How to Encourage Children to Spend Time Away from Gadgets?


At times, parents are so busy that they prefer handing over tablets or mobile phones to their children to keep them occupied. Excessive screen time doesn’t only affect your children’s eyesight but also hinders them from experiencing the “real” world and creating a stronger bond with their family.

There are a plethora of healthy ways you can implement to unplug your children from screens and encourage physical activities, like buying them an enjoyable hoverboard Go-Kart attachment. Such easy innovations can bring them lots of joyful moments outside and even improve their health.

In this article, we share some practical tips that will motivate your kids to spend time away from gadgets.

1.    Set an Example

How can you expect your children to get rid of their electronic devices if you are yourself glued to them round the clock? Children follow what they see, not what they are told. After all, actions speak louder than words!

Therefore, you should set a great example for your kids and unplug and get outside or engage in other activities or hobbies that you find entertaining and great for your overall well-being. Even better, you all can spend a fun family time together.

2.    Get Them Involved In House Chores

Teaching house chores and handing over some small responsibilities to your kids will help them get off of their electronic devices, learn to be responsible, and even learn to get better at house chores.

You will need to be patient with them and be as understanding as possible. You can get them involved in house chores they enjoy the most, like dusting, washing dishes, folding laundry, sweeping, gardening, and washing the car.

3.    Come Up With an Outdoor Bucket List

Sit down with your children and make an outdoor bucket list together. You can even ask each of your kids to write down what activities they want to do on a piece of paper, and you can make them all sit down together and discuss those activities one by one before creating a bucket list.

This is a surefire way to get your children off their electronic devices and make them super excited to check off activities from the bucket list. Some of the activities may include fishing, picking berries, stargazing, camping, building sandcastles, and flying a kite.

4.    Encourage Hobbies

If you notice your children have a great potential for a hobby, and they seem quite interested too, you should encourage them by enrolling them in professional classes or helping them buy relevant resources to practice better.

It will not only help them develop skills but also learn something beyond their screens. For instance, painting, dancing, drawing, photography, writing, hiking, handicraft, and baking are great substitutes for gadgets.

5.    Set a Schedule

Setting a schedule and displaying it in the house where everyone can see and follow it will help your kids limit their screen time. Of course, you can’t expect them to completely stop using electronic devices, as this can be quite unrealistic and demotivating for them too.

You can also set conditions such as completing certain house chores or spending time outdoors before using their electronic devices. Be consistent with the schedule and encourage your kids to follow it.


Ensure your children use their gadgets for a short period during the day, and encourage them to go outdoors and engage in other non-gadget-related activities by letting them have a say in it. Activities that your kids enjoy the most will be their biggest motivator, and don’t forget to set an example yourself. 


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