Unusual places to stay in different parts of the world


The inhabitants of city apartments radically change their living conditions only during the holidays. But over time, they understand: hotels, even in different countries, are, for the most part, similar to each other. However, there are special ones. And spending the night in one of these is an adventure in itself. 

Hotels can differ in terms of amazing hotel furniture, concepts, and locations. You can find different decoration styles and matching furniture in modern style or in antique design, which will be complemented by antique hotel furniture. In any case, it is very important that the hotel furniture is comfortable, because it will ensure a good night’s sleep. 

It’s time to move on to some amazing places on the planet where you can stay.

Giraffe Manor Hotel (Nairobi, Kenya) 

This amazing boarding house is probably the most beautiful place on our planet, where you can not only relax from your worries, but also communicate with the wildlife of Africa. The mansion is a haven for the endangered species of Rothschild giraffes, which are listed in the Red Book and are on the verge of extinction.

The most unusual thing about such a journey will be the morning time. In the morning, giraffes are let out for a walk, and the windows in the boarding house are specially opened for this time. Everyone can treat the graceful animals with some fruits from their table, as well as take an exclusive photo as a keepsake. It is especially exciting for little travellers. 

Hotel de Glace (Canada, Quebec)

This place is located in the Canadian city of Quebec. The structure is entirely made of ice. Beds and other furniture in unusual rooms are also ice-cold. Guests have an opportunity to warm up behind the fireplace. They are also given sleeping bags so they don’t freeze at night. The hotel has a bar, a chapel, and an ice gallery. This unique building does not work for a long time, from January to March. Every year at the beginning of January, the hotel is rebuilt because it melts in the summer. And only the sauna of the hotel is not afraid of summer: the building is wooden. 

By the way, in Sweden, there is a hotel with a similar format. 

Dog Bark Park Inn (Idaho) 

The strange idea of living in the body of a giant beagle will appeal to all dog lovers on the planet. Children are even more excited: in the head of the beagle is a playroom full of plush and wooden dogs. Of course, there are also live dogs there. You can play with them outside. 

The owners of the unusual hotel are residents of the American town of Cottonwood, Idaho. They do wood carving. At first, they sawed out toy dogs with a jigsaw, and then they decided to make a whole house in the shape of a beagle. It took them a year and a half of practically uninterrupted work to bring this idea to life. Interestingly, the authors of this project never specifically studied either wood carving or building houses. However, their dog hotel is famous all over the world today. 

Crazy House Hotel (Vietnam, Da Lat)

The Crazy House Hotel is one of a kind. It can be called a separate attraction of the city of Dalat, located in the central highlands of Vietnam. The place is distinguished by the original design of the building and each of the rooms. The guest house resembles a huge bizarre tree. Not a single corner: all the walls are rounded, and the ladders are spirally twisted or thrown from one building to another. Travellers cannot pass by and not be surprised by the architect’s imagination. All houses are made in the form of fabulous caves, in which giant trees, plants, and mushrooms are intertwined, as well as animals, insects, and other fabulous creatures.

Underwater hotel Utter Inn (Lake Mälaren, Sweden) 

The Utter Inn is modelled after a traditional Swedish cottage called a stuga, which is mostly painted bright red. The Swedish artist and sculptor managed to realise the Swedish dream — to build a stuga far from civilization. 

The bedroom is located at a three-metre depth. The underwater part is equipped with huge windows, but don’t expect to see anything original, because behind them is a cold lake. 

The private hotel is located one kilometre from the coast.

In the upper part, protruding above the water, there is a small kitchen, dining room, and toilet, and a terrace around the perimeter. Downstairs is a bedroom with two beds and a table. 

As you can see, there is no limit to a human’s imagination. Undoubtedly, we haven’t mentioned all the possible unique places on earth where you can live for a while. But we’ve considered  some of the interesting places that may impress you. 


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