The Art Of Furniture Cleaning: Complete Manual For All Type Of Furnishing


Making a homely and pleasant environment requires keeping the furniture clean and well-maintained. Our furniture serves both aesthetic and practical needs in our homes. Every piece of furniture, from comfortable sofas and tasteful dining tables to solid bookcases, and opulent beds, needs frequent cleaning. 

General Guide To Cleaning And Maintaining Furniture

  • For cleaning, use a soft brush to remove any loose dust from the furniture surface.
  • For any cleaning procedures, consult the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • To ensure that cleaning solutions do not cause harm or discoloration, test them in an unnoticeable area.
  • Apply the cleaner by using a soft cloth. Use a dry cloth to remove any moisture.
  • Any stains should be treated immediately using a solution of water and mild detergent. Gently blot the discoloration with a clean cloth and avoid excessive scrubbing.
  • Clean decorative elements with a soft-bristled toothbrush to reach the difficult areas.
  • Maintain your furniture regularly to extend its life and keep it looking its best. Consider using furniture polish or wax according to the material’s unique specifications.

Specific Considerations For Cleaning Every Type Of Furnishing

This manual by the best Interior Designers in Dubai gives you the skill and information needed to maintain the finest appearance of your furniture, whether it is made of wood, fabric, leather, or metal.

Wooden Furniture

  • Use a brush to clean any loose dust from furniture. Look for cleaning guidelines in the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Before using any product, test them in a hidden location to make sure they won’t harm the surface.
  • Use dish wash soap for routine cleaning. Working with a soft cloth, apply the cleaner while following the grain of the wood.
  • Don’t use too much moisture. With a fresh, dry cloth, remove any extra wetness.
  • White vinegar and water mixed in equal amounts can be used to remove stubborn stains. Apply the solution, then use a soft cloth to scrub it gently. Any stain should be removed with a clean, moist towel.
  • Consider applying furniture polish or wax on the wooden surface to restore shine and keep it protected.

Upholstered Furniture

  • Use a brush attachment to remove dust, pet hair, and dirt from the furniture
  • Test any cleaning solutions in a hidden area to ensure they do not cause damage.
  • Stains should be removed promptly. Blot the stain gently with a clean cloth to absorb as much liquid as possible. Rubbing will spread the stain.
  • Depending on the fabric, use an appropriate upholstery cleaning. Apply the cleaner to the stained area according to the product directions. Scrub gently with a gentle brush.
  • To eliminate any remains, rinse the area with clean water and blot with a clean cloth.
  • Completely dry the furniture before using it. To hasten the drying process, use a fan or open the windows.
  • Cushions should be rotated on a regular basis to retain their form and prevent uneven wear.

Leather Furniture

  • To eliminate dirt and pet hair from the surface of the furniture, use a brush attachment.
  • Any products should be tested in the concealed area to ensure that they do not cause discoloration.
  • Use a leather cleaner on a regular basis. Using a soft cloth, gently wipe the surface while applying the cleaner. Keep the area dry.
  • To get rid of any soap, rinse the cloth in clean water and reapply it to the furniture.
  • Use a fresh towel to dry the furniture to avoid moisture stains.
  • To keep the leather soft, supple, and shielded from drying out or cracking, use a leather conditioner or protector. Observe the product’s usage directions carefully.

Metal Furniture

  • With a soft cloth, clean the furniture to get rid of any dust or loose dirt.
  • Check the care tags on the furniture for any specific cleaning guidelines.
  • Use a mild cleaner for the particular type of metal for routine cleaning. Wipe the surface after applying the cleaner on a soft cloth, paying special attention to any unclean areas.
  • Wipe the furniture once more to get rid of any residue after rinsing the cloth in freshwater.
  • With a clean, dry cloth, completely dry the surface to avoid rust or water stains.
  • To protect the metal and bring back its lusture, spread a thin coating of wax or metal polish over it.

Glass Or Mirrored Furniture

  • Wipe down the furniture with a gentle cloth to remove any loose particles or dust.
  • For routine cleaning, use a glass cleaner or a solution of water and vinegar. Spray the solution over the surface and wipe it clean with a lint-free cloth.
  • For persistent stains or fingerprints, gently scrape the affected area with a microfiber cloth slightly saturated with glass cleaner. Wipe away any leftovers with a clean, dry towel.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners or anything that may scratch the glass or mirrored surface.
  • If desired, polish the glass or mirror with a streak-free glass cleaner.

Intricate Or Hard-To-Reach Areas

  • For cleaning nooks and small places or decorative accents that are challenging to reach with a cloth, use a soft-bristled toothbrush or a cotton swab.
  • Use a mild cleaner appropriate for the particular type of furniture to dampen a toothbrush or cotton swab before gently cleaning the area.
  • With a fresh cloth, remove any residue or extra moisture.


Maintaining the durability and beauty of furniture requires regular cleaning. You can keep your pieces in beautiful shape by using the proper cleaning techniques for each type of furniture. Always begin by properly cleaning and eliminating any surface debris. Spot cleaning and vacuuming are essential for upholstered furniture, while occasional waxing and light polishing are beneficial for wood furniture. For leather furniture to stay supple and avoid cracking, constant conditioning is necessary. A solution of water and mild detergent should be plenty for cleaning glass and metal furnishings. You can confidently clean and maintain any sort of furniture in your home using these instructions.


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