The top 5 Pressure washers to use on your car

Pressure washers to use on your car

Once you’ve owned a pressure washer, you’ll never be without one. Not only is it a quick way of freshening your car up, but you’ve also got to admit it’s rather good fun, too. Although you might consider them an expensive item, many are surprisingly affordable these days.

Besides, pressure washers can pay for themselves. If you’re looking to sell and are scouring the value my car sites for the best price, you’ll notice you get the most for a well-looked after example. Like with most things in life, it pays to shop around rather than just go for the brand you recognise.

While Karcher certainly makes a good pressure washer, they do tend to be pricey. Thankfully other familiar brands such as Worx and Bosch offer cheaper options that still come packed with features. There are even compact and cordless models that still don’t cost the earth.

The best car pressure washers in detail:

Nilfisk Core 130

The best pressure washer 

The Core 130 has the right power for car cleaning and larger domestic jobs. It needs some assembly, but once put together the Core 130 is solid, both inside and out. It even comes with a spray bottle for snow foaming.

 Excellent performance
 Build quality 

 Optional extras can be expensive

Turtle Wax TW110 Pressure Washer

The best compact pressure washer

This is small enough to fit on a shelf yet strong enough to shift all but the most stubborn grime. Snow foam and patio cleaner attachments are available although the hose is a bit short.

 Compact and portable
 Multifunction capabilities 

 Small hose length 

Worx WG630E.1 Brushless Hydroshot Cordless Pressure Cleaner

The best cordless pressure washer

The brushless Hydroshot is quiet and reasonably punchy. It’s not up to domestic tasks such as patio cleaning, but it’s perfect for cars with enough charge to wash three. The big advantage is that there’s no power cable to worry about.

 Plenty of power for a cordless option
 Freedom to go where you please

 Beaten by cheaper Ryobi in multiple ways 

Kew Nilfisk Alto C110.7-5 X-TRA Pressure Washer

The best value pressure washer kit

Nilfisk is well respected in commercial cleaning circles, with its domestic models proving great value for money. It isn’t as compact as the Turtle Wax above, but it has wheels, a foam bottle and soft brush. 

 Great value
 Wheels for portability

 None for this price

Karcher K4 Premium Power Control Car & Home Pressure Washer

The best for all domestic cleaning

If you want a machine that can tackle everything, this is the best choice. It is considerably more than the other washers here, but it’s suitable for cars and domestic use, with variable pressure and a long hose. It comes with the accessories you need and cleaning fluid, too.

 Powerful motor delivering premium pressure
 Eight metre hose – all the difference

 Very expensive
 Cumbersome and lacking portability 


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