Settling the Temu Debate—Is it Tee-Moo or Teh-Moo?


The growing popularity of Temu has basically solidified its position as one of the go-to e-commerce platforms online. Launched last September 2022 in Boston, Massachusetts, its growth has allowed it to compete with other sites that have been in the industry for much longer.

But with all the success that Temu has seen, the argument of how exactly Temu is pronounced is still going strong. However, the brand has confirmed that Temu is actually pronounced as tee-moo

It’s important that you get this right because it actually has a very special meaning. It comes from their company motto of “Team Up, Price Down”, which basically captures their mission of making world class goods and products accessible and affordable to their customers.

About Temu

Temu is a new e-commerce platform launched by PDD Holdings, a multinational commerce company operating its own supply chain network. Just like its competitors, Temu offers many products ranging from fashion and beauty, health and wellness, to even other niche areas like gardening, pet care and around 250 more categories and subcategories.

What Makes Temu Different?

Temu’s services are similar to other platforms’, but what really makes it stand out from the crowd is how affordable its items are despite being of great quality and legitimate. Its competitive pricing is thanks to the procurement, shipping, and logistics capabilities of the PDD e-commerce ecosystem that allows Temu to ship products directly from manufacturers and suppliers.

With this competitive pricing strategy, customers no longer have to unknowingly pay for additional costs that come with middlemen. From compensation for third party services to payments for warehousing and storage for inventory, Temu is a solution to cut the costs of these extras out, offering wholesale prices to its retail consumers.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Online Shopping

Online shopping tends to make you spend more as much of the products you purchase arrive at a later date. This gives the illusion that you’re not spending as much, which doesn’t do a thing to curb your spending habits. Here’s how to optimize your shopping:

  1. Look for free shipping: Many online retailers offer free shipping for purchases over a certain amount. If you’re close to the threshold, consider adding a few more items to your cart to reach it. You’ll save money on shipping and get more bang for your buck. For Temu, the threshold for standard shipping is just $20 – a lower requirement compared to other online retailers. Express shipping on Temu, however, has a threshold of $129.
  2. Use promo codes: Before completing your purchase, search for any available promo codes. You may be able to get a discount or free gift with your purchase. Temu often offers promo codes, discount vouchers, and other deals right on its site, so it’s worth checking out before you check out your cart. 
  3. Leave items in your cart: Some retailers will send you a reminder email if you leave items in your cart without checking out. These emails may include a promo code or offer to entice you to complete your purchase. Just be sure to create an account with the retailer and be logged in when you add items to your cart.
  4. Check for price drops: If you add an item to your cart and then revisit the site later, check to see if the price has dropped. Some retailers will automatically adjust the price in your cart to reflect the new lower price. Temu is particularly known for this as the platform offers flash sales that change products daily. You might find items in your shopping cart on sale the next day!
  5. Compare prices: Just because sellers operate on the same platform, doesn’t mean that they offer the same prices for their products. Online marketplaces like Temu open their platforms to different suppliers, with each supplier having their own price points for various items. Compare prices, and check for the ones that will help you get the most value out of your shopping without breaking the bank!

When it comes to online shopping, make Temu your go-to marketplace for anything and everything you need! Check out Temu’s Youtube channel, and follow them on their official social media accounts to get updates, promo codes, and the latest news on flash sales applicable for all users on their website! 


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