How To Transform Your Bathroom Into A Tranquil Space


Everyone has had those days when everything bad that could happen gets thrown in their face one after another. After dealing with many things, you just want to unwind and relax for the rest of the day. That’s why having a space dedicated solely to that purpose is crucial for all households. 

While others find comfort when cooking in a beautiful kitchen or reading in a cozy living room, some prefer staying in their bathrooms. After all, there’s nothing like a cool, refreshing shower to wash away the stress or a relaxing, warm bath to nap in. But as soothing as those activities are, transforming the bathroom into a place of tranquility is only fitting. 

However, renovating a dull bathroom into something new already sounds far more troublesome than it’s worth. Here are some tips to turn your bathroom into a relaxing space without breaking the bank: 

  • Choose Soothing Colors   

Colors have a way of influencing one’s state of mind. Because of their tone and intensity, they emit certain energy that could affect the viewer’s mood. Use that quality to your advantage when creating a color scheme for your bathroom. And the best place to start is by finding the right paint. Fortunately, you have plenty of options to choose from. 

However, as great as it is to have variety, some might consider it a double-edged sword. Because even though having various choices accommodates more homeowners, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the quantity. Regardless, all you have to do to narrow your search is avoid bright or intense colors since they stimulate the senses. Pastel and neutral colors are perfect for establishing a soothing atmosphere. 

Aside from the bathroom paint, consider coordinating the rest of the elements with the color scheme. Choose towels or curtains with the same colors for a monochrome look, or complement them with the paint color. When you buy tiles for bathroom floors or walls, add their colors to the equation. That way, every inch of the bathroom is color coordinated—not to mention pleasing to the eye. 

  • Add Plant Life

Giving a bathroom a splash of greenery is one way to make it look refreshing. After all, if anything can make a place feel relaxed, it’s seeing potted plants incorporated. But given the limiting conditions, be conscious of which plant species you want to use. 

Ideally, what you’re looking for must be good in humid environments, especially for those who frequent the hot shower. Aside from that, consider how much light the location you dedicate to the plant will receive. Although, if your bathroom isn’t equipped with the right conditions, consider using fake plants instead. 

  • Keep Things Tidy  

A cluttered place is a quick way to irritate many people. Because instead of getting ready for the day smoothly, you might end up getting all worked up and finding the things you need first. After all, the messier a place is, the more likely you’ll lose your things accidentally. Since your goal is to create a relaxing space, a cluttered space will quickly push out any relaxation you might feel. 

Check your items to see whether or not they’ve expired yet. If they already did, throw them away to free up space on your shelves or countertops. Take note of your storage and determine which products you use more frequently. That way, you can organize them based on your personal preferences. 

  • Use Soft Lighting  

Straining your eyes to look at something could give you a headache while worsening your eyesight, especially for those who keep doing it. Instead of limiting your bathrooms to generic LED lighting, consider lighting fixtures with different options available. These lighting fixtures can influence your mind from bright to low light since relaxing when up against bright light is almost impossible. 

Use candles to make the atmosphere intimate or moody. With their low light and warm glow, no one has to strain themselves to look at anything else. Be careful where you place your candles in the bathroom. Avoid putting them near fabric or water to prevent them from starting any emergencies and give you peace of mind

  • Play With Scents  

Pleasant scents can relax anyone as soon as they smell them. However, ‘finding’ those in the bathroom isn’t common. After all, using different cleaning agents could make anyone tear up, especially strong chemicals.   

Invest in calming scents to encourage you to stay in your bathroom longer while appreciating the smell. Fruity or minty scents are highly recommended for their refreshing aroma. But avoid using potent smells emitted by some artificial scents. Because even though they stay longer, your first time smelling them might deter you from using scents in your bathroom from now on. 


Bathrooms are some of the essential parts of the house. After all, it’s impossible to relieve yourself elsewhere when they lack the security and privacy you seek. But that’s only one reason why bathrooms are one of the best relaxing places. Not because those are where you ‘do your business.’ Because with the right aesthetics and atmosphere, what used to be a dull area can evolve into a place of tranquility that could make you forget about your day-to-day stresses, even for a little while.




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