Who Has The Highest Likes On Instagram, And How Can I Get That Too?


Instagram is very popular among celebrities and also other individuals. This has allowed everyone to be a part of their favorite day-to-day life. You will see many celebrities interacting with their big followers on the app and sharing small snippets about their daily activities. While many celebrities have millions of followers and get millions of likes, a few have record-breaking numbers of Instagram views and likes. 

Instagram likes are like a social status that dictates your popularity, and many people are invested in learning more about creators and posts. 

Post with the highest number of likes has intrigued many people, gaining a lot of fame for the creator. Many people are interested to know why people like the post more, and many such questions arise. In this article, let’s elaborate more on how we can increase the number of likes and briefly examine the creators with the highest tastes on Instagram. 

The current record holder. 

Instagram has become a platform for everyone to view the world and get a sneak peek at their favorite daily routine. The current celebrity that holds the record for having the Highest Instagram likes is Lionel Messi. 

Lionel Messi uploaded a picture on December 18, 2022, after the nail-biting finals between Argentina and France at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The picture depicts Messi Holding the World Cup trophy after beating France in the penalty shootout. 

The Instagram post accounts for 75,471,947 likes by Guinness World Records, and that very day, Lionel Messi became the third most followed Individual on Instagram. 

While the reason for the post having so many likes is very explainable. People are happy that Messi Won the trophy for his country and has achieved his goal. Many of his faithful Instagram followers have expressed their undying love for Messi in the comment section. The post holds a special place in everyone’s heart, a memory they cannot forget. Lionel Messi’s position expressed the love of many people as he completed his dream and the dreams of millions of others. 

How to increase your Instagram likes? 

If there is any strategy that will help you get more likes on Instagram, then the answer is simple. Yes, to get more Instagram likes, some strategies will help you, but before you know how to increase your likes, it is essential to understand IG technology and why Instagram likes matter. 

Instagram likes are among the parameters used to promote your content to everyone and recommend it to your niche. There are different things, small and big which will help you get more likes and help your videos reach the targeted audience. A few of the ways include: 

Knowing your niche: Knowing what you want to do is one of the best ways to gain more likes on Instagram. If you are still determining what time of content you should upload, it is always a healthy choice to first learn about the target audience. The target audience is the ones that will engage with your videos and photos. Knowing your niche will let you know about your audience and what they like. This will give you an idea of what type of content you should upload and what is popular. 

Use Hashtags: Hashtags are another great way to increase your number of likes on YouTube. Hashtags on Instagram are like categorizing your feed into relevant areas. When you use hashtags, your post appears under those Hashtags, and people can see your post and even like it. 

Collaborate with other creators: Collaborating with people in your niche is a great way to increase your Instagram likes. This gives you exposure to reach more people, and they become aware of you and your work. 

Use Instagram analytics: Instagram analytics is an excellent way to learn about your profile. This way, you can check the type of content loved by many on the platform and when your followers are most active, and you will get to know more about your account. 

Other Instagram posts that have the highest likes

While Lionel Messi’s World Cup picture has become quite popular on the platform, many other posts are close to having likes as the most liked post. 

After Lionel Messi’s World Cup picture, the following picture won the Internet’s hearts and had 57.5 Million likes. The next post was of the world_record_egg’s image. This picture dethroned Kylie Jenner and Stormi’s vision together. 

Number three positions are, again, Lionel Messi’s picture, which he uploaded of himself snuggling the World Cup trophy in bed. The picture has a massive 45 million likes. 

The Iconic Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’s Photoshoot for Louis Vuitton are at number four. This picture bags a massive 42.8 million Instagram likes and gained immense attention on the Internet. 

At number Fifth again, it’s a picture of Lionel Messi and the FIFA Cup. While there is no need for a caption for this picture, Lionel Messi has added many posts to the most liked Instagram pictures. 


The world witnessed Lionel Messi’s Victory and his struggles on December 18, 2022. The night that made Messi and many others’ dreams come true. In commemoration of this celebration, Lionel Messi’s Instagram post had a Massive 75.5 Million likes on Instagram.  

While likes on Instagram are essential, we also learn the importance of followers and how their loyalty is crucial to your success. To reach more people, begin with optimizing your profile, including writing a simple yet descriptive bio and adding emails and contact. 

You can use many ways to gain free Instagram likes; a combination of these will help you learn more. You can check your Instagram analytics and see what works best for you. While posting content, use the highest quality pictures and videos so as to visually please your viewers. 


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