Dressing Confidently with Fashion Inspirations from Netflix Shows

Inspirations from Netflix

Do you march to the beat of your own drum? Do you love to stand out amongst the crowd brimming with distinctiveness? Or would you rather flow along with the trend and welcome the public? No matter what you prefer, you can express your creativity through the best medium there is-fashion Inspirations from Netflix.

Like water flowing in a river, fashion trends come and go quickly, making it difficult for people to catch up with the hip new styles available on the market. Luckily, you can gather ideas from numerous fashion facets, ranging from Inspirations from Netflix shows getups, movie-influenced attires, or even cosplays from hit anime. There are all sorts of fashion inspirations right at our fingertips.

Netflix TV series and movies are always trending in the entertainment and fashion industry. From drama to comedy to book adaptations, you have unparalleled access to a plethora of material from which to get wardrobe inspiration. Now let’s dive into the beautiful world of Netflix fashion!

Iconic Fashion Styles Based on Hit Netflix Shows

Spike the Trend with Strange Things‘ 80s Outfits

No, this isn’t a practical joke. ’80s attire is the in thing in the 2020s. From denim jeans for women to Ray-ban sunglasses to bomber jackets, it’s no doubt that fashion from over three decades ago is making a comeback. Whether you’ve experienced dressing up in the ’80s or you’re keen on emulating your parent’s nostalgic clothes, you’ll love wearing the trendy throwback garments used in Stranger Things.

For a fresh hip style, look no further than Eleven, the resident bad-ass in Hawkins. She repeatedly dresses in printed shirts with flashy designs coupled with suspenders and topped up with scrunchies. If you’re looking for a more mature look, try on bomber jackets with high-waisted jeans, puffy hairdos, and a plain top. If these aren’t enough, watch Stranger Things on Netflix-they have three excellent seasons that’s perfect for binge-watching.

Enthrall the Public with the Unparalleled Elegance of The Queen’s Gambit Wardrobe

Unlike the ’80s outfits from Stranger Things, The Queen’s Gambit‘s wardrobe is quite difficult to emulate due to the scarcity of ’60s fashion nowadays. The hit TV series The Queen’s Gambit is set in the 1960s and primarily focuses on chess and substance abuse. Yes, a surprising duo, but it works. It totally works.

To get Inspirations from the Netflix show, we must know that the series’ overall tone is minimalistic and neutral. You can see this from its cinematography, color grading, and choice of clothes. The Queen’s Gambit has mastered the essence of showing elegance and sophistication through neutral colors, simple designs, and symmetry.

As with the cinematography of the series, its choice of clothes exudes elegance by being profound and straightforward. Beth Harmon’s fashion is filled with neutral colors, checkered prints, collars, and a hairdo reminiscent of the decade. If you’re gearing up to follow her style; stick to different shades of brown, white and black; wear dresses with peter pan collars to emphasize your neck, and try to keep the overall look simple.

Diversify with Queer Eye‘s Style

The Queer Eye is one of the most wholesome shows there is right now on Netflix. After all, what’s more, positive than a team of five people helping others to improve their lifestyle and mental wellbeing. Ergo, if you’re a fan of the show, it’s not daft to think of taking inspiration from their clothing.

Since the Queer Eye members are five people, their fashion sense is split into multiple areas. These are:

  • Karamo’s casual style. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to be flamboyant outside, this style is perfect for you. Karamo usually wears t-shirts, hats, sneakers, jeans, and a bomber jacket with a floral or neutral colored design.
  • Bobby’s classic look. If a monochromatic and neutral style is your preference, look no further than Bobby’s look. His clothing of choice is polo shirts, shorts, sneakers, and blazers. This simple and elegant look is perfect for all occasions.
  • Antoni’s punk fashion. This attire is ideal for people who love showing the world their favorite band by wearing their merch. If you’re one of those people, you’re in luck! You’ll most likely have the clothes already. After all, Antoni usually wears band t-shirts, jeans, sneakers, and a leather jacket.
  • Tan’s sophisticated look. If you’re looking to add elegance to your wardrobe, Tan’s style is perfect for you. From tailored suits, coats, jeans, boots, and sweaters, Tan’s wardrobe oozes sophistication.
  • Jonathan’s confident freedom of fashion. This fashion Inspirations from Netflix is sure to wow everyone you see. You can wear anything you want, such as dresses, pants, jackets, t-shirts, sequins, and more. After all, this style is all up to your imagination.

After all the work you’ve done in spicing up your wardrobe, remember to blend the trend with your ideas. There’s no singular idea that can encapsulate the latest trend in the world. Carve your own path by sticking true to yourself and feeling freedom through the medium of clothing.


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