An Introduction to Various Types of Hunting Gear


There are lots of good reasons to have the best hunting gear in preparation for your next adventure. When you are properly equipped it will ensure that you have as safe an experience as possible and comply with all local laws too.

Here is a look at the various types of hunting gear that you will need for a successful and compliant hunting trip.

The basics

If you are going on a hunting trip run by a specialist organizer they will no doubt advise you on the requirements that have to be met in terms of permits and other supporting documentation, as well as highlighting what gear you need.

Every legal hunt requires each hunter to acquire a tag, license, or stamp. Check the state laws depending on where you intend to hunt. These items are usually purchased through the Division of Wildlife.

Pack a map

Another essential part of your hunting gear is a suitable set of maps. You will require an area map that details trails, landmarks, and suitable parking areas.

Suitable provisions 

Although it may seem an obvious requirement, it is still worth pointing out that your trip will only be safe and successful if you pack adequate provisions.

Pack enough water for your trip. This may also include filters and iodine tablets so that you can purify water when you are out in the wild, which may well be needed.

It should also go without saying that you pack enough food to sustain you for the duration of the trip.

Pack the right decoys and animal calls

Animal decoys and calls are essential to the success of your hunting trip. Get some guidance on which ones to take if you are not sure or haven’t had any experience with what works for you or is likely to attract your prey.


Sports optics are another essential item

Binoculars are an obvious must-have for any hunting trip. There is a range of different options and sports optics that you need to consider.

Rifle scopes and rangefinders will give you the ability to scope the surrounding terrain and calculate the distance to your intended target.

Don’t forget night vision scopes too. It can often be at night that you get the best hunting conditions so you will need to have the ability to hunt at night amongst your kit.

Choose your weapon

The type of hunting trip you are going on will obviously dictate what sort of weapon you take with you. 

As well as choosing a suitable rifle and ammunition you might also need to consider the option of a bow if the hunting conditions call for that scenario.

Make sure you also pack suitable protective cases for your ammunition. All of your protective cases for your weapons and ammunition will have to be fully compliant with storage and safety requirements.

Create a checklist of everything you need to do beforehand and what you need to pack for your hunting trip.

Once you have everything you need packed and ready you can start to build the anticipation and excitement as to what lies ahead when you arrive for your hunting trip.


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