Stranger Things Angela Character, Relationships, and Trivia

Stranger Things Angela

While Eleven saved Mike from being bullied in early school, Stranger Things Angela was the main bully for Eleven in the Californian high school when the latter lost all her powers. Does she allow her to do what she does? Or does she fight back?

If you haven’t seen the series, you might instinctively say, El, she always fights back! But, if you have watched it, you know, she is deeply embarrassed about this and hides it completely when Mike comes to visit her. But who is this Stranger Things Angela who has cast such disgust in her mind?

Played by Elodie Grace Orkins, Angela is the queen bee of Lenora High School, where El also studies. We are all afraid of high-school bullies, and often our adolescent personality gets shaped by this harassment. So, let’s face our horror and see who this Stranger Things Angela is.

Angela’s entry in Stranger Things

Angela appears in the fourth season of Stranger Things as one of the antagonists of the series. She teams up with Jake, her boyfriend, and Stacy and Chad, her buddies. All of them together find it joyous to trouble Eleven. She eventually destroyed Eleven’s class project but got into trouble for that. As a result, their vengeance mode got switched on and they brutally humiliated El at the roller rink.

However, this time, Eleven lost all her patience and knocked the hell out of Stranger Things Angela, giving her a concussion. This led to El’s arrest, and a misunderstanding with Mike ensued. Readers’ hunger for seeing Eleven rise to protest having satiated, we may move on to know about the bully in detail.


Being a character out of a fictional town, it’s hard to exactly pinpoint and trace her early life. However, one can use Sherlock Holmes’ deduction technique to add clues to conclusions.

So, presumably, Stranger Things season 4 Angela was born around 1970 or, at the max, 1971. Her early life was spent in Lenora Hills, California, because we didn’t get any hint that suggested otherwise.

Angela’s high school life kickstarted when she entered Lenora Hills High School, California, and it unfurled with full colors. She has a boyfriend named Jake in school.

In 1985 Fall, two Hawkins students marched into Lenora Hills High School; you can guess who those were. Eleven and Will Byers. Eleven took on the name Jane Hopper when in Lenora. Upon their arrival, they became the enemy of Angela and her group.

Stranger Things Angela


While everything was going in its rhythm, things turned out to be bitter in 1986 before the commencement of spring break. All the students were asked to make a history presentation in the class when Angela again bullied El when she got up to present her work.

After the class got over, and Angela was successful in hurting Eleven, she even caused her trouble physically. But, this time, Ms. Gracey, their teacher, took Angela to the principal’s office for causing trouble. They had to take revenge for this.

Finally, the next day when Chad, Stacy, Jake, and Angela arrived at Rink-O-Mania and Eleven was also there with Mike, they got their perfect opportunity.

They forced her to skate with them and even video-recorded the embarrassment that she was in. But, this was an “all hell-breaking lose” moment for Eleven and she knocked Angela down with a blow.

The next day, two police officers took Eleven and arrested her. But, in the middle of the way, Dr. Sam Owens intercepted Eleven to fulfill a secret mission.

When Eleven asked if she was still in trouble for what she did with Angela, Sam Owens comforted her by saying he would take away the charges.

In Harry Hart’s style from Kingsmen, let me now ask you, “are we gonna stand all day” listen to the story summary or find out about Angela.

Stranger Things Angela character

Now that you are a little acquainted with who Angela is, it’s not difficult for you to draw up a character sketch of her. Being confident in the wrong manner is certainly not a virtue. It’s a terrible vice that affects others. Possessing a vindictive character, she didn’t think twice while bullying Eleven.

Eleven never bothered her, nor did she intervene in their business. But, it was Stranger Things Angela who always poked her nose in the latter’s life and made that even more miserable than it already was.

Being a spoiled brat, in Stranger Things Angela didn’t possess any moral or ethical values. Moreover, the surprise she held when she was taken to the principal’s office reflects that she never received a check regarding anything she did.

Stranger Things Angela cannot let go of the past, so she always harbors grudges. She thought El spitted out on her, but she was caught red-handed. Angela also didn’t have the minimum sense that one should not make fun of someone’s dear ones, especially when that person is no more.

But nothing seemed to stop her from making fun of Hopper, to make Eleven feel bad. Thus, all of these led to Eleven’s outburst, where she knocked Angela out. But, surprisingly, even after enduring all of these. Eleven was shocked and guilty of her actions and still wanted the best for Angela and wished for her recovery.

Relationships of Angela

Angela Stranger Things 4 is a character who will remind us why we hated school as a child. But did they not have a circle of friends? Were they singletons? Not at all. Let’s have a look at Angela’s circle of evil.

As we all know, Jake is Angela’s boyfriend from Lenora Hills High School. They had similar characteristics. But don’t know if the Duffer Brothers were following the gender stereotype, but Jake was destructive while Angela was not. However, Angela was not at all disturbed by what he did. Instead, she found it amusing and never stopped her boyfriend from doing what he did.

