All Time Netflix Trending Shows to Binge Watch Any Time

Netflix trending shows

Netflix provides you with your favorite shows and movies on demand. This has made it insanely popular among the youth and in the world. In fact, thanks to Netflix a new era of streaming has dawned upon the world. Different companies are now in streaming wars to capture the highest viewership. Any show that enters the Netflix Trending list of shows is sure to become a superhit. Netflix has a wide variety of shows to offer. This versatility of Netflix in terms of the content it offers has always been its strength. Read on to find out which shows are creating a buzz on Netflix as of now. The next series which you’re going to binge-watch is somewhere in the exhaustive list below.

Netflix trending shows

The vast genre of content available on Netflix is a testament to its versatility. It is not humanly possible for you to browse through every show available on Netflix. Hence, we bring you some select shows that have been loved by everyone. The following list contains popular shows from all genres. You may have heard the names of some of these shows already. Read on to find out which cinematic marvels Netflix has in store for you.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

The 2020 American true-crime documentary Tiger King is undoubtedly among the best Netflix trending shows of the year. The frenetic documentary which is in the form of a miniseries chronicles the life of controversial zookeeper Joe Exotic. Upon its release on March 20r, the show garnered burgeoning viewing numbers. The sensational topic that it dealt with bagged around 34.3 million viewers within the first ten days of its release. The narrative revolves around the intricately connected community of big cat conservationists. The objective of the documentary is to shed light on their tidings. Notable among these conservationists include CEO of Big Cat rescue Carole Baskin.

The subsequent manner in which Baskin holds Exotic responsible for the abuse and exploitation of wild animals is portrayed successfully. The true-crime genre which has been gaining momentum of late touched new benchmarks with the advent of Tiger King. In recent times it undisputedly stands among the most successful Netflix original releases. American conservationist and filmmaker Eric Goode helms the direction of Tiger King. In this venture, he finds able assistance in the form of fellow director Rebecca Chaiklin. At its heart, the narrative of the show primarily alternates between two major factions. The major focus of the show is without any doubt the vicious rivalry between Baskin and Joe Exotic.

The auxiliary narrative constructs itself around the vastly amusing personal life of zookeeper Exotic himself. The show presents itself in the manner of seven dedicated episodes with the exclusion of one special feature as well. Joel McHale of Community fame helms this special feature which counts as the unofficial eighth episode of the miniseries. In this feature Mchale interviews several celebrities with respect to Joe Exotic and the impact of the show itself.

Master of None

The 2015 American comedy-drama television series Master of None is among the most critically acclaimed Netflix trending shows. The plot of the show reveals itself as a slice of life narrative of its lead character Dev Shah. Aziz Ansari of Parks and Recreation fame and screenwriter Alan Yang are accountable for the creation of the show. Actor Aziz Ansari dons the shoes of the protagonist of the show in the capacity of Dev Shah. In recent times, Master of None arguably makes its count as the most well-received critical releases on Netflix. The sensitive portrayal of the trials and tribulations of lead character Dev earned widespread recognition.

Many eminent personalities helm the direction of this slice of life comedy-drama. Notable among them include creators Ansari and Young, director James Ponsoldt, Lynn Shelton, Eric Wareheim, and Melina Matsoukas among others. The show phases itself in the capacity of two full-blown seasons. While the first season of the show was released in 2015, the subsequent season was released in 2017. Filming of the maiden season mostly revolved in the confines of New York City. For the following season, the production witnessed a location shift to Italy. However, the narrative of the second season shuttles between both New York and Italy.

Both seasons of Master of None comprise of ten episodes each. Hence, the show had a grand total of twenty episodes in all.  The average duration of each episode ranges from twenty-five to fifty minutes. The show stars Aziz Ansari, Alessandra Mastronardi, Lena Waithe and Eric Wareheim in the leading roles. Owing to its sublime critical reception Master of None enjoyed a healthy run at the awards season as well.


