Summer Tips for Contact Lens Wearers


Summer season increases the chances of direct contact with the harmful UV rays of the sun. An increase in pollution is also a significant cause of eye infections, dryness, and many other allergies. This can be inconvenient for people wearing contact lenses. This is why we should use some precautions to avoid these issues. Here are some tips discussed in this article for contact lens wearers. 

Here are some tips for eye care in the summer:

1. Keep your Lenses Dry

Summer months are synonymous with outdoor activities like swimming, boating, etc. So keep your lenses dry by avoiding wearing them at the pool or beach. You can also use swimming goggles to prevent eye infections that can be caused due to different bacteria and microbes in the water. These microbes can be harmful and cause eye irritation and allergies.

 2. Wearing Sunglasses

The eyes are one of the most sensitive sense organs, so to protect them from UV rays and pollution, we can use glasses to avoid sun exposure and dust particles. We can use sunglasses that give UV protection to the eyes.

3. Disposable Contact Lenses can be a Better Option

Disposable contact lenses can be a good option. Changing lenses daily can be a solution for people suffering from dryness and other chronic allergies. Disposable contact lenses can maintain a level of hygiene and also stop leading to bacterial infections. Moreover, they are an affordable option for disinfecting the eyes. If you are looking for a lens option without a prescription, contactlenses4us can be a good option. 

4. Use Eye Drops to Avoid Irritation

To avoid irritation and dryness in the eyes, one should keep their lenses hydrated. Frequent use of eye drops helps to maintain clear vision and also gives comfort to the eyes. Use the eye drop with the prescription from your healthcare provider.

5. Give a Break to Your Eyes

To avoid blurry vision, give your eyes a break to recover. Switching to Eyeglasses is one of the best solutions to avoid an infection that can be more common for lens users. Wearing lenses for more than 16 hours is harmful to the eyes as it can change the pattern of working of an eye cell. So, you need to give rest to your eyes by removing lenses. 

6. Make Sure to Remove your Lenses While Sleeping

Inserting a piece of plastic can cause an infection and irritate the eyes. It can also cause corneal infection, an infection in the cornea. Removing your lenses while sleeping is good for hygiene and decreases microbial infection risk. It also gives a rest to your eyes and gives them time to breathe. 


These tips help you have healthy eyesight; Use disposable lenses and eye drops to keep your eyes healthy. If you still feel issues with your vision, visit an Ophthalmologist for regular checkups as he can give a better cure for eyes. Don’t ignore any issue related to your eyes.  


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