Stacy and Chad are Angela’s best friends. One of them, Chad, was the one who video-recorded the entire episode when Eleven was harassed by the others, out of fun.

Next in line comes up Eleven, her enemy and prime target of humiliation, showcasing Angela’s domination and magnanimity. Eleven never really protested and silently tolerated all the nuisance they created. Not even belittling but physically hurting Eleven was one of the daily chores of Stranger things Angela. Thus, these ended up with Eleven hurting her in the heat of the moment and with Eleven diving deep into the ocean of remorse and guilt.


Who doesn’t love trivia and the behind-the-scenes of a movie? We all want to grasp the reality behind make-believe. So, here are some interesting trivia about Stranger Things Angela.

  • When developing Angela’s character, the Duffer brothers probably had Chris Hargensen in mind. Chris is a character from Carrie, a novel by Stephen King where Carrie, the protagonist, has telekinetic powers, and Chris was his main bully.
  • If you see closely, you can find a vague similarity between Two and Angela. Two also bullied El when she was at the lab.
  • Angela is maybe 14 or 15 years old and developed such wicked characters at a tender age.
  • You may have missed it while watching or reading about the show, but wasn’t her presentation on Hellen Keller hypocritical? She held Keller on a high pedestal while presenting because the latter spoke about the rights of disabled people. On the contrary, here we find Angela bullying Eleven mercilessly. This also portrays how shallow our education system and values are.

Stranger Things Angela appears in the episodes The Hellfire Club, Vecna’s Curse, and The Monster and The Superhero.

Stranger Things Angela actress

Now, you might ask me, who is Angela in real life? Is she as abusive and cruel a bully as she is on screen? Often the reverse happens. The most treacherous and cruel villains of films are even more soft-hearted than the hero. The same holds here also. If you are wondering who plays Angela in Stranger Things, we have only revealed that before. She is Elodie Grace Orkins.

Elodie Grace Orkin

Born on June 11, 2004, she is an 18 years old actor who Millie Bobby Brown inspired to get into an actor. Afterward, she is the one the other one knocked out on the screen! Also, she perfectly reflected the role of a mean girl from the 80s. So, presumably, she follows till the last once she dreams of doing something.

Elodie is half-American and half-English on her father’s and mother’s sides, respectively. Thus, she has spent a considerable amount of time on both continents. While she had spent some time in London, most of her growing up is in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Stranger Things Angela


As her debut television performance, Elodie was also a child singer on Jimmy Kimmel Live shows. Moreover, she is a model, along with a TV personality. She was featured in modeling shoots and brand campaigning. The television ads where she performed were for companies such as Irn-Bru, Invisalign, and NFL Playoffs. AKA Talent Agency and Daisy and Dukes Agency are her managerial companies. Moreover, she is also a dancer.

Before acting in Stranger Things Season 4, she also participated in We Hunt Together, released in 2020, where she played the role of Penny.

However, later in 2022, Elodie made her re-appearance on screen as Stranger Things Angela in its 4th season. Other than these, she appeared in shows such as Stage Fright, Saving Paradise, and others.

In Stage Fright, she portrayed the role of Kyle while sharing the screen with Adam Leiva, Kimberley Girkim, Skyler Guthrie, Tahani Anderson, Sophie Michelle, and Pressley Hosbach. She has also been a member of a theatre group. She earned five accolades for her stunning performances.

In Saving Paradise, she portrayed the role of a young Charlie.

Growing up, she attended John D’Aquino Acting School and the Royal Academy of Music and Young Actor’s Studio.

Stranger Things Season 4 Angela

Elodie’s work in Stranger Things was a dream come true moment. Milly heavily inspired her as she was the same age as her. As she also pursued acting, she wanted to expand her career. This is how fate works. Later in life, she got to share the screen with Milly Bobby Brown and other stars.

Moreover, according to her, this experience has been immersive, where she learned a million things. She also learned a great deal about several technical aspects of the show. Moreover, for her, the set of Stranger Things provided the best environment to grow as an actress.

How do you think Elodie reacts to Stranger Things Angela? Well, we have an answer to that as well.

She had to wear a wig to play the role, and she made fun of it by saying that she grew a bitter-sweet bonding with the wig. While she loved it, she also hated it as it reflected too much of the time bygone.

However, she knew that her role would not be easy and that she had to portray a bully’s character. Thus, she was also aware that the paparazzi would greatly hate her. In an interview, she said she expected even more hatred than was there because, in her words, Angela is a terrible person.

In an interview, Millie reportedly said it was not an easy experience for her to be bullied. Thus, Elodie tried to be as nice to her as she could be outside the sets.

Final Thoughts

Thus, now that you know much about Elodie, you will have a cushion while watching her be mean to Millie. So, if you want to visualize what Angela did to Eleven and how Eleven reverted, log in to your Netflix account and binge-watch these episodes.


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