The 2017 American comedy-drama television series Glow is one of the highly-rated Netflix trending shows of all time. The premise of the show revolves around the gimmicks and activities of the 1980s women’s professional wrestling circuit. In that essence GLOW is basically an acronym that expands as glorious ladies of wrestling. American businessman and wrestling promoter David McLane were the founders of the original gorgeous ladies of wrestling syndicate. In comedy-drama and sports, Glow has managed to etch an indelible mark for itself. The astounding authenticity of the narrative coupled with its eye for detail helped the show procure rather lofty feats. American playwrights Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch are responsible for the creation and the conceptualization of the show.

American rock band Scandal helms the credits for writing the opening theme of GLOW. Titled as The Warrior, it is a subtle nod to the very characters and their idiosyncrasies that the show houses. Creative heads Flahive and Mensch team up with American television writer Jenji Kohan to don the hats of executive producers. Tilted Productions, Perhapsatron, and fan dancer are among the foremost production houses that are involved with Glow. The show’s run has witnessed a reign of three highly successful years. During this, the story of the show phased itself out across three very well-received seasons. A total of ten episodes have punctuated each of the seasons that are associated with the show.

The average time duration of all of these episodes ranges from between twenty-five minutes to forty-five minutes. Alison Brie of Community fame, Betty Gilpin, Sydelle Noel and Britney Young are among the leading actors in the show. Glow has also witnessed an incredible run in the context of award seasons as well.

Black Mirror

The 2011 British dystopian science fiction anthology series Black Mirror is one of the most popular Netflix trending shows ever. Owing to its path-breaking philosophy and deeply moving screenplays, the show has been rightfully hailed as a modern great. English author and screenwriter Charlie Brooker is responsible for the creation and conceptualization of the series. Prior to working on Black Mirror, Brooker had already earned a reputation for his work in similar fields. The name Black Mirror is a poignant reference to the many screens of our electronic devices. When blacked out these devices double up in the capacity of a black mirror, swallowing our reflections in their wake. True to its name, the futuristic anthology revolves around the perils of modern technology and the devastating consequences it effects. Over time Black mirror has gained considerable fame for its notoriously honest depictions of socially relevant themes.

The episodes in the show are independent of each other and in that particular capacity can be treated as stand-alone. Each of these episodes is set in a futuristic or alternative future setting and continues in that particular vein. The narrative of the show is drenched in considerable satire and tonality that verges on being rather dark. Ever since its inception in 2011, the show has always been subject to meteoric praise and ravishing reception. The show has held itself relevant for a time period of eight whole years now. During this, the story of the show has spanned itself in the form of five distinct seasons. A total of 21 episodes have punctuated the course of these five seasons in the anthology.


You is one of the new psychological thrillers that has become insanely popular and is Netflix Trending. It follows the life of the protagonist Joe Goldberg. He seems to be your average nice guy who loves reading and works at a book store. He likes women that intrigue him and are avid readers as well. Trouble starts when he starts getting obsessed with them. One day, a fine woman named Guinevere Beck walks into his store. She immediately catches a fancy and he recommends a boom to her. Then they part ways. Or so Beck thought.

Joe follows Beck’s home and starts stalking her. In his head, he thinks that he is doing it for her protection. He keeps spying on her from a distance and creeps along in the shadows when she goes out. He ends up inserting himself into her life when he saves her life once. Finally, he steals her phone during the ordeal and starts monitoring her messages. Things take a dark turn when he kills Beck’s boyfriend just as a safety measure. He then stops at nothing to win Beck Over.

In the second season, he runs away to Los Angeles in order to escape his dark past with Beck. However, his old habits catch up with him. Another girl catches his fancy in Los Angeles and she is the daughter of his employer. Well, it turns out that the beloved psychopath has finally met his match. To find out who this woman is, go and watch You on Netflix!

Concluding Remarks

Some of the top Netflix Trending shows have been mentioned above. Some of them you may have already watched. With the list of trending shows constantly changing, you will get to watch a lot of good shows on Netflix. Netflix is gauging the demographics of the people who are consuming its content. It accordingly makes and recommends new shows. Netflix is one such streaming platform that can cater to any audience. It has already become the favorite pastime of most households. A lot of people now watch Netflix instead of regular television shows. You can now wait with bated breath for the next set of trending shows to come up. Till then, watch al the shows on the list above!


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