Martina Navratilova Net Worth, Early Life, Career [2023]

Martina Navratilova Net Worth

Martina Navratilova is a famous tennis player who has made a sizeable net worth. Navratilova has had a very successful career, and her skill and hard work have helped her earn much money. She has made much money by winning tournaments, getting good sponsors, and starting her own business. In this article, we’ll dig into Martina Navratilova’s financial success story, looking at the events and achievements that led to her fantastic financial standing.

Martina Navratilova Net Worth

Martina Navratilova has a net worth of about $25 million as of June 2023. She won $20 million in events, which, when adjusted for inflation, is about $33 million in today’s money. She also got paid a lot of money for advertising.

Early Life

Martina Navratilova was born in Prague, which was then part of Czechoslovakia. When she was three, her parents broke up, and her mother moved the family to Revnice, where she was good at gymnastics, tennis, and skiing. Martina’s mother married Miroslav Navratil in 1962, and he became her first tennis teacher. Martina took her stepfather’s last name and changed her name to Martina Navratilova. Mirek, her father, taught people how to ski.

Martina Navratilova Net Worth

Martina’s mother gave her a younger sister named Jana and an older half-brother. Agnes Semanska, her grandma, was also a tennis player for the Czechoslovak Federation. Before World War II, she was one of the best Czech women at tennis.

Martina hit a tennis ball against a concrete wall when she was four. When she was seven, she started playing tennis daily. She won the Czechoslovakia national tennis championship when she was 15 years old in 1972. The following year, when she was 16, she joined the professional tour of the US Lawn Tennis Association. Still, she didn’t become a pro until 1975. Even though she is best known for her unique skills on fast grass courts, her early success at significant events came on the red clay of the French Open, where she made the final six times. She reached the quarterfinals in 1973, but Evonne Goolagong beat her with a score of 6-7, 4-6. The following year, she made it to the quarterfinals again, but Helga Masthoff beat her this time.


Martina won her first singles victory in 1974 in Orlando, Florida. Next year, she finished second in the Australian and French Opens. She left Communist Czechoslovakia for the US in 1975. Her green card allowed her to live and work in the US. 1981 marked her US citizenship.

Martina started doubles well. She and top player Chris Evert won the 1975 French Open women’s doubles championship. They won Wimbledon in 1976. She defeated Chris Evert at Wimbledon in 1978. Martina became WTA number one. She won Wimbledon again in 1979. Evert won the WTA championships two years later. Martina began training with basketball player Nancy Lieberman to improve her skill and mindset.

Martina won her third central singles championship at the 1981 Australian Open, defeating Evert. She won Wimbledon and French Open the following year. Lieberman trained Martina to become the top female player in the sport. She lost the French Open but won three majors in 1983. Martina won the most singles matches since 1968, with six losses throughout 1982, 1983, and 1984. She defeated Chris Evert 13 times in a row, dominating women’s tennis in the early and mid-1980s.

Martina Navratilova’s Career Continues

Martina played Evert well in the 1985 French Open. It’s considered one of the most remarkable women’s matches. Evert defeated Martina after years of losing. Maritna was still best on grass, challenging, and indoor courts.

At sixteen, Steffi Graf, a talented German player, challenged Martina in the 1980s. Graf dominated the late 1980s, although Martina played well and was placed second.

Martina Navratilova Net Worth

1990 was Martina’s final Grand Slam singles title. She retired soon after. The 2000 International Tennis Hall of Fame inducted her. She resumed tennis in 2000. Martina played singles sometimes but doubles. She and Leander Paes won the Australian Open and Wimbledon in mixed doubles, becoming the oldest major champion.

Martina is undefeated. She has 167 top-level singles and 177 doubles championships. She still maintains several tennis records; most think she was the greatest.

Personal Life

Martina gave an interview to the New York Daily News in 1981, not long after she became a US citizen. In the interview, she talked about being gay and having a relationship with the American feminist writer Rita Mae Brown. Even though she asked that the conversation not be released until she was ready to come out, the newspaper did it anyway.

Martina dated Judy Nelson from 1984 until 1991 despite the fact that she was married with two kids. Nelson sued Martina for money when they split up, and they settled.

Martina got engaged to Julia Lemigova at the US Open in 2014. They got married in 2014.

Since she stopped playing tennis, Martina has worked hard for the rights of gay people, animals, and children who don’t have much.

Martina was treated for breast cancer in the year 2010. But in January 2023, she told everyone she had been told she had two types of cancer. She had throat and breast cancer. At the 2022 WTA Finals, she noticed a larger lymph node. Tests revealed stage one throat carcinoma. A new breast cancer lump was identified after more examinations.

Martina was treated for both kinds of cancer and recently said she is no longer sick. She has been very open about her cancer experience. She has used it to spread the word about how important it is to get screened for cancer and find it early.

Martina’s official Instagram account is updated with new photos and videos. She also has a Twitter account that talks about sports and promotes issues she cares about.

Real Estate

Martina Navratilova let her fans stay at her Miami Beach home in 2015, but they had to pay $7,900 monthly. Martina rented out her house and became a landlord. Even though the price is high, the home is worth it.

This beautiful home has four bedrooms, a large open-concept living area, a backyard pool, and easy beach access. From the beach, you can also see Biscayne Bay.


Martina is used to living in Florida because she sold a $2.5 million home in Nokomis. This house was 3,966 square feet, had four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and beautiful views of Sarasota Bay. It was correct on Florida’s western border.

There was also a hot pool, a personal yard, and a private dock with two boat lift at the Nokomis home. They have also linked Martina to a house in Carbondale, Colorado, which is not one of these.


How long did Martina Navratilova play tennis for a living?

Martina Navratilova played tennis for over 30 years, from 1975 to 2006.

Is Martina Navratilova one of the highest-paid tennis players?

People consider Martina Navratilova one of the world’s richest tennis players.

How much did Martina Navratilova make from endorsements?

During her tennis career, Martina Navratilova made much money from sponsorship deals.


Martina Navratilova net worth shows how much she has done in tennis and other areas. She possesses a lot of money due to her skills. Works hard and makes good business choices. Martina’s financial success shows how hard and talented she works. It comes from her wins on the court, rich deals, and business projects. Her story inspires others because it shows that you can make a lot of money if you work hard and don’t give up. Martina Navratilova’s fortune shows what hard work and determination may achieve.


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