Ms. Rachel Net Worth, Bio, Career, Relationships, and More

Mrs.Rachel Net Worth, Bio, Career, Relationships, and More

Want to take a ride through YouTuber Rachel’s jaw-dropping assets, income, and lifestyle? Hold your coffee! Brace yourself for a mind-blowing journey into Ms. Rachel net worth and other up-close and personal details about her.

The YoutTube star and TikTok influencer Rachel Griffin-Accurso, or Miss Rachel, has been netizens’ favorite for the last few years.

According to reports, Miss Rachel net worth is of $10.5 million. All of this is because kids love this YouTube teacher who is adding value to their growing years.

The US-based YouTuber cum singer started her online journey in 2019 with her life partner Aron Accurso. In addition, the pandemic appeared as a blessing for them because the internet got more attention during the lockdown period.

NameMiss Rachel (Rachel Griffin-Accurso)
ProfessionYouTuber, Creator, Music Teacher, and Educator
Height5 feet 6 inches
Birth PlaceCalifornia
EducationMasters in Music
DOBNovember 8, 1980
Years active2019 - present (4 years running)
SpouseAron Accurso
ParentsMary Griffin, John Accurso
YouTube channelMs Rachel - Toddler Learning Videos
Subscriber4.67 million
Instagram Account@msrachelforlittles
Favorite foodBurger and Chicken soup

Why you should follow Ms. Rachel?

There are plenty of reasons why Toddler Learning Videos grew by leaps and bounds across the past four years.

While Miss Rachel, our favorite preschool teacher, is talented at what she does, her viewership grew exponentially for value.

In today’s time, most people do not have the luxury of not working. Since both parents have full-time jobs and cannot be around their growing kids, they either choose day care or nanny services.

The process paves the path for hindrance in education that requires an effective way to replenish the loss. In such times, creators like Ms Rachel acts as a superwoman and saves the day.

The lady took her preschool teaching experience and put it online for the world to see. She did not limit her expertise to her school children only, but took a plunge to educate every child who has internet access.

Today almost 5 million subscribers watch her online to educate their growing kids about things they should learn.

Miss Rachel puts up interactive videos that have beautiful color schemes to attract children. She has videos on topics like:

  • Baby’s first words
  • Nursey rhymes
  • Farm animals
  • Baby songs
  • Halloween

When parents make their growing children watch such videos, they learn from these and improve their listening and imitating skills. Children start learning about animals, and recognize colors, patterns, objects, and more. Ms. Rachel not only helps toddlers grow but also assists parents to improve the education process of small kids.

Ms. Rachel Net Worth

For obvious reasons, millions of followers want to know about her lifestyle, income, and family. The internet’s favorite educator, Miss Rachel’s journey from a preschool teacher to a multi-millionaire was not easy. As per various reports, Ms. Rachel net worth is 10.5 million USD as of 2023, but it took her a lot of time to achieve this.

Before the life of social media, she started her journey as a preschool teacher in NYC. Apart from Toddler Learning Videos, the California girl — Miss Rachel, has multiple sources of income. She is also a celebrated songwriter and social media personality.

Popular media houses like The Washington Post and New York Times covered her inspirational journey. As per experts, she is making a good fortune from YouTube — an insane amount of $50,000 for her videos on a regular basis.

Ms. Rachel net worth is not combined with that of her husband’s net worth. Reports suggest she doesn’t want to reveal fixed assets like a house, car, and other belongings.

Ms. Rachel net worth 2023$10.5 million
Ms. Rachel net worth 2022$10 million
Ms. Rachel net worth 2021$8 million
Ms. Rachel net worth 2020$6.5 million
Ms.Rachel net worth 2019$5.5 million

Childhood and Early Life

Undoubtedly her passion for music and love for toddlers landed her in NYC preschool as a music teacher. The same vibes make her a popular educator for toddlers on YouTube.

The girl next door from California became a social media sensation all because of YouTube!

Miss Rachel pursued her bachelor’s degree at Harvard College. After that, she achieved her master’s degree in Music from New York.

She was born and brought up in a vibrant and open-minded family. Miss Rachel had an amazing childhood with her two brothers, Joseph and John — her all-time crime partners!

There isn’t much info about her parents, but she sure learned a lot of values to teach students across the world today.

Today, she has a son named Thomas and he is 4 years old. We can assume that the lady is bringing her child up in the best possible way as she doing so for thousands of kids all over the globe.


From the 5-and-under audience to would-be parents — Miss Rachel stormed the kid’s world, including their family. If you find your kiddo, pet, and their mom watch ‘Songs for Littles,’ it’s all about the magic of Miss Rachel. She may not have graduated from Hogwarts School, but she sure does leave her magic on kids.

Ms. Rachel net worth today exhibits the glimpses of her hard work from the 0 to 4 million YouTube club. It was not a cakewalk as it went through a lot of competition.

She first joined as a music teacher in NYC. But eventually, toddlers’ favorite Miss Rachel became a lyricist. Later she also worked as a TV show host. Her vivid appeal and vibrant presentation skyrocketed her career graph.

She joined the vlogging industry in 2019 — just before the pandemic. It was her passion to entertain the smallest audiences on the internet. Later she monetized her passion as a profession with her life partner, Aron Accurso. And it worked!

