Tips On Exuding Confident Communication At All Times From Livebeam


There’s a thin line between confidence and cockiness, a thin line that people cross back and forth without knowing. LIvebeam has always pushed for authenticity, the social networking platform has built an online community where people freely express themselves without false filters. Due to this, there is a high level of confidence exuding from the platform.

The concept of confident communication is essential, but also very specific. Although confidence is a single unchanging phenomenon, it is specific to situations and to the audience. What we mean is that the way you would exude confidence among your peers may be different from how you can when presenting to a big officer like the president. Confidence is needed in both scenarios but to varying extents.

Today, we will be taking a quick dive into confident communication at different levels, as well as the necessary implementations of Livebeam at these different levels. When you’re done, you can be fit enough to sell water to a fish, if you know what we mean.

Confident Communication at the Workplace

This is one of the most popular places where people try to speak with confidence. At work, you want to be treated with respect and so you want to speak and respond the right way so as to be seen as deserving of the respect. This is an intentional effort that starts all the way from the job search.

As a person looking for employment, be it online on suitable platforms like Upwork and LinkedIn, or physically at job interviews, you want to exude an appropriate level of confidence in order to get the job. The secret of confidence during job applications and interviews is to show how useful you can be to the company. The main aim is to show them:

  1. What they lack
  2. What you offer
  3. How important you could be to them
  4. The likely results if hired

Remember to use action words that won’t be seen as arrogant and overstepping. Use words like “intend” and “ensure”, and keep it brief. Here’s a simple example to answer the question “Where do you see the company in 2 years”, you can say something like “With my level of experience, if hired, I intend to drive the sales up and bring in a diverse range of new customers. With the assistance of other workers, we can be making four times the current profit”.

Even after being hired, you need confidence to maintain a good status at the office. Ensure that you speak with your peers and subordinates with command but also compassion. Also ensure that your bosses are shown the utmost respect, but are made aware of the level of knowledge you have, no matter how intimidating it may be to them.

Confident Communication With Friends

New friendships are made and maintained on Livebeam. Just like in the real world, you need to give yourself a good standing among your friends and confident communication may sort that out. You want your friends to know you are sophisticated but not pompous, knowledgeable but not boastful, and confident but not proud. However, this requires intentional efforts.

Online friends are probably the hardest. You do not get to see them and the part of your world that they see are the ones you permit them. Keeping up with friends is easier on Livebeam, you can share images, detailed messages, and have genuine conversations about your current life .

Understanding friends are needed also in order not to be misinterpreted when exuding confidence. This is another reason why Livebeam would be suggested as your go-to social media platform. The community-structured nature of the site creates an avenue for everyone to listen to the other person and understand where they are coming from. A true friend is patient enough to hear you out before making judgments or remarks.

Confident Communication With Strangers

If friends are likely to misinterpret your confidence, imagine how difficult it can be to keep things steady for strangers. Especially strangers that you want to become friends with. Livebeam links people with similar interests together to promote conversations that are easy to maintain. When such chats are derived, it is important to show that you know what youre talking about. You are both certain that you have this common interest, so let them know your level of interest, knowledge, or participation in whatever it is.

Right off the bat you need to let a stranger know that you are a confident person. You don’t say it directly but you do it with your actions. Take off the shy feelings and step into their DM’s, greet them cheerfully, introduce yourself, and request their introduction as well. The confidence may be shocking but it can be admired. If you are doing this in a place like Livebeam you are much safer as most users are so welcoming and engaging on the site.

In order to stay confident, the topics have to favor you. You need to sway the conversations toward topics that you have a stronghold and can say a lot about. The confidence can only really exude if you know what you are talking about. Your chat buddy could feel like you know so much about everything and can be unaware of how well you have steered the conversation in your favor.

Confident Communication in the Public

Now here’s the final test. Orators take courses and months of training to be as good as they are at addressing a crowd but you don’t need that, all you need is to be able to show the crowd a part of you. In addressing a crowd or any public gathering, be it online or offline, you have to consider that there are different types of people and different thresholds for the confidence-cockiness paradox.

The communication that might be delivered in public requires certain traits that must not be left out:

  1. Emotional intelligence
  2. Respect
  3. Inclusiveness
  4. Learning to think before you speak

The confidence exuded in public comes with humility. This humility helps to dilute any misinterpreted feelings and keeps all emotions balanced. With much practice and effort, you can be speaking like a pro in no time.


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