What is an eCommerce Search Bar?

eCommerce Search Bar

There are many times you have gone to a website with a specific item in mind. Your laptop may have crashed and you need a new one. Or you have been itching for a new pair of shoes. There are millions of items all over the internet that you can purchase and have sent directly to you. However, the most frustrating feeling is when you can’t easily find what you are looking for. You go to a site and there is no way to search for the item you want. You know the site sells it, but it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. And that is where an eCommerce search bar comes in handy. An eCommerce search bar allows for customers to type, or sometimes speak, into a search bar something they specifically want to see on your site. This allows customers to easily get to the products they are interested in without wandering your site looking for what they need. If your site sells a variety of products that could take someone hours to go through each one, it’s necessary to have an eCommerce search bar for your potential customers. Without it, there’s a good possibility potential customers will lose interest and go to a site that provides the necessary tools to make their search and purchase much easier.

What Are The Benefits?

It’s important to understand the benefits of an eCommerce search bar. An eCommerce search bar improves your site because it makes it easier for users to navigate it. When a user enters your site and wants to see specific products, the easiest way for them to do that is to be able to type into the search bar what they are looking for. This gives them their ideal search results. It almost acts as a shortcut instead of taking the long way around through all the other products they deem irrelevant to their potential purchase. When your site is easier to navigate, the chances of keeping users on your site increases and the chance they will go elsewhere to purchase the same product decreases. An eCommerce search bar caters to the people that:

  • Have little time to search
  • Are not tech savvy
  • Are searching on a mobile device

Without an eCommerce search bar, you are potentially missing out on customers that fall into one or all of those categories. Another benefit of an eCommerce search bar is that you are able to see what users are searching for. By collecting this data, you are able to tailor your site to what customers are looking for. Without an Ecommerce search bar, you miss out on knowing prime information about your customers. If you know more about what they are interested in, then you can make sure you highlight those products over other products that your customers search for less. For example, putting your top products on the first page of your site makes it even easier for customers to see what they want. By making your popular products even more accessible, you are increasing the likelihood someone will visit your site and make a purchase.

What Should Be Included in Your Search Bar?

There are components that can improve the usefulness of your eCommerce search bar. One common hiccup for users who are searching for products is spelling mistakes. Whether they are in a hurry or they don’t know how to spell the product correctly, this can hinder search results and leave potential customers unable to find what they are looking for. When building your eCommerce search bar, adding in spell correction can save a search from failing to show results wanted by users. Another feature that is beneficial is having a voice search. This is inclusive for more people, and gives people the ease of searching while they are multi-tasking. This feature can increase the likelihood users will visit your site over other competitors who don’t offer voice search.

Showing what is trending in your eCommerce search bar is something companies are adding more and more. It’s an extra marketing feature that shows customers what other customers are looking for. By adding this, users may end up searching for products they didn’t initially visit the site for, and potentially make a purchase on an item they see is currently trending. By also adding a recent searches feature, users who want to go back to an original search can do so easily. This can simplify the process of searching for customers, and boost conversions on your site. 

Improve Your Site

Adding an Ecommerce search bar can improve your site by making it easier to navigate for users. It can also provide you with essential data about users, and allow you to optimize your site. Including features like voice search, trending items, and recent searching can cater to customers needs and show users what other people are searching for on your site. An eCommerce search bar can benefit you and your customers altogether.


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