Can Jewellery Improve Your Mental Wellbeing?


For hundreds of years, human beings have been wearing jewellery. At first, jewellery was worn in a spiritual sense; to ward off evil and ensure the wearer is protected. Then jewellery became a statement of wealth.

Today, however, jewellery is worn for a number of reasons. Of course, some still wear it to assert their class, others to ward off spirits, but some just wear it for the sake of wearing it! 

The point is, jewellery is special. It has been with us for thousands of years and there’s something about wearing it that elevates our self esteem. Oftentimes, you can feel better for wearing jewellery, so much so that some people believe that wearing jewellery actually elevates their mental wellbeing.

So does it? Here are a few reasons we think there might be some truth to that statement:

Jewellery Is An Expression

Today, many people choose their jewellery based on what they like and are attracted to. This means that jewellery is a good indicator of someone’s personality, and this can be immensely beneficial for people who are a little more insular. It says what we want to say but sometimes can’t. For instance, wearing a Star of David necklace will immediately tell someone your faith, virtues and beliefs. Jewellery communicates our inner passions and makes us more confident in expressing ourselves. 

Certain Gemstones Can Calm You

As well as this, certain gemstones and materials do have properties to reduce stress. Emeralds, for instance, are said to have a definitively calming effect on the mind and body. It is not immediately clear why, but the colour green is associated with tranquillity, which means it can help to reduce anxiety and uneasiness. 

Jewellery Makes You Look Good

Quite simply, we also like jewellery because it looks good. By wearing something that looks good, we feel ourselves looking good too. This has evident mental health benefits, especially in the twenty-first century, where many young people are concerned about their image. Wearing jewellery becomes a fashion statement that can help us to feel more confident in ourselves.

Never Underestimate The Power Of Fidgeting!

The process of actually putting on and wearing jewellery is also said to increase comfort. By engaging the body’s sensory power, we reconnect with ourselves and feel more focused and relaxed. As well as this, the slight rotation of a ring on the finger or the loose beads of a necklace – in other words, fidgeting – helps to ease our minds and keep our heartbeat under control in difficult situations.

Jewellery Provides Security

Going back hundreds of years, jewellery used to be a way to ward off evil and protect us from unseen forces. Nothing has changed, either, because people still wear jewellery entirely in a spiritual sense. A necklace or ring can make us feel happier and more secure, in the knowledge that we are always protected. They also become a sort of companion. If we are facing a difficult challenge in our lives, it is mentally beneficial to feel protected by our jewellery, and the knowledge of that protection helps us feel stronger.


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