How to Protect Your Yard From Pests Year-Round


Your yard can be a place for all kinds of activities. It can be a playground for your children where they can do everything from play sports to climb swing sets. It can be a social hub, where you can have barbecues and invite neighbors over to watch sporting events. Sadly, it can be a place for pests, like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, all of whom can either literally irritate you or carry disease that can affect you and your family. While you can search for “pest control near me,” there are some things you can do to safeguard your yard from this terrible trio:

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The main thing you need to do is make sure that you don’t have any standing water anywhere near your house. This means anything from puddles to buckets to plant saucers. Empty all of those out. Mosquitoes love laying their eggs in those … and then their larvae will grow into mosquitoes.

Another thing you can do is plant things that naturally repel mosquitoes. These things include lavender, basil, and even catnip, which will keep mosquitoes away. You’ll have a yard that smells great, not like bug spray.


These are nasty little things that like to burrow into your skin … and can pass along things like Lyme disease. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do. The first thing is to clear any tall grass or brush from your yard. Ticks love hanging out on those. Then you can set up a three-foot wide barrier and put wood chips in those – have the barrier be near things like playsets. Mow your lawn often, keep wood stacked in a dry area to deter rodents that carry ticks.

Always be vigilant, though. Check yourself and your family members for ticks each time you come into the house … this includes your furry family members. It’s always best to be cautious.


These things are the bane of all household pets. They make them scratch all the time, and they can also jump and bite humans. On top of that, they can carry diseases. So, it’s important to keep them outside, where they can’t bother you. Just like with ticks, you can regularly mow your lawn, rake your leaves, and keep from overwatering things. If you take your dog to a dog run, you can use insecticide to get rid of fleas.

You can also get flea and tick collars from your vet or order them online. This is a great way to keep fleas off your pet. Then both of you can be a lot more comfortable, happy, and healthy.

If you do find any of these in your home, the best thing you can do is clean it, close any windows to keep any others from getting in, and run your air conditioner to do things like slowing down mosquitoes. Always get a pet check-up if you notice that they are acting strange after being bit by anything. The same goes for you if you feel any symptoms of Lyme Disease.

All of those methods can be effective, but you may need professional outdoor pest control. There’s nothing wrong with having a professional finish off the job that you started. Then you, your family, and friends can all go back to safely enjoy your yard at all times.


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