Her presentation skill, unique content, and entrepreneurial mind helped her to get the internet’s attention within a few months.


Ms. Rachel net worth and monthly income only from YouTube are enough to have a flamboyant lifestyle in NYC. As a public figure, Miss Rachel maintains a moderate lifestyle. But she has an extremely beautiful sense of fashion, food, and investment. She follows a healthy lifestyle and insists others do so. The taste of sudden popularity can’t push her for a freaking lifestyle.

As per her associates, Miss Rachel doesn’t want to make any show-offs or believe in a lavish lifestyle. It’s possible the educator’s mindset makes her more mature about the internet’s fame.


There is a saying fame comes with two costs — personal life and controversy. So, Miss Rachel can’t alienate herself from this. Apparently, it is tough to discover her controversy because as an online educator, she keeps away from issues like this.

In 2023, she revealed that hateful comments in TikTok fueled her mental health issue. A section of netizens (conservative parents) grilled her over the video with co-start Jules. It was the first time Miss Rachel faced such backlash.

Some viewers are upset not about Jules’s entry but the ‘turned off’ comment section on YouTube. Experts opine she is doing it to avoid negative comments, but users blame her for the side of communication in Web 2.

Fortunately, the controversy has no direct relation to her video content. In addition, some internet portals called her a ‘baddie’ after her photo leaked in TikTok.

You can say fans love it, but it might not be appropriate for kids! Miss Rachel never wants to create controversy to get views or attention. Her dedication to teaching is of utmost importance.

Mrs.Rachel Net Worth, Bio, Career, Relationships, and More

Miss Rachel on social media

It’s obvious that a YouTube sensation has a remarkable presence on social media. She used social media as a sales funnel and for promotional purposes. After all, it became a major income source for the educator. In other words, these media channels are increasing the value of Ms. Rachel net worth. Check out her profiles from the list below:

YouTubeMs Rachel — Toddler Learning Videos
FacebookMs Rachel at Songs for Littles

Personal Life

Miss Rachel is a complete family woman. Her college-time boyfriend turned her husband is Aron Accurso. The educator admits his dedication and support behind this growth. Also, she is the proud mother of a four-year-old boy — Thomas.

The Californian lady’s father, Mr. John Accurso, was a businessman. Her mother’s name is Mary Griffin. Ms. Rachel has two brothers also, as we mentioned earlier. The browned eye educator always stresses maintaining a strong family bond.

Income streams

Ms. Rachel net worth touched the $ 10 million milestone, not only with YouTube revenues. Her other sources of income are:

  • Loyalty for songs and some books for children
  • Promote various products to audiences
  • Selling products with affiliate links

Awards and achievements

She is in the always in news for good reasons! Media giants like ABC News and CBS News featured her story, and also controversy.

The YouTube kid’s star made her way to New York Post and Daily Mail. She achieved some awards beyond a physical memento. Her continuous effort and strong content inspired millions of kids’ teachers and parents across the planet.

Creator of Toddler Learning Videos and Songs for Little received all button awards from YouTube. In such a short span of time, she also received YouTube creators awards from some business entities.

Mrs.Rachel Net Worth, Bio, Career, Relationships, and More

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How old is Miss Rachel from YouTube?

Miss Rachel was born in 1980 in California, USA. Currently, she is 43 years old.

2. How does Miss Rachel make her money?

Miss Rachel is YouTube’s darling teacher for kids. She earns from YouTube ads and sponsored product videos. The internet is a goldmine for top creators like Miss Rachel. She also joined TikTok with innovative and engaging kid content.

3. What did Miss Rachel do before YouTube?

Miss Rachel was a Music degree holder from New York University. Following her passion, she joined a preschool as a music teacher. In addition, at that time, she was also a brilliant songwriter and hosted some TV shows as well. Now she teaches millions of toddlers across the world.

4. Why is Miss Rachel so popular?

‘Songs for Littles’ creator Miss Rachel is famous for quality content and incredible presentation. Engaging under five kids in an educational video is not a piece of cake. She has been passionate about it to stick little audiences since her pre-school days. It is not everybody’s cup of tea, and this gap makes her an internet sensation.

5. What is Miss Rachel’s YouTube real name?

The name of the YouTube channel is Ms. Rachel – Toddler Learning Videos.

6. Is Ms. Rachel married?

Mrs. Rachel Griffin Accurso is married to music director and composer Aron Accurso. Both of them are alums of New York University. Even her YouTube channel is the result of the inspiration of her husband. In interviews, Ms. Rachel termed Accurso as the flag bearer of her channel.

7. How much money does Miss Rachel get?

Ms Rachel makes $50,000 per month. So in 2023, following the same trend, it could touch $6 million. However, she can earn more if she increases sponsored content volume.

Final thoughts

YouTube sensation Ms. Rachel aka Rachel Griffin Accurso, has become an addiction to kids and their parents. Even expecting parents join the audience club.

Without age barriers, people are obsessed with her quality content, just like the evergreen Tom & Jerry show. Moreover, her entertainment world is almost without major controversies.

Undoubtedly Ms Rachel net worth is growing day by day, adding long-term value to society. We hope her next videos will also maintain the same quality, and vibes of entertainment.

After all, a good teacher is like a candle to light young minds — in this case, baby minds!


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