Carla Diab Net Worth, Family, Height, Weight, Career, and More

Carla Diab net worth

Carla Diab net worth is a whopping $5 million, and she has worked no less than Wonder Woman to achieve this. She created her style statement by blending nature, art, and history with fashion, leading to her entrepreneurial journey.

Carla is not just a fashion icon but also a television artist due to her multiple reality TV show appearances.

The beauty with brains also has a kind heart that frequently contributes to charity. If you are intrigued to learn about her roles, this blog provides you with all you need to know.

Who is Carla Diab?

Carla Diab family lineage comes from Lebanese descent. The rising star was born in Beirut but later moved to the US. She spent several years in Paris learning fashion to make clothes that lead runways!

Carla also chose modeling to make a name for herself in the industry. Carla Diab’s educational qualifications include journalism, which was pivotal in her TV shows.

The table below gives you a snapshot of everything like Carla Diab height, weight, net worth, social media handles, and much more.

NameCarla Diab
Age 37
DOBOctober 11, 1985
Sun signLibra
Relationship StatusSingle
CareerFashion Designer
Net Worth$5 to $10 million
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight120 pounds

Facts about Carla Diab

Here are all the facts you need to know about this influencer in a nut-shell:

  • Diab is a dog person and has a pet dog named Lucky
  • Diab is a single mom who mothers her beautiful daughter Lea
  • Carla is currently single, and there is no news of her dating
  • Diab separated from her husband due to differences in 2020
  • Carla has a sister named Maya, and she is a famous actress and singer
  • The fashionista worked hard to begin her entrepreneurial journey by going to Paris and interning for high-end brands
  • Diab’s career kickstarted in 2000, and she has been ruling the industry across different genres single-handedly
  • Her keen interest in children’s education and animal welfare makes her offer hefty donations and support causes
  • Fitness is a goal and a constant passion she pursues through eating healthy and working out
  • Born and raised in Beirut, Carla moved to the US to pursue her career
  • Diab can dance, sing, model, design for clothing, act, and host TV shows
  • Carla has a keen interest in philanthropy and does her part for the society

All in all, Carla is a boss lady who can have her cake and eat it too!

Carla Diab family and early life

There is quite a mystery surrounding Carla Diab family because she is a private person. The Diab family follows Christianity and belongs to the white ethnicity.

Carla Diab Haddad was born to Mr. and Mrs. Diab on October 11, 1985, but there is not much information about them. However, her sister Maya Diab is known to the world as a singer and actress like her sibling. The sisters are often seen posing together on their Instagram handles.

Carla Diab and Tony Abu Jaoude co-parent daughter Lea. The couple were often seen together in reality TV shows and had their careers interconnected. However, they parted ways after a brief marriage in 2020. Diab is a single mom who ensures Lea is loved and cared for.

Carla Diab and Lea


Diab graduated from Lebanese American University in Beirut with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Designing. While she is a model and TV host, her main business revolves around her clothing line. Her university education helped her create a brand currently growing by leaps and bounds and contributing to Carla Diab net worth.

Carla Diab Career

Carla Diab’s career shows how people can achieve it all in one lifetime. From interning at fashion institutions to being a renowned TV star, this lady has a diverse portfolio.

The best part? She excelled and rounded up with a net worth of over $5 million. Carla Diab age is 37, and she is a social media personality, TV host, entrepreneur, and a loved mom.

Fashion line

Due to her fashion background, Carla chose an exclusive style that represented her choices and style. Carla Diab was always a fashionista, but she does not go cliché with her fashion choices. All her work is inspired by the history of fashion, art, and nature. With this idea in mind, she started her clothing line. The entrepreneur is also the creative director of her eponymous brand.

Career in Television

Carla has hosted shows owing to her keenness in journalism. She also modeled for brands and appeared on TV shows like ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ and the fashion reality show ‘Project Runway.’ These TV shows amplified her journey as a fashion entrepreneur and brought her to the limelight.

Carla started working when she was 17 while modeling for fashion shows and advertisements. Some of her noted achievements include:

  • Modeling in Aman Aman for a music video by Rabie El-Khouli
  • She worked as a TV host at the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation
  • The witty reported used acting skills while joining Prevention in Lebanon team headed by Mark Qudeih to perform satirically.
  • Carla was again a part of another satirical program Ban In Lebanon
  • Carla also reported evening weather information under Weather Bulletin
  • Tony Khalife assisted Carla to launch a program with her name – Carla Lala
  • After being a part of the TV series Small Sins, she got lots of acting offers
  • Carla Diab’s husband and she presented a singing show Ya Lail Ya Ain in 2006
  • Carla was one of the female hosts in the Sweet and Bitter program that later got the name, Sweet Beirut
  • Carla’s presence graced MTV’s famous Dancing with the Stars
  • Carla presented The Star of Comedy, aired on Lebanese MTV and Al Hayat The Egyptian
  • Stars Without Borders was another show she hosted Al-Aan channel.

Carla and Tony had shared screen space several times when they were together. They were also a part of comedic commercials and were a power couple as models. After their separation, these ventures were curtailed, but Carla went strong solo in her personal life and work.


When you have such an amazing profile, social media becomes another income stream. Significant earnings that contribute to her net worth come from social media.

Carla Diab (@carlahaddadofficial) has more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram. With almost 2000 posts, Carla leverages this platform to sign brand deals and share anecdotes of her life.

The Instagram bio suggests her roles include being a public speaker, actress, host, and mom. Carla’s Instagram highlights show her in the most filter-free way. If you want to see this celebrity’s raw and real version, you must check out her Insta stories.

From workout videos to vacation pictures, from photoshoots to brand deals, Carla Diab has quite an interesting profile to showcase.

Carla Diab instagram


As an eminent TV personality, Carla has received an immense fan following and loves what she does. Her multi-expertise across fashion, hosting, and acting gave her a lot of critical appreciation.

Carla has draped famous celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lopez through her fashion line. Her fashion line has been featured multiple times across magazines like Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue.

Carla received several awards throughout her career. But most important is her widespread audience across her home country and the United States.

FAQs about Carla Diab

1. Is Carla Diab a yacht owner?

No, no such evidence supports the fact that Carla Diab owns a yacht. However, she owns a massive bungalow that adds to the asset under her net worth.

2. Is Carla Diab dating?

No, Diab is a divorcee and is currently not dating anyone.

3. What is her nationality?

Diab has US citizenship, and her nationality is American.

4. What is Carla Diab age?

Born on October 11, 1985, Carla is 37 years old.

5. What is Carla Diab net worth?

Carla Diab net worth 2023 is more than $5 million. Some sources suggest it can be nearly $7 to $10 million.


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