Instagram’s Role in Promoting Social and Political Causes


Instagram comes under the most used apps nowadays. Besides the benefits, everyone must care about some other aspects. Well, are you on Instagram? If yes, make sure to have a look at the social and political aspects. Many who are involved in such activities buy Instagram followers for their promotion. There is no issue in sharing political data, but it still has some dark corners. After inflation, the Covid-19 pandemic, and such scenarios, it’s now becoming a trending platform for sharing political information. It plays a crucial role in people’s lives worldwide.

Many international colleges and universities have researched it, and we are here to shower light on it. Check out the Instagram role for encouraging several social and political causes below. Let’s begin!

Understanding Instagram for Sharing Political Information

All politicians, new channels, and political organizations have joined Instagram after the boom in social media. As a result, all the information about political organizations is available freely. Everyone can access it anytime, whether the news is big or small. It’s also observed that politicians and news organizations share different political information several times a day.

What’s bad about sharing political information here? The answer should be “No,” but many scholars worldwide have observed an issue. It’s noticed that political parties also comment on their posts to engage users more and more. Some provide positive reviews, but many of them add negative stances. It’s just to get fame and show off their political orientation. So, you must care about the information you are commenting, sharing, or reading as it has wider effects.

Instagram As a Primary Source of Political Information and News

Another research at Pew Research Center depicted that users get the most recent updates from Instagram. Usually, we need to pay attention to how it’s affecting our daily routine. Almost 48% of the netizens (adults between 18-29 years) fall into this category and like to read news from Instagram.

Furthermore, many surveys were conducted, and the result was shocking. Approximately 57% of people depend on getting news from Instagram and other social platforms. Only 17% of people had little knowledge and still watched TV for news.

On the other hand, several cases have been reported where the shared information was from outside of legit sources. They just wanted to get more engagement by providing false news with unproven stats. Fortunately, they achieve their goal easily because of Instagram activists. If not, Buy Instagram Auto views is another option.

Positive Part of Instagram in Politics and Government

As said earlier, all the political parties and government organizations are on social media. They are very active after getting better results. First, political campaigns after having Instagram likes bring desired results. Instagram keeps people and parties updated with each step they take. The public can easily keep an eye on their tasks for the betterment of the localities. It’s also observed that political campaigns help win elections by involving Instagram profile viewers.

Another aspect is that it creates more opportunities for Instagram influencers to become political influencers. Political parties hire them to create desired content, and both benefit from it. They achieve political milestones, and influencers get millions of rupees.

Thirdly, political campaigns on Instagram allow you to reach the desired voters immediately. Instagram auto views and reach the entire demography of the target locations and people. Studies show that 63% of people check Instagram daily, and 42% use Instagram several times a day.

So these positive aspects of Instagram in politics will revolutionize it more in the coming future. There is no need to physically visit the supporters and voters to show their work to the public; just upload videos/images and run campaigns. After a few weeks, you don’t need to spend money on campaigns because people will become permanent visitors.

Get Social Benefits and Gratitude from Instagram

Instagram plays a pivotal role in your social life. If we check the mission and vision of Instagram and other social platforms, they are developed for people’s well-being. Several studies and research were conducted when Instagram became an addiction for users. Yeah! It brings many positive effects for the users consuming its content.

Explicitly, spending time on Instagram positively affects users only when they come across good content. They get to know about different people working for the well-being of people. It helps increase their gratitude in them and makes them more expressive. It’s also a fantastic platform to get rid of the boring mood or negative feelings you came across.

If you are a social worker, other organizations’ content increases the willingness to work more for the public. Moreover, it’s a great way to share ideas in whatever field you belong to by analyzing the results quickly. For students, it’s a wonderful source to research and conduct surveys without physically interacting with the people.

Instagram: A Destroyer of Social Life and Mental Health

It’s a fact that social media platforms like Instagram bring many devastating effects on users. An increase in the use of Instagram negatively affects their physical and mental health.

First, we came across photoshopped content. Sometimes people are not like that as they represent. This way, middle and lower-middle-class people get anxiety, depression, and stress. If you are a graduate and still looking for a job, a screenshot from a person earning a handsome amount can cause severe depression.

A few studies by the American Psychological Association depict that Instagram is becoming the primary source of depression, mental health, social anxiety, and other health problems. Several biological changes occur when a person looks at disliked content. Therefore, we should not keep scrolling all day long but keep an eye on what is not good for us.

The last thing we want to discuss is: Don’t compare your life with what you see on Instagram. Recall that Instagram content is 100% scripted and photoshopped just to show you what they want. You are the product, so don’t fall prey to negative vibes on Instagram.

Final Verdict: Social and Political Causes on Instagram

In Conclusion, Instagram puts forward positive and negative effects on politics and social life. It’s extremely important to filter the content you consume. Always wear filtered glasses to consume what makes you happy and increase your gratitude. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about Politics or Social life. Know yourself, ensure what makes you feel good, and set your boundaries while using Instagram. Yeah! It’s good to consume what’s good for your physical and mental health.


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