhill’s mom took to Instagram live to share about his son’s sex life. She tried to explain that they had a great bond by sharing explicit details about her son’s personal life.

The mother said that she had walked into a room when his son was taking a girl’s virginity. While she tried to make it seem cool on the internet, it was absolutely inappropriate,

DDOT is still a minor and talking about such activities online put his life and reputation to risk. Soon, DDOT took to Twitter to share that he disowned his mother and that she was trying to use him for clout.

Why should you follow DDOT?

Sugarhill DDOT is an upcoming star who has already beat us in our game at social media and content creation. This little powerhouse is one of the faces young rappers look up to. DDOT is only 15, but he acts like he is 25.

With years of experience in music, DDOT never stops polishing his skills and making better music. Young rappers are growing in the American rap community, and people like Sugarhill make this happen.

If you are someone who wishes to start their own music channel, it is your chance to showcase talent. YouTube has giving such creators opportunities like no other platform. You should definitely follow DDOT to know about his journey.

DDOT has faced hardships in life. He lost his friends and does not have a healthy relationship with his mother. But these obstacles never made way to disrupt his success.

Most people in their 20s and 30s cannot deal with such losses in life. But DDOT has held his head high throughout such circumstances. There is a lot we can learn for DDOT, and keeping a straight face through interviews definitely tops the list!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is Sugarhill DDOT?

Sugarhill DDOT is a teen American rapper and hip-hopper.

2. How old is Sugarhill DDOT?

Sugarhill DDOT is 15 years old.

3. What is Sugarhill DDOT’s real name?

Sugarhill DDOT’s real name is Darrian Jimenez.

4. Where was DDOT Sugarhill born?

DDOT Sugarhill was born in Harlem Sugar Hill, New York.

5. Why is Sugarhill DDOT Famous?

Sugarhill DDOT is famous for his songs like “I wanna love you”, “Evil Twins pt2”, “Real Facts” ,“Stop Cappin”, and many more.

6. How tall is Sugarhill DDOT?

Sugarhill DDOT is 4 feet 9 inches tall.

7. What is Sugarhill DDOT’s weight?

Sugarhill DDOT weighs 48 kg.

8. Are Sugarhill DDOT and Notti Osama related?

Sugarhill DDOT and Notti Osama were good friends. They even collaborated on a music video. Sugarhill DDOT had posted a tribute to Notti Osama after his demise.

9. How tall is DDOT Osama?

DDOT Sugarhill is 4 feet 9 inches tall. On the other hand, the height of Notti Osama is not known.

Final thoughts

DDOT Sugarhill is yet to reach 6 feet, but his achievements in the world of music are already soaring high. He has many chartbusters to his credit and is making more music. He is passionate about music and understands his craft more than anyone. The hard-hitting raps of his songs, in conjunction with acoustics, create an altogether different vibe.

His deep friendship and connection with his deceased friends lend an emotional flair to his work. 15-year-old DDOT Sugarhill has already achieved many milestones. We hope to hear more from him.


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