Real Talk on Asiavibe: Connecting with Authentic People on a Chat Platform


Have you ever thought about how you can use the internet not only for your personal development, but also to communicate with friends, family and work colleagues? Thanks to various chat platforms, millions of people around the world can easily get in touch with each other, see each other across long distances via video conferencing, and even hold meetings via video conferencing. But that’s not all.

Asiavibe has shown that you can improve some aspects of your personal qualities if you put emphasis on developing your character and qualities in addition to the social component.

For this Asiavibe has compiled the following 5 crucial qualities:

1. Be Responsive

How do you feel when a friend or co-worker is slow to respond or doesn’t respond at all during an important conversation? There’s probably no thumbs up for this attitude. In general, it’s undesirable to remain inactive online during an important conversation. It destroys the atmosphere of a casual conversation and could ultimately go horribly wrong. In a more serious chat, such as with a colleague, this wouldn’t go over well. Now do you understand how important it’s to respond, especially when two people are involved in the conversation?

Remember that on Asiavibe you’ll encounter a variety of people who want to chat online. However, your attitude and responsiveness can determine how well your face-to-face conversations with these people go.

This trait applies offline as well as online. People don’t like to be overlooked. They want an equal response and want their opinion to be heard. Slow responses or frequent deflection while you’re being addressed are the two things that scream disrespect the loudest. If you’ve learned the importance of being responsive online, you’ll find it easy to respond to people when you actually meet them.

2. Integrity

Liars and thieves have a hard time in society. They all have the same flaw, which is a lack of honesty. Low self-esteem and the fact that you place little value on who you’re and what you stand for are the main causes of lack of integrity. Integrity shows outsiders your best self and makes a good first impression. Since society would perish without integrity, we maintain our world with integrity. Since integrity is the foundation of the real world, the online world shouldn’t be exempt from it, perhaps because a large portion of the online audience still lives in the physical world.

It’s important that your integrity is never compromised online. At Asiavibe, there is zero tolerance for liars or scammers who use the site to deceive others with fake people, profile pictures, bios, etc. Therefore, it’s important that you improve yourself and stop pretending to be someone you aren’t online in the hope that you’ll not be discovered.

Give people a glimpse of the real you so they can decide whether or not they want to be your online friends. Over time, you’ll understand that the authentic you has a lot to offer others both offline and online, so it should be based on honesty.

3. Positivity

Wherever they’re, confident people are in charge. Being confident means being at peace with yourself and getting the respect you deserve. Be aware that it’s not the same as selfishness. Your self-confidence affects the kind of people you attract.

Have you ever thought about the personality of your online friends? Do you realize that how you interact with these people depends in large part on how confident you present yourself? If you get the respect you deserve, you won’t have to deal with people who don’t see you for who you’re.

Because Asiavibe promotes friendships between people who have some things in common, it can bring together friends who have similar likes and interests. You’ll meet more people who share your interests if your bio exudes confidence and the posts you interact with also display that quality. This trait is beneficial to everyone. Observe how people who are confident accomplish tasks with ease and have no trouble exceeding their goals. This is an important trait that you can develop online and apply offline.

4. Courtesy

Most people believe that people who didn’t get enough affection as children or experienced severe trauma may stay that way forever because charity starts at home. We should know that at every stage of life there is always a place for growth and personal development. It takes self-control to focus on the good aspects of life and not on the things that might negatively affect your mood. Be intentional about how you develop into a gentleman or a polite woman. If you had a difficult upbringing, it’ll take work, but it’s not impossible.

Being polite can open up opportunities you never thought possible. It’s important that you know how to use manners like “Sir,” “Thanks,” and “Friendly” when talking to someone online. You risk losing an important contract if you make just one linguistic mistake. Don’t behave this way.

5. Compassion

Being empathetic means that you’re aware of other people’s feelings and are able to say the right thing at the right moment. This is further evidence of your emotional intelligence. It shows how you can interact with many people on different levels without stepping on anyone’s toes. You made a conscious decision to pay attention to tone, the way you convey your message, and other details. Without asking, you can assume that the person you’re talking to is either behaving unusually or acting like themselves.

You may notice that an interlocutor on Asiavibe, who often uses multiple emoticons in your online interactions, suddenly uses only one or none at all. This is where it’s important for you to be attentive and considerate, and ask what went wrong. You can’t just blow off the discussion and move on as if nothing happened when someone confides in you something that upsets him or her.

The timing of your communication and the way you participate in the recovery should show your compassion for your friend. Professionals, especially those who work in hospitals and deal with many patients offline, need to have this knowledge. If you have cultivated this empathy, it won’t be difficult to show it to those you see every day.

How often do you show any of these qualities when you talk to someone? Do you have trouble getting along with your Asiavibe chat friend because you lack some of these traits? We hope this post has clarified for you some traits you can work on online to get more respect from others. Be sure to show these traits in your Asiavibe conversations with your friends this week; they’ll appreciate it!




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