New York Times Best Sellers 2022

New York Times Best Sellers 2022


If you are a reader and a lover of books, then you will know that, like everything else in the world, there are good and bad books. The New York Times best sellers 2022 will help you get an idea of the books that are worth your time. In this whole world, thousands of books are produced every day. Most of them are related to fiction. Some are related to the general life adventures and nonfiction categories. Not all of them are worth your time.

Now you might be wondering how in this jungle of books how you can find the one that truly is marvelous and stands true to your expectations. The answer is simple. The only thing that you have to do is go through the reputed sources offering the details regarding the best books. These sources analyze the different aspects, including the popularity of the books among the public to their cost ratio. Thus at the end gives us the names of the books.

New York Times Bestsellers

New York Times is one of the world’s biggest publication platforms. The books are read worldwide, which is why the platform is renowned by the reader of all categories. Now you would like to know more about the best sellers. So let us tell you that every now and then, the platform generates a list of the books as bestselling ones that will surely take the readers off their feet.

The categories

The major categories

Although the lists are available on the internet. But even you will find these lists to be quite crowded. Therefore you should apply the filters regarding your desired category and get the results. Similarly, if we look at the information offered by the platforms, then there are two different categories that you will encounter frequently

  • Hardcover Fiction
  • Hardcover nonfiction

Other Categories

There are several other categories. Below we have mentioned them too:

  • Paperback fiction
  • Paperback non-fiction
  • Audiobook fiction
  • Audiobook non-fiction

The history of the best sellers

Are you aware that the tradition of publishing best sellers by the New York Times can be dated back to 1931? Surely you have no idea in this regard, but it is true. In fact, the list is shared weekly. This is why every writer wants to see his work’s name in that list, but it is not as easy as it seems. There is a price for everything. In this case, hard work is your currency.

New York Times Bestsellers 2022 list

Now let us take you through your desired content, where you can actually learn about the names of the books that have made a name for themselves this year. Thus go through the list below and let us know about your remarks:

  • The Light We Carry
  • I’m Glad My Mom Died
  • Friends Lovers And The Big Terrible Thing
  • So Help Me God
  • Surrender
  • Comedians In Car Getting Coffee Book
  • And There Was Light
  • The Revolutionary
  • The Song Of The Cell
  • Cinema Speculation

An overview of the above-mentioned best sellers

Although above, we have mentioned the names of the best sellers of 2022. But the names are not enough to get an idea. In fact, a little bit of insight might be good. Therefore, if we go through the available information, we will learn that the readers’ interest is only peaked if they have a little bit of knowledge about the plot. So below we have given a few details regarding every name mentioned above:

1.     The light we carry

This is the perfect work from the pen of Michelle Obama, the former first lady of the USA and the wife of former president Barack Obama. The book revolves around personal stories and how to cope with drastic circumstances.

2.     I’m glad my Mom died

Jennette McCurdy surely has a writing talent. In this book, she has described the eating disorders she has long suffered from. Also, the writer had a complex relationship with her mother, which is explained in this book.

3.     Friends, Lovers, and the Big terrible thing

Chandler Bing is the name of the character of Matthew Perry, whom we all know from the famous season Friends. This book revolves around the stories of his childhood times and a little bit of information regarding the troubles he has with sobriety.

4.     So help me, God

Mike Pence, the author of this book, is none other than the former vice president of the USA during the Trump regime. He describes the time that he has spent in the administration and Oval Office. A lot of the book is about the insurrection of Jan 6.

5.     Surrender

This can be categorized as the autobiography of the famous singer Bono who happened to be the lead singer of a famous Irish rock band titled U2. In this book, he gives an account of his life.

6.     Comedians in the car getting coffee book

Jerry Seinfeld is a name that everyone knows by heart. He authored this book. This book is based on behind-the-camera stories about the art of comedy.

7.     And there was light

Jon Meacham, whose biographic works were recognized by the Pulitzer Prize, has authored this biography of the late US president Abraham Lincoln.

8.     The revolutionary

Samuel Adams, an excellent biographer, has put his efforts into bringing forward the details regarding the American revolution in this book.

9.     The song of the cell

The cells in the body are the basic building units. Their discovery and application in the medical sector are authored in this book by Siddhartha Mukherjee.

10. Cinema speculation

Quentin Tarantino, who is a famous filmmaker, is sharing the love that he feels for the cinema industry. Special attention is paid to the films of the 1970s.

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New York Times Best Sellers 2022 are much more than the names mentioned in this article. These names are only there to give you an idea of the different standards of bestselling books that you must look up to.


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