How to Choose an Engagement Ring That Matches Your Partner’s Style


Choosing an engagement ring for your partner is equal parts exciting and nerve-racking. After all, this ring is one they’ll hopefully wear for the rest of your lives together.  

Thus, you must choose an engagement ring that matches their style and complements their personality. To help you do this, we’ve come up with some helpful tips below:

  • Explore The Classics

Nothing beats classic lab-grown diamond engagement rings. They’ve been a staple for several decades, and for a good reason.

The shine and elegance of a diamond ring are like no other. They’re also the reason for their continuing popularity, making them an excellent place to start to get an idea of the kind of ring you want for your partner. 

Diamonds come in different cuts: round, cushion, radiant, princess, baguette, and pear, to name a few. You can also choose different metals for the band, such as gold, white gold, silver, or rose gold.  

If you’ve got a big budget, you can even go for a pavé setting, which features small diamonds along the ring’s band.

  • Look At Your Partner’s Jewelry Collection

You can observe your partner’s jewelry collection to better understand their preferred styles and shapes.

For example, do they opt for gold or silver jewelry? This can guide you on the choice of the engagement ring’s band. 

If they have rings in their collection, observe the cut they tend to go for. You may not be able to identify it immediately, so try taking a photo sneakily. You can then present it to a jeweler who can find rings that match their preferred style. 

However, if your partner doesn’t have many rings, don’t fret. You can still get an idea from the other types of jewelry they wear, such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.  

Do they have a preferred gem? They may lean towards other gemstones, like emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and moissanite. There’s no strict rule that engagement rings need diamonds, so if your partner has other preferred stones, it’s wise to note them.

  • Consider Your Partner’s Personality

Of course, you should always consider your partner’s personality when choosing an engagement ring for them. Is your partner vivacious and bubbly, or are they more discreet and reserved? 

The engagement ring you give them should signify how much you truly understand them. If your partner has a bold personality, their ring should reflect that. You may want to go for multi-stone settings or a non-traditional gemstone, like a black diamond, opal, or labradorite.

On the other hand, if your partner is more reserved and doesn’t want to attract too much attention to their ring, you can choose simpler styles. It may be a classic diamond engagement ring or one with a smaller gemstone. You can even work with a jeweler to request a small heart cut or have three small stones set in the shape of a heart.

  • Know Your Partner’s Ring Size

Of course, the engagement ring you choose should fit perfectly on your partner’s ring finger.  

However, you must subtly find out their ring size if you’re keen on keeping the engagement ring a surprise. Fortunately, there are several ways you can determine your partner’s ring size without letting them know. 

The easiest way is to take a ring from their collection and bring it to the jeweler—but be sure your partner won’t notice!  

If that doesn’t work, you can make a mold from their ring using a bar of soap or modeling clay. Simply take the ring and press it on the desired surface. The jeweler can use this to measure your partner’s ring size. 

If you’re in doubt about your partner’s ring size, it’s better to order a larger size than a smaller one. This is because it’s easier to size a ring down than up. But if you’ve discussed the possibility of marriage together, you can simply ask them about it. It does take away the element of surprise, but your partner will still have no idea about the specific kind of ring you’ll choose for them.


Pick The Perfect One

Next to your wedding band, the engagement ring is one you and your partner will remember for life. When chosen right, an engagement ring can tell the story of your love and symbolize the promise of a life together. Take your time and explore all your options before selecting a ring for your partner. With the tips above, we’re sure your heart will guide you to the right one.

Here’s to a happy engagement and future together!


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